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  1. Ok, Just getting a thread started to chronicle my next mod/conversion, if that's what you would call it. A friend of mine decided that he wanted to try his hand at a little converting, and decided that he wanted to nab the feet from an elf figure that he had, and attach them to a pirate figure. Unfortunately for him, using a woodburner to graft metal parts together is not the greatest of ideas. One leg was completely lost and the other somehow managed to stick, however it is pretty FUBAR. His idea, make a zombie out of it, and I said I would do the honors. The plan is this: Find a hand and attach it, because the pirates hands are nowhere to be found. Make a hook for one of the hands. Convert the missing leg into a peg leg. Profit. Anyway, here are the starting pics. More updates to come as I get them.
  2. Here is my first conversion, he started out as reaper number 02659: Piotr Irongale, he had the look I wanted, but his weapon did not suit my needs. I was using him for a rogue who dual wielded, so after some hefty modification, Alexowen was born. A friend painted him for me because I was strapped for time, I finished it off with some Testors Dullcote to get rid of the shine. Without further ado: Pretty sure he used Citadel paints and wash.
  3. Alright, time to show off this guy, I started the conversion thread a while back, and have taken way too long to post finished pics. (WIP thread here BTW) This guy started off as figure 02745: Ulern, Anti-Paladin. He was given to me by my friend/DM because he was damaged, and I was wanting to try my hand at figure conversion/modding. Ulern here is my second conversion BTW, my first conversion was 02659: Piotr Irongale, you will find his show-off thread here. Anyway, Ulern's weapon had long since been lost from rough handling, and I intended on using him as a fighter/paladin with a big hammer. Here's where I started: After conversion and a healthy dose of future thinned craft paints, here is the result: Sprayed with a little Testors Dullcote for that no gloss shine. What do you think?
  4. Will be an update soon, I'm almost done butchering him with craft paints.
  5. Alright, I found another past figure of mine and wanted to share. This was for a character named Trevor, he deemed himself a professional "explorer" and had a habit of stuffing anything that wasn't bolted down into his bag of holding. He once stole all of the spears from something like 20 spear traps. I used Nabin, Desert Ranger for this one. Undiluted craft paint yet again, this guy was painted after the necromancer. I decided to blend up some silver with the blue on his Shirt, because I wanted him to have a silk/satin shirt. Din't know about washes back then either which explains the sweet black lip line.
  6. One of my latest, Mister Owl, came from Reverend Grimme, I shaved his face a bit and painted away. Still using craft paints, but am now diluting them with a mixture of water and Pledge with Future floor wax. I also did some washing with him, although, I lack drybrushing, live and learn. BTW, also switched to black primer. One of my best yet I think.
  7. I like it Arc 724, I removed the old handle and got a new brad for it and decided not to remove the head for it to see if I could save a minute amount of Green Stuff, turns out, the head was a perfect fit. I mocked up the back of the gauntlet with poster putty to see what it would look like if I just added on to flatten it and if made it look way too bulky, so I'm gonna chop it like in my previous post and then square things off. Should look good. BTW, I started a Show Off thread for my other painted minis, what few there are. You can find it here: *Clicky Clicky*
  8. Next is Malek, Necropolis Mage, or as I had named him, Mortimont the Necromancer, he was a PC for an evil campaign I was in, was a fun character. Straight up craft paint on white primer, anyways: I tried to get fancy with the skulls on the base and "wash" them to make them looked "cool" but the attempt was not as expected, nor did I use this wash anywhere else. Also, I just washed over primer, no base coat to be spoken of. Same clear coat that I always used, Armory Matte Sealer, I thought it made my minis smell good. Kinda like candy. I should probably get rid of that and buy some Testors dullcote.
  9. Another one of my creations, this was Torq the dwarven dervish, also un-diluted craft paint on white primer. Original figure was Balan Ironbreaker. I think I did much better here.
  10. Figured that I would start a show off thread to post my creations, as lackluster as they are. I'll start with one of my first, because the first is long lost in the void somewhere. He was painted with Testors BTW. First up is a Skeleton from the Skeletal Warriors pack, I only recall getting 4 of these, and definitely not paying that much, make a smaller re-pack, I don't know. My god, what horrible painting, plumbers epoxy for filling in the base gap, and some crap paint to boot, I think I was using un-diluted craft paint here. Not to mention a super thick coat of dull coat. That was so long ago.
  11. Good thing I didn't glue it all together yet, am definitely going to do a little flattening, to keep things balanced, I will chop off the pointy end and build up to suit, something like this: I will also drill all of the way through the gauntlet like suggested above. Also, after looking at it a bit, I'm going to ditch the current handle, and make one without a knob at the base. I'll just round it off real nice. You guys have been a wonderful help so far.
  12. I can definitely see where you are getting at, gonna have to have a closer look at it.
  13. Another quick update for you all, got some free time while my son is napping, so I decided to drill the hole in the gauntlet/hammer head. I busted out the pen vise and went to it, then test fitted the handle in the head. I think it looks pretty good, not so sure about having the knob at the bottom know. I know that axes have this to prevent slipping, but don't recall ever seeing a maul with one. What do you think? Almost forgot the pictures: Critique, comments, and suggestions are welcome, won't be long before I have to start coming up with colors for him.
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