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  1. Guindyloo

    Summoning A Dragon bust

    Testing directly in your well palette was a great idea! Incidentally, I'm working on a troll faery figure right now with a cool purple skin and while I've used a blue for the actual skin shading, there are scales on his back that I'm shading with green and then his wings feature a lot of MSP Mint Green, which is much brighter and a touch more blue than Phantom Glow, but they're definitely in the same family and all of those colours are working well together. However, if you're really tempted to go down the Phantom Glow route, definitely do more testing with it first because it might be a much harder sell as osl over the green cloak as it might start to look more like you're highlighting the green with it rather than casting light from something else. I worry that because Phantom Glow has a lot of green in it that it's going to be too close to the same colour family, whereas a more contrasting colour is an easier sell to differentiate that it's meant to be a light from another source. It'd definitely be worth testing though, it's a beautiful colour and you've got good instincts. I think it's always a good idea to explore any colour that suddenly speaks to you while you're working on something.
  2. Fun fact, I first started what is now the Reaper forum Google Hangout for the Memorial Day Paint Binge Challenge 2016. I accidentally on purpose lured in a Buglips and we've been happily driving each other crazier ever since.
  3. Guindyloo

    Summoning A Dragon bust

    Ok. Well I'm going to disagree with a lot of what was previously said. Most importantly, please note that you have NOT ruined your bust, it's not beyond hope by any means. It's just paint, it's not the end of the world if you didn't use the exact formula that someone else has found works for them. The answer is never not to try. The reason that experienced painters are experienced is because they have experienced things for themselves and found what does and does not work for them. Getting advice is great, tutorials are great, but at the end of the day, you need to put the paint on the model and experience things for yourself to get the experience, just like with anything else. Furthermore, there is no rulebook when it comes to painting. There is what works for some people and what doesn't work for some people. There are, indeed, "rules" regarding colour theory, composition and certain techniques, but these are still just guidelines and generally just based on personal experience, opinions and preferences. Do what works for you. You do not need to learn all about anything before attempting anything. If you're concerned about how one paint will look on top of another, then test it before you put it on the model. If you're interested in colour theory, it is definitely a great tool to have in your kit, especially as you progress in your own personal painting journey, but there is no theory or technique that you must master before you put paint on something. If what you're interested in is making sure that your bust adheres to colour theory, cool, refer to it and let that guide your choices. But there's nothing wrong with making a choice based on intuition or just something that you think will look cool. This is your hobby, your bust, your paintjob. Now, it seems to me that you never intended on a really drastic lighting situation like James Wappel's version of this bust since you selected different colours for her hair and eyes and lips. It's not a problem to not do something so dramatic as more subtle osl can look just as beautiful and convincing. So in this case you're going to have two different light sources. A neutral and somewhat ambient light source coming from above (I would position that coming from above and directly in front of her) and then the osl coming from the dragon fire (or dragon spell fire, idk, whatever you want to call it) so all you need to do is just stay consistent with that. The dragon spell fire is going to emit a ball of light and you just need to decide where that ends. I would do the back of her in darker colours, but not just completely blacked out since you have the upper light source that's going to throw a bit of ambient light. I like the freehand detail that you've put on her face and, in my opinion, that is not going to complicate things any more than having red lips, red hair and a green cloak complicates things. If you were to do a very complicated and intricate freehand pattern that required a lot of really close detail work in the first place, then yeah, that'd be a little bit of a nightmare to take the plunge to do osl on top of that and get it to look right. That doesn't mean it's not possible, it's just a lot more work and with experience, you tend to learn what battles you want to fight and what you don't. Realistically, you're probably looking at some trial and error here. There's nothing wrong with that. That's how we learn and, in my opinion, that's half the fun of painting is figuring that kind of stuff out. So what I would probably do here is just dive in with a glaze. Now I'm very comfortable with glazes because I've had a lot of experience with them. You might not be so that might be a frustrating path for you. Whatever colour you pick might not play well with the colours you've already put down. You might put down too strong of a glaze and have to scale things back. These things are all fine, they're all learning experiences. If you're a little less stubborn than I am, then you might consider getting a sacrificial Bones model to practice the same colours on to do some quick tests or if you have some thick paper like watercolour paper you can try that as well. Sometimes I test colours out right on the back of my hand just as a quick way to see if they're going to play nicely together. I did a very quick and super crude mockup of how I would approach the osl based on what you've already painted. Hopefully this gets the point across as I'm honestly not sure just how crude this is going to be as I'm on my 4th day of a migraine and have my monitor brightness literally set to 0%, so hopefully this is useful in some way. I chose purple because I thought it would work the best with your existing colour scheme and incidentally, colour theory would back me up there, but you can obviously choose whatever colour looks good to you and works with the vision that you have in your head.If you go in the purple direction, it's going to depend on the individual paints you use as to what approach (ie. glazing or mixing paints to layer) will work best for you, especially with the green as that has the potential to become a bit murky. I would either use the suggestions I made above and test things out on a Bones figure or paper or test things out directly on her stomach where most of the surface area is going to be hidden by the dragon spell fire itself anyway, in case of any mishaps. The areas closest to the lightsource itself are going to be the most intensely and brightly coloured and the further away from the source you get, the lighter the intensity should be. I think that on the face you can likely (but not 100% certain) achieve this with a really light/thin glaze that just barely tints things one brush stroke at a time. Take it easy and slow and start in the area that's going to get the most intense colour (ie. under the chin) so that if it's too intense to start, you can scale it back. Flipping the figure upside down will help you to map out what areas would receive the most intense concentration of light, as well as more reflective surfaces - like the eyes will reflect that light really intensely even though the eyes are further away than the nose because skin is not as reflective as eyes. I would reflect it more intensely on the hair than I did in the above example as well, as hair is also a very reflective surface. As you can hopefully see though, we can still capture a perfectly fine osl look despite the freehand on the face, you just need to find the right balance. As long as you're not going too intense, you don't have to disrupt the freehand very much and a light glaze over it and the skin should work out just fine. The good news is, as the person painting it, you are in complete control of how intense the light is - the important part is to remain consistent. Also important to note, the placement of the intense light will probably vary from my example because of the actual placement of the dragon spell fire. I think I probably placed it a little too low on her chest. The way that you paint the dragon will also obviously affect the intensity of the light. I didn't do a mock up of that, but I wouldn't paint the entire little dragon as the lightsource like James Wappel did, I would paint only the fire part as the lightsource. The lightsource itself will have the most intense colours and also go much brighter than any reflection you put on the lady but since you're going for less of an intense glow, you don't want to use too much white so that we can temper the eye's expectation of how bright the light is meant to be. Play around with it, most importantly have fun with it and don't give up. You're doing just fine.
  4. That's a nice twist of fate that you were assigned to my box then! I'm glad I went back and looked through a couple of the expansions to put things in the box. They're cool models, but not my thing painting-wise. Glad to see them go to someone so happy to receive them.
  5. Guindyloo

