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  1. I usually side with chemical solutions over mechanical ones. Too easy to destroy plastic surfaces. But have you considered a really light method of buffing the paint off? Perhaps a dremmel with a cloth head and some gemstone polishing compound? It wouldn't just strip the paint with a few passes, it might make the clear parts less surface-cloudy.
  2. Lol. I like it. The white pupils makes it scarier. Like a shark's eyeroll.
  3. Very nice. Now all he needs is a tavern to torch...
  4. I love the autumn colors you used on the leaves. This makes my forest bases look lazy. Nice work!
  5. Very cool. The yellowed armor plates were a nice choice. This mini warms my mad-scientist heart.
  6. I love the color choice. The white hair and dark skin really pop with the red and gold.
  7. Howdy Reaper! I haven't posted in a very, very long time, so I figured I'd get back in touch with my mini painting roots. Last night I finished my kitbash fighter. I wanted to try making a weaponmaster (great weapons) with swappable weapon parts. With magnets. The answer is always magnets. With the exception of a few oversize weapons from old warhammer variants I had rattling around in my scraps bin, the Reaper minis I savaged for this project were: 77382: Vernone, Ivy Crown Knight, 03447: Weapons Pack 7, and 60113: Technic League Captain. And yes. I made fun screaming
  8. When I buy a 3-d printer my "reason for purchase" on the receipt will say; bringing D&D puns to life
  9. Nope nothing wrong with you. I was thinking the same thing... Maybe something wrong with me too. LOL Lol, I can see the bunker, now that you mention it. Maybe saw out the middle so a circular door can open up exposing the nosecone of a missile. It was a lot of fun to throw caution and care to the wind on these, but now I'm curious how some time and love could look on some bizarre objects. It would be freakishly strange if this prank turned into a serious pursuit...
  10. Hello terrain builders, So a few years back I started cooking up an idea for a joke website where I pretend to be the worst scratch-builder/terrain-maker ever (not a big stretch for me) and brag about how amazing I am at it. I started collecting junk that I could give pithy names to, like a hand saw for Sawback Ridge, a broken hubcap for Battle of the Rim, whatever, and then make up terrible stories to accompany my ridiculous brags about how I "flocked" non-terrain items. Literally trash items with Zapp Brannigan levels of brag. Did I mention that I've been running this site for t
  11. A friend of mine is helping me start a joke blog about terrain flocking. It will be called The Big Flocker. The prank is that we use flocking and glue on household items and pretend it's a masterpiece. Like a pan, a bit of wood, a cradle, a phone etc. Whenever we post a pic of one of these disaster projects we post comments at the bottom like it's genius tier work. To up the ante we're thinking of taking some genuinely good pieces of terrain with flocking, post them, and talk about them like they're ugly. So whoever allows us to use their terrain pics will get ridiculed in the name of a fu
  12. Yah. After looking around I think I'll be working in paper a lot. rarer scale than I thought it would be. Very funny you mention this. Roommates came home. See me looking very serious at my drafting table, squinting through my magnifying lamp at some old thomas engine toys. Without missing a beat, one of them says: "So, they're back to talking to you again?" Thanks for the ideas everyone!
  13. Greetings all, here to beg some advice from fellow scratch-builders. I recently implemented a vehicle system into my game relying on apx 1 inch game pieces (Z-scale in model trains) without really doing research. Now I'm trying to find tutorials for alchemy-punk looking trains, or any trains in that scale really, and I'm having the darndest time with it. I've found several sites for larger trains, mostly working with cardstock or balsa. But our grid won't accommodate anything larger than 1 or 2 inches. I'm totally willing to kit-bash it, but not at 20-30 bucks per locomotive like what
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