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  1. Boom! Starting with much bolder colors. And thank you for including the link to your WIP, helps compare (and I'm new here ) So what made you choose stronger hues for the first coat? This is something I lean toward, as well as getting the stark highlights down first on the base. Also, gonna add to the base later?
  2. This is the best darned advice I have seen on a painting forum. I see alot of painters paint "safe" models and sculpts that they know they can ace and post the results. Trepidation is healthy. Caution is helpful. Just take your time and don't rush between steps and layers. I love your white and gold idea for the cloak, but gold and green work well too as a whole scheme (gold being close to yellow). And personally, black shield with gold eagle is how I would go. That would really pop. Best of luck, and I wanna see the steps!
  3. Vote here toward one big room. You've got such great resources I don't know if I can offer anything new, but a tall workstation and proper storage can blend seemlessly (nearly) into your gaming space, especially with the storage you have in mind. I would look at rock/gem collectors (lapidary) sites where they post how-to's for insane storage techniques for above and near work benches, because they work in such minute' materials and rock pieces. But again, it might not be much more space-saving than that storage shelf above. P.S. On personal note I really F****** envy you. My toolshop is a shed, and my paint station is a drafting table in my room. I just DM'd a pathfinder game in one of my gamers' mom's basements...and my gamer doesn't even live there. Don't build this mega-game-room for you. Do it for me... ::D:
  4. Boom, gonna hit the hobby shop tomarrow. I'll document my mess with a newspaper in hand to prove to the fed's that my serpent hostage isn't an old victim.
  5. Eegghh...Chhhhggg... hggghhhh.... Incoherent sounds! Why have I never done a pre-wash to figure the details beforehand?! Loving the tone you picked for that cape, btw. With that detail he will be pants-crappingly intimidating when you're done, and I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Wow, he's looking awsome so far. Ooh, ooh, what colors/highlights are you using for the eyes and mouth?
  7. Probably shows the sad state of my mind, but my attention drifted to the bed and I had to wonder, which Bond girl? Good looking mini, I can smell the dry martini on him.
  8. Purple + Green = Power Combo. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  9. I don't like to encourage bad behavior, but there's something kind of charming about setting your goals below the crash-and-burn deck.
  10. Still looking for the "ignore self" button. If anyone finds it, ten points for Gryffindor.
  11. I didn't know I would feel those feely inrovert feels on a game mini forum. But yah, what Bedlam said. I have to be online every day to keep up on blogs. But I'm also King Hermit, and sometimes I cheat by front-loading several weeks of articles in advance. Which means I don't have to be on. Which means I...kind of...ignore bones forums for many days at a time. But the best part is that this forum seems so free-flowing and supportive that I've felt secure enough to post when it's convenient, and lurk when I have nothing to add to the conversation, except to be in stupified awe at what people can scratchbuild. (Pingo's boat, lookin' at you!)
  12. Very ambitious, and well done. I might have used some dark blue on the away-facing (to the source) limbs and bodyparts and around the eyes, but since she's so close to the fire her exposure is reasonable. Also, what made you choose to put the white glint marks on the fur/boots/pouch instead of the skin? Just curious for my own edification. Looking forward to seeing more. And if you're the DM/GM of your group, I'm jealous of your players.
  13. Jealousy meter is in the red...Darn fine job.
  14. I see alot of people (not on reaper, of course) phone it in when it comes to golems because they're basically one color/material. But that's one impressive golem you have there. Love the reddish hue on the nails and lip, any reason you didn't go red on the eyes? Also, that base is lovely.
  15. "Scuze' me, while I kiss this guy!" - Hendrix...?
  16. (Perkar) Waterborn - Gregory Keyes (Granger) Sea of Ghosts or (Carnival) Scar Night - Alan Campbell (Erik Darkmoor) Serpentwar Saga - Raymond E. Feist I also second Robin Hobb's characters.
  17. I'm thinking raven feathers. Between Bolter and Me has some pretty good pictures. Or dryer lint.
  18. Wasn't fully wow'd until you set him next to Sir Justin. That face looks fantastic, and I have to agree with Darsc Zacal about the base. So...did you give him a stepladder so he could fight fair with the big boys?
  19. Similar experience here. Since meeting a proficient collector I've kept an eye out for interesting books. Last year I was in Goodwill and I found a reprint of Steel's Elements of Mastmaking, Sailmaking, and Rigging. Picked it up for a buck because I wanted to scratchbuild more convincing sailboats. It's now sitting in my plexi display case. While it was still lying around on my drafting table I learned my copy goes for around 100 bucks on amazon.
  20. yellow brush is yellow (shoulder to navel). But the mini TOTALLY works. The mask is army of two, and the terrain is great. Overall, sweet sweet job!
  21. I know I'm going contrary to some GM belief's but: Roll important rolls in front of your screen, and lie when it helps the plot. Make the players feel like they have agency. Design plot like it's a novel, and take your ego out of the game. I will never ever promote my own plot-RPG agenda again, but for this, follow my sig link if you feel like I do about plot being more important than the handbook.
  22. Just great. Everyone scroll back up and look at that face. An open -O- face with severe inflection is the hardest to do on a mini without it looking rediculous. And that looks beautiful. So where do I send condolences for your workmates?
  23. Might be the wrong section, but I very much recommend the painting FAQ and Tips and Advice section. That stuff is golden, and covers washes/combos.
  24. Agreeing with everyone on the skin, nice work. Robinh mentioned the weapons, which I like, but they could use a smidge more highlight in some areas to bring out the metal. BUT-- if you're going for older, bronze-age weaponry,bronze was actually kinda dull compared to steel or aluminium (ex-nay on the highlights-aye). Old Bronze was also pocked and weathered, so I believe it works with this mini. But man, those scales... you managed to take a fairly boring and repetitive pattern and vary it. I did a merman recently, and now I have to repaint him after seeing this.
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