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  1. Thank you guys... I also fall in love when I saw Egir Tribe barbarians, but we still have some stuff to sculpt and some wonderful concept arts waiting for their turn... also if you noticed each army gets at least 6 concept arts and to the date we have shown only 5 for Egir Tribe
  2. @Doramos - indeed, please PM me about this KS.
  3. Hi guys, it is long time since I was here last time. Sorry, that I was silent in last two months. I was extremly busy with my normal work. Now everything starts looking fine and I will have much more time to take care of Norsgard. Of course do not worry about any delays. Production is going really good... maybe better than I expected in my schedule. So, on hands on the board and we are sailing forward. By the way no one shared casted! Yes, already casted! Krasula rider. Let me correct this mistake: Have a nice weekend!
  4. Do not worry you will be able to join when we will open the pledge manager
  5. Guys... expect new rider in next hours... Stag Rider is coming :)
  6. I guess some of you will hate me, but well 2nd Hefring and Shadow Dancer will be sculpted for sure and will show in the pledge manager after KS. So, prepare your wallets
  7. We've hit our first Unlock. Thanks to the support of over 100 amazing backers free art print is now available to everyone pledging for $40 of miniatures or more. That's any of the new starters or at least $40 of models from the raider pledge. Thank you!
  8. Krasula Rider is coming! Yes, I decided that in next week will add orc cavalry to add-ons. Stay tuned!
  9. Do not worry! We are still doing great and I really belive that next few days will be good.
  10. Please give me time for riders. From first KS you know that I really care about quality and delivering on time. Big minis need much more attention. We are working on riders and I am talking about sculpts. However, I can not promise to show them during current KS.
  11. Raider pledge has lower shipping costs $10/$15 will be maximum here. If you take 2-3 minis you will rougly spend $40 and you will get for free KS exclusive miniature - Hjal. So, it quite good deal in that case.
  12. In fact we try to keep shipping cost as low as reasonably possible.... We do not want to lose a single backer. It would be shame - concept artists and sculptors made so awesome job!
  13. It will $10 for shipping to Europe and $15 for the rest of the world.
  14. If you like fast games (around 1 hour) and 10 or less minis per side than you will have a lot of fun.
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