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  1. Darsc Zacal, Oops, my bad. I was just trying to keep things to one thread but I won't let it happen again. On topic: For those of you who backed to get the game, and not just the minis, did you see our Christmas update? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746391996/albions-legacy/posts/1092924 Morgana is now a playable character!
  2. Thomas and I finished up our christmas celebrations a few hours ago and we've been sitting down getting some work done. Merry Christmas everyone! Haha! SamuraiJack, Thomas says there's a litre of Maple syrup in it for you if you go back the campaign! We got a lot of requests to bring the minis back so we did what we could to make it happen. The sculpts look really good in person, and I can't wait to see the metal ones that will be sent out!
  3. Hey guys, I'm sitting down with Thomas right now, getting some work done, and I figured I'd pop in and say hello! SamuraiJack, Thomas laughed when I told him you were going to slap him around. He says hi! In regard to the launch of Deep 5H.1T so soon after Albion's Legacy, we totally understand why you're concerned. We know that a lot of people have been burned by creators with outstanding Kickstarters, and we haven't been around long enough to prove our commitment. One of the first conclusions that we came to when discussing our second game was that we needed to make sure we never let Albion's Legacy slip into the background. While the game is in manufacturing and out of our hands, we are in regular contact with the manufacturer to make sure things are running smoothly. Our goal is to establish a strong track record by getting both games finished and delivered as promised. We realize that the first step is to see Albion's Legacy's fulfillment through, and we're as excited as anyone to get the game in your hands! When Thomas mentioned targeting different demographics, the main point he was driving at is that, with the potential difficulties facing our second campaign, we're hoping that we can attract new backers that are looking for something totally different than Albion's Legacy. We know you're hesitant to back another campaign while you wait for Albion's Legacy to arrive and we're aiming for Deep 5H.1T to succeed without tapping you guys out. You guys are great! I cannot stress enough how thankful we are for your support during Albion's Legacy's Kickstarter, and for your continued communication with us while you wait for the game to arrive! We take what you say to heart, and it's really helpful to us to be able to keep in touch. For those of you who aren't following the Kickstarter updates, here are the latest pics of the minis: I've been lucky enough to see these in person, and thy really look great!
  4. Hey guys, Just a quick update. did you see that Minx is making progress on the Albion's Legacy minis? Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fantasyminiatures/rpg-fantasy-miniatures-by-minx-studio/posts/915834
  5. I kind of enjoy this without the wings but I'm sure they'll look good!
  6. +1 for Lancelot, however if I was going to vote for an Arthurian character, I'd be tempted to go with Arthur for the magic sword and scabbard. He was an abysmal fighter in many renditions but OP gear can go a long way. Along the lines of the Miyamoto suggestion, Saito Musashibo Benkei deserves a mention. Dude wasn't taken down until an army decided that arrows were the best way to deal with him. Even then he managed to keep guarding a drawbridge for a while just by standing there after he was dead.
  7. I like the switch to black armor! It reminds me of a historical fencer I used to know who kept his helmet painted black. It looked sharp in real life too but was hard to keep that way when he kept getting hit on the helmet! I like that you built up this base more than the last one. I'm looking forward to seeing more bases completed!
  8. Good work. That looks much improved!
  9. Cool. I'll make sure to check in and see it when it's finished.
  10. I can't say how much I'll be online with life going on offline but I would honestly like to stick around. I'm looking forward to seeing how Jasonator's base turns out and I still need to find the time to poke around the rest of the forum.
  11. Hey, This is coming along nicely. If yo do go with the platform idea, I'm loooking forward to seeing how it turns out. Are you thinking of going for natural stone or flagstone?
  12. Hey Uber, thank you very much! I'm really looking forward to the game and minis as well! A lot of the energy you mentioned came from this thread and from the comments on Kickstarter. You guys are a great community and hanging out here has been fun for me too!
  13. Hey everyone, thanks for all of your support in making our campaign such a huge success. Make sure to check the Kickstarter where Thomas will be posting updates as we progress from here! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746391996/albions-legacy/posts/878699
  14. Hey Uber, your math looks good! Did you guys see that the paypal has been opened up for more pledges? Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746391996/albions-legacy/posts/878287
  15. Hey guys, I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to be working with Minx! They made all of our mini add-ons possible and have been great allies! I'm looking forward to working with them again!
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