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  1. Hi, I have finished two warbands for test of honour! Finally I can play more advanced scenarios.
  2. Thanks, its a bark, great resource for rock making:)
  3. Hi, I had a painting crisis, I have started ten models and I coudnt finish anything, but today i had to paint model for my friend because he is going for tournament in few days. I dont know the company which made this model but I told my friend he must buy this troll because its totally matching to rest of his warband (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62870-umbra-turris-orc-team/)
  4. It's one piece. Insides are made from Styrofoam, plaster and roof is made from das modelling clay (clay for children which harden on air), wood is made from plasticard .
  5. Hi, its my small scratch build for wargaming.
  6. Thx, I hope i will learn how to do NMM gold properly with this army:)
  7. Hi, I started collecting Cygnar in January, and few days ago i had my first match for 25 point. Simultaneously I paint Cryx for my girlfriend who is my opponent. Im really proud of ranger and maddox bases, and painting of Maddox (female warcaster with big sword) because everyone is complaining she has terrible sculpt, i think its interesting with nice pose.
  8. Thanks for comments! They are made from plasticard, I draw mosaic and bricks with embroidery needle (the end of needle must be not sharp), and cut some parts with excell knife. You can make a "stamp" from a stone and push it to make pattern on plasticard. Great stuff for basing.
  9. Hi, they wait three years for painting. When I started miniature painting i fell in love with rackham miniatures but I thought I was not enough skilled to paint them. Now I think I am:). I want to make a freehand on shields of last two skorize warriors but I have to rest a while. Making bases was super fun. All comments are welcome.
  10. Hi, I had very prolific holidays and in addition to Myshikn i finished some miniatures from Cadwallon board game
  11. I hope they will be allies:) Thanks for comments, i finally painted him:
  12. Hi I sculpted miniature of my dog, and painted miniature today. Now Myszkin is going to slay monsters in d&d. I was wandering which race will be best in d&d 4.0 for him(maybe dragon born?- he has very deadly blasts after he ate grass in garden). His head is from fimo, skeleton from green stuff and rest is from beesputty(for me best putty to sculpt, very easy to play with) Real Myshkin: D&d Myszkin:
  13. Three months ago i started my cygnar army. Here is my Stryker warcaster.
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