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  1. I saw the title of this thread and thought "only in a fantasy forum" and had a chuckle.


    So many fantasy forum topics could be taken out of context, when they were originally posted un-ironically.


    Also, I'm kind of obsessed with getting skulls on the cheap too, for halloween and in gaming. No lair is complete without them. For human-size skulls I wait for the Dollar Tree to put out cheap, vague plastic skulls each year. Can't beat a buck apiece, and they can be repainted and cut to make grey skull fortresses in miniaters.


    For mini skills, I clone them by using a 50/50 silicon calk & baby powder mix for a mould, and do my pour with locktite 5 miniute epoxy.

  2. This thread is full of awsome, experienced DM's. Also this:


    I find it useful to have a list of names appropriate to the feel of the campaign. You don't have to assign them to anyone, but there's always someone who wants to talk to the orphans playing in the street, or question the guard, or whatever, and naming them all "Bob" won't add to the verisimilitude.




    This is bloody brilliant advice, and I don't know why I never thought of it.


    Lastly, one thing I will add to NPC creation: your players will choose who they like, who they think is funny, and who they are intimidated by. Introduce easy, quick NPC's, and keep the ones the players seem to gravitate toward in your back pocket. These get a little backstory in my games, because you never know who the players will dirk in the face with great prejudice.

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  3. Gently heat Bones with a hair dryer set for a hottish temperature. Do not warm it for TOO long, but enough to soften the plastic.


    Put on cutting mat or board. 


    Cut with X-Acto or similar tool. Easier than cheddar.


    Loim is correct about scalpels; durn near took a finger off with one when a plastic figure proved stubborn. 


    Wait, you heat the figure and not the knife? Have I been a complete newbie by heating my exacto like I'm cauterizing a wound?

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