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  1. Sorry I forgot to crosspost this earlier, but Luca's stream will not be on this afternoon. 🖤
  2. The Crafty Creative with Josh Foreman will not be on today 🖤
  3. Hey y'all unfortunately Miss Kiki's tummy is upset again so Anne will not be able to stream today. Hopefully she'll be back tomorrow! 🖤
  4. What a handsome guy 😍 Nice job!
  5. Beyond the Kit with Rhonda Bender will not be on today 🖤
  6. Reminder for those of you outside of North America or who are in areas that do not observe DST: Our time change was this past weekend, we have sprung forward one hour, so if the time change has not yet occurred where you are, or will not occur, please adjust the time you show up for streams accordingly for your time zone! 🖤
  7. No, as Serenity said, this was a stream on Anne's own channel, not on the Reaper channel. On the Reaper channel we upload all of the vods, Anne does not typically upload her vods to her youtube channel.
  8. Thank y'all for reporting the spam posts, especially @strawhat for being so diligent; it's very much appreciated!
  9. Hey y'all unfortunately RTB Protips won't be on today. Kiki's tummy is upset. Hopefully she'll be feeling better very soon and Anne should be back on tomorrow but I'll let y'all know if anything changes. 🖤
  10. The Crafty Creative will NOT be on today and remember y'all this is the Reaper Live off week, so it will not be on tonight. 🖤
  11. Hello! Welcome to the forum! I don't have an answer for you regarding being able to buy pdfs but I'm glad you're enjoying the info - If you're looking for more content, I wanted to make sure that you know there is a channel dedicated to DDRPG on Reaper's discord (the discord invite link is at the top of the forum index.) As well as stopping in here from time to time, Joseph Wolf aka @ReaperWolf also has answered more questions and occasionally drops sneak peeks there if you'd like to check it out as well as there being other community members like yourself to talk about it with.
  12. How does one tell the difference from all of your other posts?
  13. Alright, everyone's taking a Turing test because after the past 24 hours, I don't believe that any of y'all aren't bots. Who's first?
  14. Might've been something being reset trying to stop the spambot raid we've been experiencing all day.
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