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  1. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    Thank you everyone for your kind support and feed backs. I am working on applying for self employment so that i can legally sculpt miniatures full time and get off welfare . Please don't hesitate to give me your critics on my sculpts, cause i am still new to mini sculpting and your critics will definitely help me improve my sculpting. Thank you
  2. Pinmini

    Cyber Lady

    very cool stuff
  3. Pinmini

    New sculpt 28 mm

    You are a great sculptor with lots of patience and consideration for details!
  4. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    I got some molding and casting materials today:) Maybe it won't be enough but i could definitely come up with some multiplied gnomes.
  5. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    undead priestess (sculpey firm +moldmaker)
  6. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    gnome archer
  7. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    gnome cat lady
  8. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    Hi everybody, I have not been around but I did some more sculpting. I mixed sculpey firm and sculpey mold maker to sculpt these forest animals. The half and half sculpey firm+ mold maker mixture was sticky enough to stick to wire armature. A little bit too soft but it seems to work and less chipping and snapping occurred.
  9. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    Thank you Darsc and Sirithiel.
  10. Pinmini

    Just finished 54 mm

    Impressive level of detail. love the elaborate designs on the weapons and outfit.
  11. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    Thank you Miss Melons :D
  12. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    random sculpt update
  13. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    undead fairy attempt one
  14. Pinmini

    15mm Gnomes

    running and jumping wolf pack