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  1. My BFF loves it, but I dropped it after episode 3 or 4. When I'm walking away in the middle of an episode in favour of cleaning, it's time to find something else to watch. I'm a big horror fan and thought that I would enjoy it, but it moves far too slowly for my taste and seems to lack any sort of real focus. It's a shame too because I adore Billie Piper, but the inexplicable accent she's doing in it is a travesty. I was excited to see her in something new.... but then she began speaking. I would consider giving it another chance if my friend gives me hope of dredging through the first few episodes actually being worth it, but meh, I have no time for mediocre shows.
  2. What game so we at least know whether it was worth it?
  3. Maybe you could just use transparency film that could be cut to size and pinned in place? It would serve the same purpose, be much lighter than plexiglass and be far less labour intensive to execute.
  4. Fiddly bits are all done, probably. I wish the eyes popped a bit more in person, but considering they were my first eyes ever and I didn't completely massacre them, I'm calling them done and counting myself lucky. The claws are appearing very stark/opaque in the pictures, but they're muddied down in person, the lighting is just contrasting them into oblivion. I took your suggestion, Corporea, and added a bit of purple to the shadows. It absolutely refuses to show up properly in pictures, but I think it added a nice depth in person. These were the most colour/saturation accurate pictures I could get, between the iphone that thinks it's a fun time to inexplicably change the tone of blues and purples and The Worst Lighting in the Worldâ„¢. Relocating everything to a different room that has better lighting but no space for a paint station wasn't too much of a hassle, but my werewolf found himself in a rather precarious situation as being setup on my bed piqued the interest of both my cat and my dog. I have never uttered the phrase "it's not food" so many times in all my life. Pragma: I attempted to marry the fur and skin together several different ways. A thin blue glaze/wash pushed the tone too grey, whereas a heavier blue glaze/wash gave everything a monochromatic look, which wasn't what I was going for. I tried pushing a bit of blue into the recesses of the fur but as you can see, well, you can't see it. In the end, these two have decided that it's for the best that they remain platonic friends who maybe hold hands every now and then when no one's looking. It's my matchmaking failure and, in all seriousness, something I'll have to work on. Any method I'm overlooking? I was considering doing a very, very light drybrushing of almost white blue but I was a bit concerned about that coming off more as poor brush control rather than being purposeful. The base is intentionally just hanging out unfinished. I really want to explore doing some basing but from my looking around, it seems my best bet is to buy supplies from Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately, the nearest Hobby Lobby location is about 30 miles from here in an area that I have no other reason to be in. I could order online, but they don't do free shipping and I have a mental block against shipping fees. The brightside is, there's a new location opening up within 5 miles of me on July 11th, so that's when I'll get back around to basing things out. Still open to suggestions, although I think I might start working on another piece.
  5. I think I'm finished with highlighting the fur (probably....maybe.) I started mixing browns with Ruddy Brown. Like 6 different browns, I don't really know what all I used. Many layers. The last layer was straight Maiden Flesh. I also did some clean up on the skin because the brush I'm using for drybrushing is honestly a little too big, but I tried using a smaller one and I didn't like it anywhere near as much. This one just works right. So,much clean up in my future. Oh well. I also did a little bit of a light Nightmare Black wash over the dark areas of the skin. I think it punched up the contrast. I'm very pleased with him right now. I think I might move on to detail work.
  6. Accidentally double posted like a champion.
  7. So I've been working on highlighting his skin this morning. Drybrushing is my favourite part so I spend a long time just gradually bringing the colour lighter and lighter. I used a mix of Nightsky Blue & Nightmare Black &Splintered Bone at first. Not really sure on proportions. For the lightest highlights I put a dot of Gem Purple to lighten the tone. Toward the end of the highlights I almost completely eliminated Nightsky Blue from the mix to where there was probably only a little smidge of it. I then took the lightest paint and thinned it out and took a detail brush to certain areas to clean it up. Upon seeing those pics big on the screen, I ran back and added a little more highlighting to the underside of his raised arm and heel of his hand, as it was looking pretty flat. I'm pretty pleased with him thus far. Thoughts or suggestions on his skin? I think I need to lighten up the right side (his right) of his face, there's not much transition, especially compared to the left side. Also, what's the best way to lighten reddish brown for highlighting his fur? I don't want it to go too grey on me again.
  8. Thanks, that definitely helped. I don't have chestnut brown, but I mixed ruddy brown with brown liner and watered that down a bit. I think he's browner now, right?
  9. Put down a base of 1:1 Nightmare Black & Nightsky Blue for the skin and Woodstain Brown for the fur. Not really feeling the tone of the brown. Right now I'm deciding what to wash it with to bring it to where I want it. It's reading very grey when I want it to look more, you know, brown. Btw, I should've mentioned before - any and all comments and constructive criticism are extremely welcomed by me at all times!
  10. Alright, so I thought I'd start a WIP thread for myself while I wait for this wash to dry. I didn't dilute it enough so it got weird on me and I thought posting would be more productive than watching paint dry. I'm working on 77009: Werewolf First, behold the way too thick coat of brown liner that I put on my wolfie yesterday: Oh wow, such delicate painting, amazing restraint. Now this evening I did a quick drybrush of Splintered Bone just so I could see the details and then I thought I'd do a wash of Nightmare Black really just to help the mini speak to me. Nothing's terribly obvious in the pic, especially not with this dreadful lighting. I've been wanting to paint this guy for a while but I hadn't really decided on a colour palette, but now I think I know what direction I'm headed in.
  11. But is it outrageous? Is it truly, truly outrageous? Well it IS quite a gem.
  12. I like how it's all cathedral-ish on the top level and then the burning fires of hell at the bottom; seems very fitting. I love it more and more! I really need to remember to have a look at the site you got the backgrounds from when I'm at home - it's blocked here on my work computer, as are most sites with the word game in them.
  13. For the skellie, I would try really lightly drybrushing with silver - microscopic amounts of it on your brush to slowly build the colour or else you'll quickly overwhelm the current look.
  14. Loooooove those colours and the detail on the mushroom!
  15. Another gorgeous dragon! I really love the bright colours and the flowers and grass growing where he steps is such a neat element!
  16. He's gorgeous! I'm madly in love with xenomorphs (you might've noticed) and I can definitely see the resemblance. I especially like what you did with his scales, they seem to glow!
  17. I think the black is certainly good enough, but a little metallic gold scrollwork would be really lovely, but perhaps that'd be a bit more than you were looking to do with it. I'm just a sucker for gold scrollwork on things.
  18. They're all gorgeous! The Beast Mistress is my favourite of the bunch, I especially can't wait to see what you do with her!
  19. He's wonderful! I especially like his blue tongue and your blending on his wings is so lovely.
  20. Great colours on all of them and the eyes on the first little lady dwarf are gorgeous! She's especially very striking.
  21. I looooove the colours you used on her and you really got a lot of movement conveyed on her cloak! What blues did you use on her?
  22. Those eyes! I really like the highlights you've done on the back - I hope you can see for yourself how great they are!
  23. I'm totally in love with this project. I think it'll be well worth the wait!
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