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  1. Boom! Way better than the xmas stuff I was planning for this year. I was gonna get her another power drill monogrammed "Joe the Revelator" again, but this seems like a better choice.

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  2. How dare Emily be so much more talented than I...


    Even beyond the insane skill required to do that (which is considerable) I love that she didn't just put the dragon on a pile of gold or rock like every other custom model I see. It almost looks semi-future with the pipes and balls.

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  3. "There's a bit of a gap.  I didn't assemble it quite how the instructions recommend.  You're supposed to put everything together, then paint it.  However, I painted it in stages.  And to be able to do the zenithal, but paint the cockpit separately, I had to leave the top as a separate piece until I was done."


    Instructions are gentle suggestions, which should be swiftly abandoned.


    Looks better for it, honestly. And it may be my bias because I think this is the coolest ship of the series, but darn fine work. Especially the cockpit and those engines. So good...

  4. Wow, reality slap for me. Actually, yah, wasn't even thinking of joints, but I'd love me some long-lasting knees and hips. Also, power-skips, so I can jump over cars. Oh, and better Rotator Cuffs (shoulder joints)

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  5. Lots of people accept commissions. The best thing is probably to look at people's work and PM them if you're interested. Everyone here has different styles and tastes so have a look around! 




    Seconded. Styles vary so wildly between painters, you might get a product you're unsatisfied with if you don't check out their earlier projects. Definitely check out the WIP and Show Off sections to see whose work you like.

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  6. Well, i'm going to have to get serious about this.  Seriouser.  Seriousest. My Haemotologist says I have two choices - lose 80-100lbs or die.


    I'm planning for the first option, to be honest.  Wish me luck!


    I'm sure you have resources, but I live with a rockclimber/gymrat/nutritionist for a roomate. I'm a former bloatnerd, and he gave me a fantastic calorie/workout journal on excel spreadsheet, which I can send you.


    Documentation is key. Don't think about 80 to 100 lbs when you're working out or adjusting your diet. Think about what you can do today (which is usually manageable) Like, come in under 1500c (diet depending) and log your workout time. And remember, you can F****** do it! You just have to know what you're doing today, now, that will  contribute to the overall.

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  7. --See post about taking breaks for feels.


    But srsly, Paizo can eat all kinds of bags of ***** and kiss my ***. G***** *** ******* **** ***** ******.


    Anyway, welcome back and I feel your pain. And am taking up your serpentine challenge.

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  8. Ok, if someone actually makes Haplo, could you pm me? I've tried and failed because his tats/physque is so specific and I'd like input. I will check this thread regularly regardless.


    And speaking of Tats, and speaking of Robin  Hobb...


    Also, did anyone read Robin Hobb's forrest mage trilogy? If so, why not make a rediculous obese mage/swordsman/cavalier mini? Oh wait... the tiny man in my earpiece is telling me that he was wildly unpopular.

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