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  1. I feed @buglips*the*goblin whenever he's in town. He seems to be attracted to me, god bless him, and I feed him mostly chicken tenders and whatever American fast food he requests.
  2. Not even kidding, miniatures storage is why I upgraded to a 2 bedroom apartment. And I'm pretty sure at this point that the two pirate ships I got for us are going to get stored at my work's warehouse.
  3. Now that I live in a 3rd story apartment, I am quite concerned about how large my Bones 5 box is going to be.
  4. I did four 7 day challenges. Seems to have done the trick.
  5. This is not the case. When you go to check out, the system automatically adds the ghoulie bag. You can choose to opt out by clicking the negative sign to remove it.
  6. @Reaper_Jon Please thank the powers that be for this new decision. This was all we wanted - to be given a heads up and the chance to stock up on paints that will be missed. This is much appreciated.
  7. Here's this week's drawing. Not what any of my original sketches were, but it's what happened when I sat down, a mix between Fish and Witch. Ink & Copics
  8. So I thought a lot about this and decided that I don't have the time that I would like to devote to this on a daily basis, so I wanted to share with y'all what my plans for the way I'm participating will be, because I do what I want. So if anyone else was feeling like they want to participate but literally can't even with devoting daily or even every other day participation, I really want to encourage you to find something that works for you. So yesterday, I took the prompts that I was interested in and did really quick and literally terrible sketches in a small sketchbook that I have for ideas and notes while I'm at the office, just to brainstorm and get the ideas on paper. If I never re-sketch and refine those drawings and therefore never feel comfortable showing them off, that's totally ok. I don't owe anyone anything. My intention from there is to see what inspires me either on evenings where I have more time/motivation or on the weekends and put more effort in then. My goal is to do at least one prompt per week that I consider to be "presentable" because trying to force myself to either post something I'm not proud of or force myself to try to devote time that I don't actually have, that's just going to stress me out and I like to introduce as little stress into my hobbies as possible. So, yeah, I just wanted to give you my thoughts since I hadn't given you any drawings.
  9. FYI the Mythical Creatures prompt list is from 2017 and the Woodland Magic one is from 2019. I could not find a 2020 one from the Mythical Creatures person, but the Woodland Magic person DOES have a 2020 prompt list called "An Adventurneer's Guide to the Ordinary." I wish the prompt makers would do a better job of putting the year on their prompt lists, idk why they leave it off. Obviously, please use whatever prompt list inspires you, what year it's from only matters if you're using the hashtags on your social media and/or trying to enter any random giveaways the creator may be doing (Drawtober does that, some of the others may as well.) Otherwise, all that matters is that you're inspired and having fun.
  10. It turned out very nice! I'm glad the resin pouring went well for you! You should be able to avoid mechanically sanding just by using a gloss sealer on the hand sanded sides, it should clear right up but YMMV. Also, you might be able to find a case that's meant for a foot ball or basketball at a place like Michael's that you could put it in to keep it clear of dust, but check your measurements. Occasionally I have found such cases on Amazon that worked for my needs, but those listings are usually from third party sellers and sometimes the shipping is more than the case is worth.
  11. There is also Drawtober, which gives a weekly prompt (so even less pressure) and strongly encourages any and every creative medium to be used, despite having the word draw in the title. I have seen people enter photo manipulations, collages and even a decorated cake. https://www.instagram.com/p/CElNZcRDpxU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  12. I would take the land @Pegazus and at least mull it over for longer. You can always sell the land later on if you and the Mrs. decide it's not a good option for you.
  13. Thanks everyone! Bit of an unusual birthday considering this twilight zone of a year, but not too bad.
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