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  1. Here are some better photos of the finished Big Guy Gnolls. Medium guy Gnolls are started, big there as reference so I keep the same overall color scheme but just a little different. These medium ones will have brown manes to mark them as a little weaker in the Gnoll tribe, at least in the logic I'm using for different size Gnolls, the smallest guys will look like actual Hyenas and be more golden brown.
  2. Tons of details and black lining, and these guys are done. Just the basing to finish. The leader turned our really nice with back banner and a skin shroud with arcane glyph's. Next up are the medium sized Gnolls on 32mm bases.
  3. Gnoll colors are done, now for all the details. All those skulls on the shaman are going to take forever. Happier with the Fiend coloring, much closer to the other guys while still looking meaner and more savage.
  4. Staff turned out amazing! Great colors, looks like marbled stone.
  5. Everything is now built, based and primed! Next up are the big Gnoll guys. Of note on these is the converted leader with re positioned left hand and the addition of the back pole banner. Really happy with how this guy turned out. These have the colors blocked in and washed with Army Painter strong tone. Pretty happy with the colors on the Gnolls, not too happy with the Fiend versions, seems too green, but I'll adjust this so have a more dull dark green/yellow hue when done. Time to go shopping with REAPER for some grey/green/yellow colors. Next up is buildin
  6. I am just now figuring out that the alcohol soaking for bones really improves priming and painting.
  7. The monsters are done! I have the next batch of stuff prepped, the largest of the Gnolls and a new guy I picked up that will be a Gnoll Fiend. The only work I need to do is some conversion on the shaman figure, adding a back pole and banner with tons of skulls. Need to prime these guys for painting, may be a couple days as the weather has been too humid to spray prime. While I wait for the weather to improve I'll be prepping the rest of the army. Only the smallest Gnoll models to build from Northstar Miniatures.
  8. I ran into this problem before. My solution was to go over the tacky primed coat with Teastors Dull Coat. Once dry this took away the tackiness while still having a good surface to paint over. -JIM
  9. This is a challenging project! So many different characters, hard to batch them for quick painting, you will probably go insane with the finishing and details if you are already not insane, which you probably are. -JIM
  10. Painting is done, just to finish off the bases. Just got my order of the Gnolls and harpies, so now I have all the figures for the project. Just need to start cleaning up and basing, then priming the Gnolls.
  11. Inking, contrast and building up color is done, now for the details ,so many details!
  12. Monsters are blocked in, then drybrushed with bone color, then finally given a 50/50 wash of strong tone and water. I won't be dark bombing these with a full strong tone, I want them a bit brighter and cleaner. So I'll be doing dark color washes to match the base colors, and highlight up from there. Next up is all the shading washes and highlights on the main colors.
  13. Ettins are done. Overall pretty happy with how they turned out. Next up are three monsters, Chimera, Cockatrice and Manticore. After digging through my reference images I decided to go with black wings for everything int he army to make them fit together, this will include the harpies when I get to them. I added the reference images to the primed image.
  14. Love how this little guy turned out. Had a hard time getting the rocks to look right but eventfully just dry brushed everything up to white, then successive layers of washes and glazes to get it done. I added sand to the mossy areas to give them more depth. Gloss coated the gems on the back to make them more shiny. -JIM
  15. Skin and main details have been painted and inked. Now on to the finer details, all that hair!
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