    Love the new Book of bones

    Do a search in the store for "catalog" and it'll come right up. Searching for book, despite it literally being called "The Book of Bones: Bones Catalog" will not bring it up in the search results. It appears to be listed under the Category for Books, but how one reaches that category is beyond me, as there doesn't appear to be a link to that category anywhere on the shop page, as far as I can tell. Right now you can only reach that category via link once you are already on the page for an item that falls into that category.
  6. I agree with Glitterwolf, if someone seems to be MIA, I would both pm them and tag them here. Two important things to note - The date that someone last visited the forum on their profile is not necessarily accurate. If you look at my profile it says that the last time I visited the forum was January 5,2018. That is obviously not accurate, as I'm sitting here typing this now. If someone, like myself, checks off the box "sign in anonymously" when they log in to their account, it will not update their last visit to the forum until they log in without that box checked. I forget about it because every device that I log in to the forum from is also set to keep me signed in. Also, the forum is spotty at best about sending email notifications for receiving private messages. I would say it's about 50/50 for me. It's not going into my spam box, the forum just doesn't send it sometimes. So from time to time I log on and to my surprise I have a pm waiting for me. So, point being, don't assume that just because the forum is telling you that someone's not active, that it definitely means they're not. They just might be set to anonymous and haven't thought to check in and just need a little nudge. If they don't respond to the nudging, then it's time to seek alternatives.
  7. Guindyloo

    Youtube reaction videos

    Oh gosh, well in that case, thank you for your sacrifice, good sir. I feel a little awkward about being a part of a fraternity though, I didn't even know that I'd joined one. Is this part of the hazing? I'm disliking all of those videos. But I'll be sure to video myself disliking them.
  8. Guindyloo

