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  1. Please reserve this thread for information and questions about Bones 6 only. Please direct all chatter and discussions over to the Enthusiasm and Chatter thread, which is here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97887-reaper-bones-6-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/ Off-topic posts will be removed from this thread and chatter will be relocated to the chatter thread. Please be polite and follow all forum rules. The Kickstarter Project page is here: wow, this is where a link will go
  2. If you're not signed up for the Reaper Newsletter (which you SHOULD BE - if you're not, go to reapermini.com and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and on the right side you will see a "Newsletter Sign Up" box where you enter your email address to subscribe!) then you may have missed this little snippet about Base Boss 2!
  3. As Moonglow said @carlocarlo, Reaper Miniatures produces gaming miniatures and paint. You're welcome here, but we won't be able to solve any of your audio issues nor commiserate about the impossibility of software that Reaper Miniatures does not make. I believe the forum you may have meant to post on is this one: https://forum.cockos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20
  4. I went all in on the first one and can confirm that the people in the comment section who are complaining about the models that they received were definitely people who are not familiar with the hobby and didn't understand what they were ordering. The pieces that I received are absolutely beautiful, top tier resin that will require some minor clean-up. There are a lot of small, delicate pieces that will require gentle care with prep and assembly; they're not beginner models by any means, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I'm extremely pleased with them, and I will definitely be backing this second kickstarter. I'm going to go leave a similar comment on the previous kickstarter page because I hadn't realized they were getting broccoli on over there.
  5. No Reaper ToolBox stream this morning - Anne will be back tomorrow!
  6. Please note that this does not apply to the Bones 5.5 pledge manager preorders, which are still going out in 2022. Kickstarter Update #139: Bones 5 Comes to an Official End https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-5-escape-from-pizza-dungeon/posts/3381265
  7. Sorry I'm just getting to post this over here. Before I do, I want to add a note that this does NOT apply to the Bones 5.5 pledge manager preorders, those will still be going out in 2022. Kickstarter Update #139: Bones 5 Comes to an Official End https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-5-escape-from-pizza-dungeon/posts/3381265
  8. I keep coming here to say things only to discover that you've said them already. ⭐ This is correct, the active element button can only be modified to a certain extent. Directly based on feedback, it has been made as small as possible and moved. The colour cannot be changed at this time. Best I can do here is assure y'all that the button was not added with any malicious intent, I'm sorry that it upset people, but it is still just a button. We try to cross-promote all of the different socials all the time. So because no one on twitch, for instance, thinks that us encouraging them to join the discord is us trying to get them to permanently leave the twitch in favour of the discord, no one thought that would be incorrectly inferred here. Incidentally, not a single week goes by where I don't link to the forum on one of Reaper's other socials. No one is telling anyone that they should or must migrate to a platform that they don't like, the content is just there for people who do like it there. The Reaper discord is coming up on its 2 year anniversary, it's not a new thing, it's just another place to go, not a replacement. Discussion on this topic is not being discouraged, but I'm feeling a bit bamboozled (there, I worked it into my post, @Arc 724 😛) by the topic change from "this button is big and ugly" to "Reaper's trying to force us all to move to discord and shut down the forum." So both in the name of not devolving into rumour and in an attempt to reassure people who may have been upset, I am telling you all in no uncertain terms and with 100% certainty, the addition of the button was not done with any ill intent or any hidden meaning. It was not put there to upset anyone or make anyone worry about the future of the forum. If you are still worried that people will be drawn away from the forum in favour of other platforms, then I would advise you to follow Chaoswolf's advice: Ultimately people are here on the forum because of the community that it provides. Reaper is not going to refrain from having a presence on any platform where it makes sense for them to have a presence and every new presence helps Reaper and helps expand the community. That's a good thing all around, even if you personally don't intend on participating in every new platform.
  9. Also, to follow up what the button actually does: If you already have a discord account, it will connect your discord account and your forum account. You will have to log in to your discord account and give the "Forum Butler" permission to access your username, email address, etc. If you choose to authorize it, it will connect you to the Reaper server, give you the role "forumite" that will display on your user profile and automatically give you the same discord server username that you have on the forum. (My discord username is Kwindylarue, connecting my forum account changed my Reaper server display username to Guindyloo - which I then changed back to Kwindylarue because more people know me as that name) Your accounts are now connected. If anything on the discord is created that gives you access only if you have the Forumite role, you're ready for it. This is the same kind of integration that is done for connecting, for instance, your twitch or patreon accounts to your discord account. If you do not have a discord account, it will give you the opportunity to sign up for one and do the above. ETA: On the forum, if you go into your Account Settings, there will now be a section for Discord that will allow you to check a box if you would like to "update my email address here when my Discord email address changes" and "use my discord photo as my profile photo" You don't have to connect your accounts, it's just an option to do so if you would like to.
  10. Thank you, I was just coming to say this. There is no current plan that I am aware of to close the forums. Jon has said multiple times that he thinks the discord and forums compliment each other well and that the forum works very well as somewhere more permanent where information can be referenced, while the discord is more of a constant flowing chat space. It's not a harbinger of doom, it's just a button to integrate another one of Reaper's social media sites that they would like to cross-promote. That's all.
  11. Yes, after the promotional period has ended, for the rest of December the 12 days minis will be on sale individually.
