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  1. Started on Sherlock. A long time since i painted a face.. painting eyes in 75mm is a lot easier
  2. Some progress on the fireplace, painted some candles and pokers.. starting to look like I had in my mind.
  3. The books are done.. All 240 of them Still need to add some extra clutter, but for now this side is complete. Started on the other wall.
  4. Painted the chair and the side table. And the rug has arrived from china
  5. Added wallpaper. Found an image of Victorian wallpaper, scaled to the right size and printed.
  6. Some progress, painted the floor.. and the fireplace
  7. Thanks for the tip. I never heard of those. Not planning on making it a murder scene, but interesting idea..
  8. Created a bookcase for the back wall. Used pvc foam board, balsa wood and cocktail sticks.
  9. Made a floor from coffee stirrers. Make herring bone pattern, that looks nice she said. That was a lot more work than I thought it would be. it does look nice in the end.
  10. Started something new for me. I bought a set of 75mm size mini’s of Sherlock Holmes en D’r. Watson. The set has some furniture, a fireplace and some extras. I am going to make a diorama for the figures.
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