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  1. Thanks all! I forgot to take a photo of my unopened pack of 3 official Star Wars stormtroopers from 1992. It wasn't really intentional to save them but there was a long hiatus from painting and after that long I almost don't want to open them. I'd never sell them so why not anyway? I was seriously considering putting a rusted, broken sword underneath the oxi beast, or a little in front of him ideally, but there just wasn't room to not take something away from the piece (to me). I could always try a bigger base.
  2. I hadn't been painting in awhile, but finished a couple lately and even tried a little basic basing with the GS. Getting the close photos made me see a couple of things I need to retouch but this is about it. Just playing around with some different ideas though clearly some things weren't intended.
  3. Sorry for the late replies. Too much going on. Anyway I'll try to take a zoomed pic for the cactuses (cacti, whatever these days) but it's not too spectacular. I rolled the GS into a small and smaller Tootsie roll shape in my hand, then indented the tops with the end of a brush with a wide round "stirring" end, and just painted with the Forest Green trio. The force of pushing down while wet made them bloat out and look more rounded like they should, but I gave myself license because this is fantasy after all. I used something not too yellow like Buckskin Pale (didn't write it down :( for little spots and very delicate "streaks" to simulate thorns. Overall they're pretty cheesy but it works. The base is from a glass jar candle that happened to use metal instead of glass for the topper. I figured it'd come in handy someday. My hoarder instincts were spot on! Heh. And you can have 2 cookies. I'm all about handing out the cookies! Thanks for the nice comments too. You're right. It does make things easier if I link more. I figured like some forums, my main post would bump to the top when adding new photos. Doesn't work like that here, and probably just as well for everyone's sake. Heh. I'll just make single posts since my time between projects will be lengthy most likely. I have too many hobbies as it is. I did try to go for a darker blue using the Sparkling Blue because I always picture my blue dragons to be a cousin to black dragons. I almost ruined the thing after taking these pics too. I went out to coat it with a new gloss, which I always overcoat with matte until you can't tell, but it started drying milky and of course I started flipping out, running for a toothbrush and hoping it'd come off. I didn't trust it to dry clear. It left a slight haze on it, but I did save it. I think I'm just going to spray more matte from now on... Thanks for the kind words all. If I don't always reply it's because I'm chasing down my 3 year old. heh
  4. Did I say red? I'm pretty sure the box said "blue"... It's mostly done except for a couple of minor fixes and a possible breath weapon. Other photos here.
  5. Awesome mini. After seeing your other stuff, I like Lanura Windsong best. She looks like you cut it out of a comic book, not painted it. That's how you know a good mini IMO. I also particularly liked the crucifix and St. Patrick.
  6. RANDOM MINIS REPLY: Heritage USA Dungeon Dwellers, Sorceror Repainted at least 4 times by now. The cloak's nothing special to show. This set was my first love of minis, though I'd already been playing D&D for awhile by then. Ral Partha Fighter, 1985 (might be 6, hard to read the cast) More to come...
  7. PATHFINDER #1 REPLY: Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight - 60032 This is that Burnt Crimson I mentioned earlier. # Pathfinder Red Dragon - 89001 The mostly-finished Pathfinder Bl...oh, dang. What a time to read the packaging... Ah well, Pathfinder BLUE Dragon! Eventually I'll fix those couple of goofs on the wing bones, add very minimalist dry, dying scrub in maybe 3 small places to even the base out, and then I had a possible idea for a breath weapon. Pics if I make that happen later. I finally sprung for the Green Stuff and probably could've just left the cactus as is. I figured that'd be a good way to play with GS for the first time and not worry too much about perfection.
