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  1. All I can say is WOW. This is very nice work I hope that it places well in the contest.
  2. I love these sculpts. Oh and the guys who's art they are based on are ok too ;). And you paint job is excellent.
  3. I love the colour on the skin. Its perfect for a fire elemental. Never been a big fan of purple but the robes look very nice.
  4. Nice work on the browns, and I love the base. Gonna have to learn to do those cork bases someday.
  5. Great conversion. It looks very spooky.
  6. Well I finally got a chance to try out the maco function on my digital camera and the guts to upload a pic of something that I have painted. So here he is Sigurd, Viking one of my favourite sculpts from Reapers Warlord line. Be gentle and remember any faults with the mini lie with either the camera or your monitor Just kidding please let me know what you think.
  7. Washing mini's never thought of that before. Well from now on I will give all my fig's a good scrubbing before I get ready to prime them. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I have been using Floquil grey primer for the past little while with out any problems. On this last batch of mini's that I primed I have noticed that some of the primer is flaking off in places. Anyone seen this before or have any idea what would cause it?
  9. I have always had a lot of trouble black lining my mini's. So I am turning to the advice of the wise members of this board for help. What do you use? Paint vs. Inks? How much thining? Lots or a Little? Thanks
  10. Good one...Reminds me of a joke played all a new employee at a resturant that I worked at. Everyone on there first day at this job would be asked by the head chef to go to the basement and bring him the clear food colouring. I of course never fell for it
  11. Holy Cow. What a fabulous paint job, their owner should be proud to game with and or display those fig's.
  12. Thanks for the info. Can you recomend any online retailers in Canada to order from.
  13. I was wondering if anyone on these boards has ever ordering mini's or anything else from the Reaper store and had it shipped to Canada. Was there any duty, how about any other fees, broker fees, GST? I am looking to order some figs and paints, cause my local gaming store is 1. Far away. 2. I can rarely get there. 3. They don't carry enough Reaper stuff. But I don't want to have to pay too many extra fees or else it aint worth it. Thanks
  14. WOW.....That is a fabulous paint job. The hair in the beard is very well done, and I also really like the axe head and shield. Great work E.
  15. Just wondering what the advantage is of using both black and white primer on a mini?
  16. An excellent paint job. I like the colour choices, the blue on the dress is quite nice.
  17. Sorry to hear about the set back. The model looks great so far. And if you were wondering I have an alibi for the time in question
  18. AWWWW..I missed seeing what it looked like....any chance for a repost of the image
  19. Nice to see another Canuck on the boards. This is the same kit my father-in law has. I use it all the time...much cheaper than buying one myself .
  20. WOW....nice job. I really like the look of the leather boots...very realastic.
  21. I love the way that reaper has organized the paints. A very cool idea for thoses of us who need help finding shade and highlight colours to use on our mini's.
  22. I have ordered products from New Wave in the past, and have had both good and bad service. Most problems are due to products not being in stock all the time. I can say however that I have always recieved everthing I have ordered....eventually. I would also be interested in an online source other than new wave, my local gaming store is at least an hour's drive away so I do tend to buy via the internet quite a bit.
  23. She looks very naughty..... nudge...nudge...know what I mean
  24. WOW.....Your NHH (Non Hair Hair) is wicked. The highlighting is perfect. What is you secret? Oh ya the rest of the mini is awesome as well
  25. What a beautiful sculpt. And you did a great job painting her up. The colour scheme you chose is very eye catching. I dont know much about OTT lighting but the photos turned out very nice.
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