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  1. Purple and red make gold pop, especially deep colors. White and brown are good against gold too and won't contrast as much. Black especially will set it off as a trim.


    As far as a cloth to set off the motif between the loincloth and the armor, old battle standards used yellow when gold wasn't available for sail and flag cloth.

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    Yeah once or twice a year for some special resins maybe limited editions, could always do Sophie busts, which I think would be a huge hit with the Reaper fanbois and fangurls out there.

    Ooo...Sophie....Busts.... Yes.





    And the irony is compounded with a sig quote of "You're always out of context!"


    But yes, a resin bust of Sophie would be had by me, and proudly mounted on my shelf where it can stare at anyone entering the room.

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  3. This is one of those moments where I can see into the future, and see myself explaining to my non-gaming friends what an Armadillion is, and why I'm painting one instead of going out to the pub with them.


    And of course Jason Wiebe's paint job is about a million times better than what I can pull off. Fantastic stuff.

  4. Played D&D for 15 years without mini's-- thought they were too "fancy" for our games. Only bought a pewter knight because we were trying out 4.0, and we couldn't very well play without figures.


    Fast-forward to a crippling miniatures addiction of 2 years. I hoard little boxes of trash and scrap metal like a meth user, in the hopes I can utiize them in scratch-building. I buy reaper paint and army clearcoat like I'm sniffing the stuff. My wax carvers have more greenstuff on the handles than handle. And now that bones plastic is available at my local gaming shop, I find myself spending more, not less, on armies each month.


    And nobody can take that away from me! ::D:

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  5. Yah, the price of bubblewrap isn't so high that even used, slightly damaged miniatures shouldn't be given proper protection. I have a jumbo roll of the stuff just sitting by my desk waiting to ship (or be popped when my friends get bored).

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  6. tractor tires cut into 6" x 4" steaks


    1/2 Cup powderized desert opal (for spice)


    1/4 Cup puree'd white dove hearts, mixed with cherry grenadine


    3 teaspoons LSD


    Plate and present with 300-grit sandpaper napkin, folded into oragami swan

  7. Yay, I enjoyed the fourth and only broke my calorie budget by 400! Mostly ate pizza cooked on a cast iron pizza pan on the grill. The whiskies were what pushed me over.


    I feel you. 1,500 a bottle (roughly). Between that and hard cider, I was drinking enough calories to sustain a small family.


    I also second the notion that charting/bookkeeping is important.


    Insert Rob Schneider "You can do it!" Sound effect here.

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  8. I had to delete it, and every time I see Minecraft spring up in forum I have to resist the urge to reinstall. I get sidetracked by any worldbuilding in a game. Minecraft for me was like letting an alcoholic to live in a liquor store. :upside:

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