  8. BONES #1 REPLY: Arthrand, Nightblade Elf Ranger - 77049 Clay Golem - 77170 I couldn't get this one's face to focus for anything. I'd need a better camera or try a few more settings maybe. I left him glossy on purpose, being fresh clay, which is easy with Bones. There's crushed pumice from my garden too, which simulates his red clay. My wife argues with me about the red clay tone. Hmpf. Mocking Beast - 77048 I realize this guy needs some more glints across the gold banding. Another for a future update, but I'll probably have to live with the little flak on the side. I might be able to work that out though. Ogre Chieftain - 77005 The snow leopard pelt and the scar are the personal touches here. YoungFireDragon - 77026
  9. HOUSE #1 REPLY: Almaran The Gold, Paladin With Flaming Sword - 03292 Deladrin, Assassin - 02834 Poor Deladrin. She took a spill off a shelf and lost an arm. Then I noticed her beautiful sword was now mangled and chipped. NOOOOOOOOO! A fix will happen when I don't feel as bad about it. This is a color I named Burnt Crimson. I otherwise wouldn't show this figure but it's used on another one here and this cloak shows it real well. Duergar Cleric and Golem - 02988 This is all hot glue, shaped and hardened with other glue(s). Owl Bear - 02526 Surkar, Orc Shaman - 03043 What shaman doesn't carry around a dead chicken anyway? He also has a lazy, cataract eye.
  10. TEASER REPLY: This is my newest project and taking it slow. It's far from done and I have a sandy base in mind to use on that inverted candle cover. BEFORE AFTER...WAZZUP WAZZAP! More pics of it below...
  11. Since I took so many photos and can't seem to edit my earlier titles, I'll keep everyting in this thread if I can help it. The running list will get updated for the main post, then replied to with new photos occasionally maybe. After this initial list, it may not stay completely in order. Also, sorry if I bump this a few times as I make it a thread I can reply to without making one long thread. HOUSE BRAND Almaran The Gold, Paladin With Flaming Sword - 03292 Deladrin, Assassin - 02834 Duergar Cleric and Golem - 02988 Owl Bear - 02526 Surkar, Orc Shaman - 03043 BONES Arthrand, Nightblade Elf Ranger - 77049 Clay Golem - 77170 Mocking Beast - 77048 Ogre Chieftain - 77005 Young Fire Dragon - 77026 PATHFINDER Pathfinder Red Dragon - 60028 *updated 8/1/14* Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight - 60032 RANDOM Heritage USA Dungeon Dwellers, Sorceror Ral Partha (1985), Dragonscale Fighter (unknown package name)
  12. Thanks This place really inspired my painting. We used to just get them on the table so we could play. You guys really made it into an artform, and now I look at some of my old figures and I'm compelled to repaint a...bunch. The power of the battlenun compels me. Thanks, thanks a lot! JK
  13. I took someone's advice about keeping track of projects & colors, so here's #21 in my new MSP lineup, Almaran. I'm pretty sure everyone has one of these, right? Great character. I'll have to update this photo. I ruined the immersion with the corner, but otherwise gets the idea across. I keep seeing little things I could improve the longer I look at these, not to mention he needs a real base. My wife and I use all my figures to play various games, let alone my son's fascination for them, so there's even a little nick at the tip of the sword. Argh! Guess I'll be fixing a couple of things.
  14. Hope it's okay to post this just for appreciation's sake. I do have some actual Reaper minis and Bones I want to post, but this is what I photographed first. This old Ral Partha figure from the 80's was one of my test characters when I started using the MSP's I got earlier this year. This is all new to me except I painted horribly with (gasp) Testors on this guy and all my old figures during the 90s. Hey, we was poor. You can see how I wanted to immediately strip the paint off this guy and go at it with your paints. I learned a lot reading the boards. I had some Bob Ross painting under my belt along with the figures from my old D&D days. I painted the entire line from the Talisman board game first, so I got better with shadowing and whatnot as I went along. I did nothing like this back in the 90's when I painted my original characters though. These paints are awesome! Thank you for making an old hobby even better. My son and I will enjoy painting these together for quite awhile. You might find it funny that I made my base out of a piece of clear plastic cut from a package that may have had mini hooks or hangers, then attached what was really a small base for the figure with hot glue. No, it gets better. Those rocks? Big globs o' glue! lol You could probably make quite a lot from it, like whips and things you might want flexible. This base is all hardened though. I used some kitchen items for basing as some suggested here and gave him a highlander touch. This was always one of my favorites with the dragonscale and sword, so it just begged for some MSP love. I'll post the more relevent figures here soon.
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