    Youtube reaction videos

    Like complaint threads?
  9. Guindyloo

    Youtube reaction videos

    I appreciate the irony of this being a reaction thread complaining about reaction videos. Maybe you should start a youtube channel, Beagle? I'm not going to quote anyone here because I don't want anyone to think that what I'm going to say next is directly against them. It is my general thoughts and opinion on the matter after skimming through this topic to see general points being made. As always, nothing I'm about to say is meant to be a personal accusation or attack of any sort. I am permanently of two minds on the subject of just letting people enjoy things tbh. Although, that shouldn't be surprising at all since context does matter, after all. I think that people should feel perfectly free to enjoy things without feeling like they have to change their minds about liking it. This is the very thing that the term "guilty pleasure" exists to describe. I would think that most people who watch reaction videos would describe the genre as a guilty pleasure. Maybe less so when it comes to videos that are technically reaction videos, but are more just a vehicle for insightful commentary. On the other hand, I don't agree with most blanket statements, especially when they shut down any sort of criticism. Criticism is a good thing, so long as it's not simply used as a baseless attack on someone. Constructive criticism is absolutely vital when it comes to things that you're seeking to improve. I don't think that someone criticizing a genre of videos that they don't care for is a baseless attack, it's an opinion. Opinions are not facts, they're subjective, and healthy to express. I don't understand the kneejerk reaction to suppress someone from expressing an opinion that one doesn't agree with. If you have a differing opinion, by all means, express it. Take your chance to argue your own point of view. However, "SHHH" is simply not an argument. If you can't hear criticism on something that you like, then it sounds to me like you either know that you're easily swayed by the thoughts of others and fear having your opinion changed, or you know that the thing that you don't want criticized is actually not very good and either don't understand or don't want to admit that simply liking a thing doesn't automatically make it good. As far as the reaction genre of videos, my personal opinion can vary all the way down to the individual content creator. Some of them are, IMO, pretty trash. I suspect that Beagle's experience has mostly been with the trash end of it. There are, again IMO, content creators who are not solely seeking the latest trend or trying to skirt copyright laws, and rather do make transformative fair use utilization of other materials in their reaction videos. But if you simply don't care for the genre, then even the quality side of it won't be of any interest to you. As far as the video game community both video and streaming-wise, I think that certainly if it's not for you, it's just not for you, but I do think that the opinion that it's just all about getting likes and ad revenue is poorly misguided. Are there content creators who are just all about the money? Absolutely. But what if I told you that here at my job, the only reason that I do it is for the money? The only reason that most people work is for the money. If your problem is that you don't think it's noble for them to accept money for making videos for other people's entertainment, then I've got some bad news for you about the entirety of the arts world. Just because someone's talent is playing video games or, moreover, being entertaining while playing video games, doesn't mean that they shouldn't be allowed to monetize it. But also, just because someone is asking their viewers to like/comment/subscribe, etc. doesn't mean that money is all they care about. They have to ask people to do those things because people forget and the only way to keep their channel visible in the vast sea that is youtube, is to get as much viewer interaction as possible or else the algorithm will bury them. If video game videos aren't your thing, cool, no problem, don't watch them. But allow me to tell you at least some of the reasons why people do watch them. 1. They can't play the game themselves. Sometimes this is a financial constraint - they can't afford the game or the console/computer that the game is on. Sometimes it's an ability thing. For instance, I LOVE the Dark Souls games. I love the aesthetic of them, I love the detail of the lore behind them, I love the stories... but I absolutely cannot play those games. They're purposefully extremely difficult and frustrating and I am not good enough at video games and too prone to becoming easily frustrated to the point that I don't have any fun. But I love to watch someone else play those games so that I can enjoy them without feeling the personal frustration. 2. They don't trust the video game industry anymore (with good reason, IMO) to give them quality games and are using these videos as a review that they can see for themselves. 3. For the same reason that people enjoy podcasts, talk radio, talk shows, go to comedy shows, attend lectures, etc. Some content creators focus on being funny, some of them are giving instructional commentary, and others just talk. There's one let's player that I watch from time to time who was a geologist (but now makes videos/streams for a living) and he tells a lot of stories. He plays mostly indie games and some of the games I honestly find very boring, but he's such an interesting person and has such a unique perspective that I like to just listen to him talk. 4. Some people either don't have friends or at least don't have friends who share the same interests as them and watching someone whose personality they enjoy makes them feel less alone. 5. Because they love a game or games in general so much that they like immersing themselves in it further. A lot of people who watch video game videos do, in fact, play the games themselves, but they also enjoy seeing someone else's experience - seeing their reaction - to a game that they've enjoyed. I don't think doing so is any different from having a conversation with someone about the game or posting on a forum about it. Anyway, I understand if it's not your thing, but I do think that it's pretty narrow-minded to outright dismiss any video genre or youtube itself in general, when you're talking about a platform that has over 20 million different channels with hundreds of genres with dozens of sub-genres within those genres, with thousands of individual creators within those sub-genres. You might as well say you don't associate with people who wear blue shirts, that's how broad and varied of people you're dismissing. but if dismissing things is what you enjoy, who am I to argue?
  10. I think that box should be switched back to a medium box at earliest convenience, tbh. It currently costs something like $14.35 to ship the medium box, which is already $2 more than it was on the last round. The large box costs $20ish to ship. That's not a huge difference, but significant enough that you could cause someone to have to drop out from participating. All of the boxes have been medium boxes for some time, I think that's what they should stay. If there's too much stuff to fit into a medium box, then the person downsizing the box has reason to take out extra stuff to make it work. I think that's a better idea than forcing someone to either suck up the extra unexpected cost or have to be embarrassed to say that they can't afford it.
  11. Never mind, I did it. It’s at the post office. I came in my pajamas and got a little wet but I should be able to beat the bad rain home.
  12. Slight hiccup in that whole 100% going to get it to the post office plan...
  13. Guindyloo

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    @Reaper Ron as klarg says, the link itself doesn't work. If you copy/paste the text into a new tab however, it takes you to the growtix site but says: Ticket sales are not active. Please check back later. @buglips*the*goblin says he's in however so idk. ETA: Right clicking and selecting "Go to" worked so maybe the link pasted funny for me. I'm in now.
  14. Post-it notes. ALL THE POST-IT-NOTES. I have been horrifying people for years with my stacks of post-it notes. We're talking stacks 100 post-it notes deep for some things. But I'll take highly intelligent and creative over disorganized disaster.
  15. Guindyloo

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    This is far too much responsibility for me - I will NOT use it for good. Expect to be told completely random times if you ask me what time it is at Reapercon.