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  1. Hey y'all unfortunately Miss Kiki's tummy is upset again so Anne will not be able to stream today. Hopefully she'll be back tomorrow! 🖤
  2. What a handsome guy 😍 Nice job!
  3. Beyond the Kit with Rhonda Bender will not be on today 🖤
  4. Reminder for those of you outside of North America or who are in areas that do not observe DST: Our time change was this past weekend, we have sprung forward one hour, so if the time change has not yet occurred where you are, or will not occur, please adjust the time you show up for streams accordingly for your time zone! 🖤
  5. No, as Serenity said, this was a stream on Anne's own channel, not on the Reaper channel. On the Reaper channel we upload all of the vods, Anne does not typically upload her vods to her youtube channel.
  6. Thank y'all for reporting the spam posts, especially @strawhat for being so diligent; it's very much appreciated!
  7. Hey y'all unfortunately RTB Protips won't be on today. Kiki's tummy is upset. Hopefully she'll be feeling better very soon and Anne should be back on tomorrow but I'll let y'all know if anything changes. 🖤
  8. The Crafty Creative will NOT be on today and remember y'all this is the Reaper Live off week, so it will not be on tonight. 🖤
  9. Hello! Welcome to the forum! I don't have an answer for you regarding being able to buy pdfs but I'm glad you're enjoying the info - If you're looking for more content, I wanted to make sure that you know there is a channel dedicated to DDRPG on Reaper's discord (the discord invite link is at the top of the forum index.) As well as stopping in here from time to time, Joseph Wolf aka @ReaperWolf also has answered more questions and occasionally drops sneak peeks there if you'd like to check it out as well as there being other community members like yourself to talk about it with.
  10. How does one tell the difference from all of your other posts?
  11. Alright, everyone's taking a Turing test because after the past 24 hours, I don't believe that any of y'all aren't bots. Who's first?
  12. Might've been something being reset trying to stop the spambot raid we've been experiencing all day.
  13. Alright, fess up, who turned on Skynet?
  14. First of all, if you didn't catch Reaper Live last night - be forewarned that the link for the con hotel is going to go up on Friday, February 17th at NOON Reaper time (that's noon central US time, give or take a few minutes) the link will be on the https://reapercon.com/ website, which will be edited with new 2023 info soon. I'm sure Jon will talk more about it today on Reaperland which is on https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures at 3pm central US time on Fridays. (ETA: Except it won't be on today!) Secondly, I unpinned most of the 2022 threads in this forum so that it doesn't start getting confusing as we have new 2023 threads popping up with relevant info, however, I purposefully left the 2022 picture thread pinned for the time being. I'll unpin it as things get closer, but thought y'all might like to still be able to find that easily for now. 🖤
  15. Hey y'all, we have to cancel RTB Pro Tips this morning, Anne's back is acting up. Hopefully she'll be feeling better very soon 🖤
  16. Sorry for the late notice, someone forgot to tell me that this was actually being announced/starting today >.>
  17. RTB Pro Tips will not be on today, everything's ok and Anne sends her apologies, but Kiki needs some extra attention while she's wearing the harness for her heart study. 🖤
  18. We're getting a big influx of spammers lately - if y'all spot any, please report them so we can drop the ban hammer. If you don't know how or need a refresher on how to report a post: Click on the ellipsis at the top righthand corner of the post: From the list that opens, click on Report: This will open up a popup that looks like this: Enter a message if you wish, but you do not have to. Then click Submit Report. Don't assume that someone else has already reported it, it doesn't hurt anything if we get multiple reports about the same post. It also doesn't hurt anything to report posts that aren't outright breaking rules but that you think look suspicious - sometimes the spammers post something that is meant to look like a real post (they are often unrelated to the topic, or straight copy/paste of an existing post) which they later go back to and edit in a spam link once they think they've fooled us. We don't ban accounts that only look suspicious but haven't actually broken the rules, but reporting these posts makes sure that we have mod eyes on them in case they do. Thank you for helping us keep the forum safe and fun! 🖤
  19. Y'all I jinxed it in a good way! Anne's power is back and the stream is back on! 🥳
  20. Anne's power is unfortunately out again so the stream today is very unlikely, if something changes between now and then and she is able to be on after all, I'll update. But otherwise hopefully it's not another extended outage and we'll get to see her tomorrow. 🖤 Power is back and stream is back on! 🥳
  21. Unfortunately the latest update is that the power company says that Anne shouldn't expect power back until tomorrow evening, so no luck 😞🖤
  22. Those of you on Anne's patreon discord will already be aware of this, but Anne is experiencing an extended period of no power and as of late last night it was still out and it's not looking likely that it will be back in time for her stream today, but we remain hopeful, so I will post an update if anything changes! 🖤
  23. Hey y'all Anne's power is out, so she won't be on today after all. Hopefully things will be sorted out tomorrow! 🖤
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