  12. Guindyloo box is home! (Chaoswolf, I already updated the post to reflect the arrival, so you don't need to.)
  13. Best I can do for you right now is soon™ and an assurance that it's happening, it's just happening on Reaper Time™, which is a mystical, even more wibbly-wobbly sort of thing than regular time. If anything, feedback in the twitch comments is listened to less, not more, if only because much of it gets missed when comments are flying by on Reaper Live. All of the platforms are monitored, it may not seem that way because not everything is specifically commented on. We do try to specifically ask that people post their product suggestions to the "You'd Like to See" threads here on the forum because it is much easier to pull from a consolidated location, so if anything, that space holds more weight than just a scrolling comment in a livestream chat. That's why I made this thread so y'all had a separate place to talk about the upcoming kickstarter without potentially burying important specific feedback in the "Base Boss Bases You'd Like to See" thread.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kontraros/order-of-cthulhu This is funded with 10 days left to go. There are busts, 75mm, 38mm and a couple of kickstarter exclusives. Miniature's Den is currently painting the female bust and will be working on a few more pieces on his twitch streams: https://www.twitch.tv/miniaturesden
  15. So the latest details were mentioned by Ed last night on Reaper Live, you can watch what he said on the vod here, this link will skip directly to the timestamp where he mentions it: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1209431474?t=00h44m21s It is essentially what he said previously that ksbsnowowl mentioned above - basically BaseBoss 2 is delayed because new stuff is being added to it based on the feedback that people did not just want a bunch of plain bases, so Ed is "going back to the drawing board" and is working on some new things and is hoping to have some cool things to show on the next Reaper Live (which will be on December 2nd as there will not be a show airing 11/25 due to US Thanksgiving.) Ron also teased that if you aren't interested in plastic bases then there "might be some things in there that you might be interested in anyway." So keep dropping your feedback on what kind of bases you want to see in this thread here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95869-base-boss-bases-youd-like-to-see/ This feedback is being actively listened to so you just might see your suggestions become reality!
  16. >.> This is why I added the SOON™ >.> I imagine if it doesn't go live before then, we'll get some sort of update Thursday night.
  17. I forgive you and deem it "Close Enough Jambalaya" but it's closer to a Creole jambalaya than a Cajun one - Creole has tomato, Cajun does not. But either way, it's in the spirit of jambalaya which is ultimately meant to be "good, and relatively quick and easy to make" and I think that's what matters most... so probably the Rougarou won't be visiting you tonight. Probably.
  18. Here you go: https://www.twitch.tv/moonlightminis
  19. I saw y'all were talking about the kickstarter so clearly there's a need for a topic for it, so I made one. Y'all feel free to re-post what you said here over there, if I merge your posts with the topic it'll sort them by timestamp and be confusing for future thread visitors. Please leave this topic for making suggestions for bases you'd like to see and direct further BaseBoss 2 kickstarter discussion here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97321-reaper-baseboss-2-enthusiasm-and-commentary/
  20. (Unofficial title: BaseBoss 2 - Electric Boogaloo ) The project is expected to drop sometime SOON™ so I wanted to go ahead and put up a topic here so y'all have a place to discuss. Please try to keep things reasonably on topic. We may make a separate information thread later on that specific questions and/or information may be moved to if it's deemed necessary.
  21. https://help.kickstarter.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005132773-What-is-a-Superbacker-
  22. Sorry for the delayed answer - you are still able to use any Reaper model with a skull, yes. If your submission had been rejected you would receive an email informing you. If you're concerned though, feel free to email [email protected] and he can double check for you.
  23. Masterson makes a few different palettes that are different sizes and styles. The "handy" palette is the one that most people use and the inside is 8.5"x7".
  24. The only pre-cut papers that will fit the Masterson exactly will be their papers which, as you know already, are not cost effective and not preferable for our kind of paints. You can buy specialty wet palettes like the Redgrass Games one that make their own papers that fit that palette, but both the palette and papers are pricey and you may not like their specific papers (I don't) or you might not like the palette itself (I do, but I know a lot of people don't.) However, I feel the same way as you - I don't like cutting the parchment paper rolls and I end up with a lot of wasted little awkward cut off pieces. What I ended up doing was ordering from Amazon a box of pre-cut parchment paper that is meant to be used to separate burger patties. The ones that I bought came in a box of 1,000 for around $14.00. You can find smaller packs for less - I'm seeing a lot of boxes of 300 for around $7.00. Bear in mind that they are squares and will not fit the palette exactly. You can get them in a range of sizes though. Looking back at my Amazon orders it looks like I got the 5"x5" ones. I find them perfect for me for a single session of painting (I do not try to reuse paint the next day) but they do not provide a lot of room if you like to do big mixes or use lots of different paints in a long session of painting and they are not small enough to fit more than one in the Masterson palette. Still, for my needs, I find it easy enough to just toss and replace if needed. The little re-closable box that they come in is also very convenient for throwing in a bag when going to paint elsewhere, which I haven't done a lot of in the past couple of years, but I used to pack a bag for a monthly visit with family where I set up a little mobile painting station and bringing the roll or trying not to crumple pre-cut pieces was a pain. There are also pre-cut parchment papers that are made for cake baking that will be round, but you definitely do need to watch the sizing on those. And then there are pre-cut parchment papers that are made to go in the bottom of air fryers that will be a rounded square, but most of those are perforated for their specific use. Also there are flat sheets made for baking that may come in more convenient sizes for cutting them - it looks like 12"x16" is a common size, which would cut neatly in half down to 6"x8" - so probably comparable to the Army Painter size. You do need to read the description carefully to be sure that you are not buying something that is coated in anything out of the ordinary and don't accidentally buy wax paper instead of parchment paper. Also be aware that you may spend $7.00 or so and wind up with 300 little squares of parchment that you do not like and/or end up not working for your actual needs. TLDR: No, there's not an easy perfect replacement for the Masterson, you're either going to end up cutting paper or dealing with paper not being the exact right size, but there are at least options if you're willing to look around and put up with sizing issues if cutting and having awkward discarded pieces are the biggest problems for you.
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