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  1. Finally finished the last of the miniatures for my Battle Masters Game. Only took 20 years. I am doing fancy trays to accommodate the individual bases, and I need to paint the watch tower and hedges. I'm also building a 3d map, but sticking with the 13x9 Command and Colors size. Finished pics...
  2. Love the eyes on Sir William, He's like "COME AT BE BRO!"
  3. Great work on the face, here looks very stern and serious for a halfling!
  4. Latest batch of finished models. All that is left are the Orcs and Goblins in progress now.
  5. Purple and red color combo is perfect for this.
  6. Trying to finish my Battle Masters game after sitting in my closet for 20 years. Love this game! I play it with non gamers and fellow wargamers who just want some light dice rolling fun. All of the good guys are finished, now tackling the remnants of the evil army. Next up are the archers and beastmen...
  7. The hill giant is massive, it's on a 4 inch base, and feels like it weighs a couple pounds! I got it's slightly smaller cousin in a slightly different pose.
  8. Yes they do looks the part of Hellfire! raging hate filled murder riders. Love the banner, looks like you used real burlap cloth???
  9. Big batch of finished stuff. The Battle Masters stuff is all of the Empire models. Just started figuring out by tray basing for these as I wanted the models on single bases for other games. The Conquest Jotnar turned out better than I had hoped! Modified with 28mm scale bits. Tried new painting method, block color each section with mid tone colors, dry brush all with light beige, contrast/speed paints, then picking out each section with layered colors, ink washes for shading. I was trying to paint it without using my typical darktone wash then highlight. Turned out richly colored without looking cartoonish. Loot Golem turned out nice as well, looks better in person. I was able to use a mix of metallic colors. Castle Ravenloft Zombie Dragon, tried to use a lot of stippling to get a rotted look, I'm happy with it. Pathfinder Red Dragon, Super happy with how the base turned out, really looks like a white granite debris. Undying Minotaur, Tried copying a nice paint job I found online, can't find the website, but the painted probably lurks here as well. Rauthurous, tried to get slightly black/purple glowing wings, looks better in person, need to figure out camera setting better... Three Headed Troll, Gets a proper base, still super happy with the skin shading and faces. Treasure Dragon, tried for a cool glowing effect on the inside of the wings, super happy with the color scheme, tried something different from the chromatic color schemes. Enjoy, hoe these inspire you guys to try these miniatures.
  10. The OSL looks great. I always find it hard to blend the light color with the background colors, yours looks perfect.
  11. Feathers look amazing! Stealing this my my own axe beaks, just need to practice the small short paint strokes. Did you use thinned paint? Any tips for replicating this...
  12. This took about 5 hours, mostly waiting for paint to dry. Started off with grey primer, then white zenithal spray. Hit all the main areas with contrast/speed paint for the base colors. Once dry I painted the metal and fur. Then dull coated it all in Testors dull coat. Dry brushed it all with a very light ivory, then went over all the areas again with a lighter shade of contrast/speed paint to give everything a more weathered look. Hit all the edges with very light shades of each color to add wear. It turned out a bit too grainy for my tastes, and a bit too saturated. I am trying to get a smoother cleaner look. Will try to do areas of color in very light shades, then use contrast/speed paint over this to really make each different colored area better defined and less everything shaded in dirty brown black. Anyway, looks great in person, even better with my crappy eyesight. Got a bunch of other Reaper Ogres to paint up ,so will try to get them to fit this style.
  13. Can't seem to find any info on this guy. From Bones 5 Kickstarter I think. Been procrastinating on how to paint it, but finally just dove into it and see what I could do. Came out lot darker than I wanted, tried to get a high contrast look, but got a bit muddy after the third pass, but overall I'm happy with it. Using this to show off different basing styles for a new base size at Litko Game Accessories. Ultimately will be joining my collection of dungeon monsters for a heavily customized version of Heroquest.
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