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  1. Sorry, I and my box will not be participating if this is run any time soon. My only option for shipping is to actually go to the post office, which there's no way in hell I would go to the post office right now even if my state were not in lockdown. I don't think this is worth the risk not just for the possibility of the insides of the boxes being contaminated, but IMO there's enough strain on postal workers right now as it is.
  2. I am so very sorry to hear this; Jay was such a nice man with a genuine, sweet, spirit. I hope someone is taking good care of his teddy bear Reginald. Thank you for letting us know, I'm sure having to be the bearer of this sad news wasn't an easy task. My thoughts are with you, Jay and everyone that cared about him.
  3. So I’m doing Drawtober, which gives you six total prompts for the month. Today (well, Saturday) was the last day for The Witch’s Garden And I got mine up on my instagram with only a couple of minutes to spare. Super proud of how it turned out, though I wouldn’t have minded having a couple more hours to spend on it.
  4. A dust bunny that grew in size until it gained sentience.
  5. And people in general tend to think of the sculpts as just a product and not someone's art that they poured their heart and soul into. It sucks and y'all have my full sympathy. <- that is there as a squiggly hug.
  6. Just point out whoever I need to introduce to my children and we'll never speak of it again. In all seriousness and no BS, I've seen a lot of people really excited about the Wolf-Dragon too, so don't focus on the people who don't like it.
  7. I believe in your ability to make magic, my friend.
  8. I mean "lost"? Really? That's what happens to you when you torch an innocent mother's eggs with a flamethrower.
  9. *Sad xenomorph hisses* You say that, but the last time we got results..... and when I threatened to start a riot over a dire vegetable, that got results too. I'm just saying, I don't want anybody getting the wrong idea here. Then people start thinking they can just blow you out of an airlock on a whim.
  10. You've never driven in the New Orleans area. I'm a fantastic, patient and understanding saint of a driver by comparison. There are many reasons that Louisiana has the second highest car insurance rate in the country and many of those reasons have defensively made me the driver that I am now.
  11. No, it's definitely the driver. Just picture the Penguin when he took over driving the Batmobile in Batman Returns - literally me when I'm driving home from work every day.
  12. Dern right it is. Trying to ruin my reputation like that.
  13. I feel like this is commentary on my driving and I don't appreciate it.
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