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  1. Hi, What reaper paint colors/combinations are recommended for wereshark and white and grey great white figures especially? Thanks!
  2. TWO MALE ROOMMATES NEEDED. I've reserved a two queen bed suite at the Hilton Garden Inn from Wed Oct 19th to Sunday Oct 23rd. Sunday checkout time is noon. Cost for each person's share is $137 for the whole time. Email Todd at [email protected] if interested. Share a taxi with me! I'll be arriving at DFW on Wed Oct 19th at 2pm and leaving on Sunday at 10:30am. Email Todd at [email protected] and we'll plan from there.
  3. Do reaper liners need to be watered down or can you use them out of the bottle? Thanks!
  4. How do you lighten and darken bright turquoise HD to get a spectrum of shades for layering? Thanks!
  5. When is a good time to reserve our rooms at the Hilton? The Hilton website says it's sold out for the dates but I assume they have been reserved for us convention goers already. Thanks!
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