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  1. In the painting FAQ section I think I remember reading a few tips on paint stripping and cleaning. Either way, soap or a wire brush, depending on the old paint. If it's pewter, I use a soft wire brush and set my dremmel to low-speed. Gotta be more careful with plastic. But I prefer a nearly clean slate myself. Otherwise old paint gathers in the crevices and you lose a lot of detail. Some of my most painted mini's (from yesteryears long gone) look like humanoid blobs.


    I totally feel you about turning into a mini's snob. I realized I was fielding my kobolds less and less because they're solid colors and the teeth look jacked up. No dry brushing or wash to speak of. Tisk tisk on me...

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  2. I would consider a very light drybrush along the ridges with a lighter tone of a similar color, but that's just me and it's completely unnecessary. I like my wings to change tone/color subtley from the humurous (near the body) to the tips.


    But you're right, I dig the prismatic effect.

  3. Good progress, and I like your idea of varying the plank types, like it was truly cobbled together. I've done broken ships and I usually get lazy and make it all the same wood. If you're good at painting you might consider moldy or green/grey-streaked like cheap beatle pine. I have yet to accomplish this myself, though.

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  4. The figure itself is lovely. I love the highlighting you've done on the lute and cloak especially. My only feedback is I feel the base is too large, and takes focus off the figure.


    I agree, great color and shading. And the base is kinda big for a playable mini, unless you're going for the diorama feel. If that's the case, you could use some of that base space. Maybe add a small wishing well, or accent the stump in front of her with a tiny birdhouse, bright ivy, or ornament. Anyway, just my two oxidized cents.


    Looking sharp!

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  5. Quick tip: usually, the "top" lip in people is barely visible. You want to concentrate to make the lower lip nice and colored and shiny, but the upper lip only gets a little line, if any...


    Great advice. When I'm working on facial features I look at google photos of people where they are lit from above, gives good shadow and highlight perspective.


    Keep at it Orcus, from looking at your contest link you're definitely heading in the right direction.

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  6. For inexpensive barrels I also recommend you check out the DMGinfo and DMScotty channels on YouTube. Those guys are terrain building geniuses. DM Scotty in particular has so many great ideas for stupidly cheap terrain that it's unreal. I bring this up because he has a great tutorial for cardboard barrels made from card stock. In his case I think the card stock in question is old cereal boxes. 


    For all your disclaimers I think you have done a pretty darned good job. Keep up the good work, and keep posting pics. 


    Wow. His barrels are much simpler than mine, and elegant. I think I'll have to try his rolled cardboard technique.



    How does the foamcore hold up after carving it?

    a) Is it still sturdy?

    b)  Did you have problems with the paper curling on the carved sides after painting?


    Whoops, guess I could have mentioned this in my build description. Once I had the pieces pinned together and glued, the structure held up very well, even under some weight (tested it with a few small novels).


    And the paper curled right off, but I scored where I wanted my facade with an exacto and used a wax carver to indent the stone. Then I ditched the paper and treated the outside (now exposed foam) with thinned whiteglue to harden the sides and the stone rim/lip.

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  7. Just read through the WIP, and...I, just...I don't even... How?


    I had a life-art professor that once joked (while lampooning a student) that talent between humans is a Zero-Sum game, and that if one person draws too much from the creativity pool, it leaves less for the rest of us. He was joking of course. At least, I thought he was until I saw this.


    So congrats, you broke my brain, and aparently you have all the talent. This is literally the most creative thing I have seen in a D&D or miniatures forum. I almost feel like we should contact a museum just in case your Black Moon's Bane goes missing somehow and we have to send government agents to track it down.


    And so you know, I just started a slow-clap to aplaud your jewel-and-star encrusted ship, and I'm in my office's cafeteria.

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  8. It's a cool idea, nesting buildings.


    I would not use masking tape, as it gets brittle and brown pretty fast. If you would like to reuse these over time (and after putting the work in I should think you would), there are more archival materials that will last longer. If you can find a craft store, scrapbooking materials tend to be of the acid-free, long-lived type.


    Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that. I have an aunt who does scrapbooking, might have to beg some materials from her.



    I've never scratchbuilt anything, so I'm afraid I have no advice for you. I just wanted to tell you that, in my opinion, you're hardly a hobo playing a plastic recorder and certainly not badly! Don't be so hard on yourself, it looks great and if you're determined to make it even better the second time around, then I'm sure it'll be fantastic. 

    Your pathfinder group is lucky to have you and if they're not picking you up and bringing you across town, I'd rather like to have a stern talk with them.  :angry:


    Thank you for the encouragement! Unfortunately everyone in my group works full time, and our schedules match up in such a way that the bus becomes necessary, but they have driven me before. I'll warn them that if they abuse me too much I may have backup in the Stern Talking-To department.

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  9. I wanted to start by saying that I'm pretty new to scratchbuilding, and I'm not very skilled yet. By that I mean if my exacto blade were a musical instrument, I would be the hobo on the corner playing a plastic recorder badly, compared to many of you talented folk on this forum who would be playing the NY Philharmonics in this metephore.


    Having gotten that off my chest, I'd like to humbly beg some advice on a project I'm about to go Round 2 with.


    My Pathfinder group all live across town from me. I have no car. And I'm a portable Dungeon Master. So a few months back I tried to design some house-within-house stackable terrain that would fit in my battle box. I had...mixed results. Here's how it went:


    (Oh, and sorry for my stuffty camera phone)


    Started with foamcore and white glue, and carved a stone facade into the sides.




    Layered masking tape along the inside for support and to emulate wood boards.




    Black-washed with 50/50 acrylic and water.




    Sponged with gray in two shades.




    Made winecork+masking tape barrels, foamcore furniture, and cut foamcore hearths.






    Finally, glued in furniture and used a matte coat on the exterior stone.







    After reading up on painting techniques in reaper forum's FAQ's I know I could have done better on the paintjob. I also used Reaper furniture wherever I could to save some time, but I think I could take this idea to the next step. I plan on retrying this project from scratch if necessary, and donating this set of boxes to my gaming group.


    I guess what I'm trying to say is, I know I can do better. I just need to sit down and make a list of what I can improve before I dive in again. Whether that's making adjustments to what I currently have or starting anew, anything you guys can offer as far as ideas or commentary would be fantastic.


    Thanks in advance!

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    (1) Yes, our government, the one that was too incompetent to build a health insurance web site; so apparently calculating the calories in a beer is not hard... <_<



    I was swilling water when I read this, and it made me do a spit-take. Well played.

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    When you've had Howard, Tolkien, Leiber and Moorcock to start with, anyone else has to be pretty durn good.




    Very well put. In my defense I read Jordan, Goodkind, and Eddings at a very early stage in my fantasy career. I was young and curious and new to the genre...

  12. Just stumbled across this. Yes, Minecraft is the worst thing to ever happen to my painting. While I played the Xbox 360 version and didn't have nearly as many mods, I went 4 months without picking up a paintbrush because this was all I would do in what little spare time I had. I was finally able to break the wonderful but time-consuming cycle when I went to ReaperCon. I've thought about getting back into it but I just can't trust myself. More power to you!


    Get out of my head, Charles!

  13. A line of prominent Gangsters and Molls from the Prohibition Era.  Also some of the prominent Law Enforcement personnel of the era.  Would prefer these be sculpted from photos of the real people rather than their movie versions.


    This! And maybe earlier, like 5-points Gangs of New York or Copper. Come to think of it, these might exist in a close approximation in the online store. Need to find a Bill the Butcher lookalike...

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