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  1. You can see the progress here. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99645-mutant-murder-bears/
  2. Wanted to make a mutated bear like Fallout, but something a bit darker and more disturbing. I think I succeeded... It was interesting to try out using tufts on miniatures. I did learn that it may be easier to paint them first before applying them. Will be applying what I learned to some Turnip28 models.
  3. Purple grey version is great, stealing for later....
  4. Just finished painting up a pair of tanks for playing Space Weirdos, and maybe some Mutants and Death Ray Guns. You can see how they were made here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99469-cyborg-shark-laser-tank-scratch-build-project/ -JIM
  5. Painting in progress. I have the basic coloring, textures and highlights done. This will be clear coated then oil washed for contrast and shading.
  6. The modeling part is done! - Sharks pinned and glued to chassis. - Added Oxygen/Life Support tubing to gills. - Added nice beefy cables to the lasers. - Added the side armor panels connecting the shark to the chassis. - Finished off with the side skull racks. Next up is basing, priming and painting. -JIM
  7. More progress, - Second shark prepped. - Hydraulic pistons added to plows. - Mounting studs added to the bodies. - Pinned the sharks to the chassis. - Lasers mounted on the heads. Next up is cutting some parts for the side plates that connect the sharks to the chassis.
  8. I started with the thought that I was going to make everything look functional. That was the totally wrong way to think about this. Instead of being built by some research lab, this is built by some deranged metal head psychopath mechanic on drugs making a beautiful mass of chrome, skulls, tracks and giant shark! With this in mind, I just started grabbing whatever would work to get something that looked half functional, and use bits I have right now. Should be getting second sharkman this week, in the mean time I can get some more details tacked on. Next up is some hydraulic tubes on the sides of the plows. Add some skull racks to each side of the tracks, and glue down a bunch of skulls on the spikes. -JIM
  9. Dug up some more parts, and I have enough for 2. So ordered another Sharkman, and ordered some plastruct bits and styrene sheet, I'm surprisingly short of scratch building junk. It'll take a week for all that stuff to arrive, then back to work... and other projects. -JIM
  10. New small project to make a shark piloted small attack tank, for reliable and predictable battle field use. While doing random image searched for apocalyptic stuff as inspiration I ran across the image of a shark on tank treads and thought to myself "this is something I need in my life". I have a ton of tank parts from TEHNOLOG, a Russian toy maker, sadly blocked from new sales for now. With all these parts and small bits box, and some green stuff I'm going to build this thing. The core model is Based on the Reaper 7728: Sharkman. I chopped off his legs and filled the arm socket with putty and sculpted on some amputated fins. Next step is to add a harness below it to hold it up. Need to pick up some flat beads and make some braces on a central tube, should look the part. -JIM
  11. Some finished shots. I also did some individual high res images to make a composite, but will take some time to put together, and I am ready to paint other stuff right now.
  12. Great colors, water is always a struggle.
  13. Never thought of using these guys as mutants, I shall steal this idea, off shopping now...
  14. Well, 2 weeks later.... Took me four tries to get something I liked. Got lots of practice with the new airbrush. Practice all my cussing poetry. Backdrop is done. next step is to finish the sides of the terrain bit in black and take some photos to get an approximation of the cover. I don't think I'm going to be able to do it in one single photo. I may need to break up all the elements and do a composite image in photoshop to get something like the front cover, we will see.
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