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  1. Painted some fenryll pumpkins for Halloween.
  2. When I picked up this mini on a convention I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. it took some time to find the old alarm clock. The furniture is al scratch build. The background is made out of the inside of the alarm clock.
  3. Here are some more pictures
  4. Sleeping beauty on a custom made base. Turned out quite nice.
  5. After 5 years I finally found the time and motivation to paint. I still had a group of mouselings that were already primed.
  6. Recieved these cool mini's yesterday Thanka, they are really nice!!!!
  7. For the people sending packages to Europe. Please don't put a large value on the package. Customs picks out those and the recipient will have to pay a customs charge and value added tax on it! Together about 30% of the value you put on the package.
  8. Mini is on its way. Did not have the time to take pictures. I hope my Exchange partner can post some.
  9. I selected and primed the mini, but I might be a bit later than usual. I am dealing with the death of my father at the moment. My apologies to my exchange partner...
  10. PM Sent. Had some serious doubts after not receiving a mini the last time, but I am in...
  11. I had planned to do a bunch of mouselings in november and december.. but work got in the way. I never had a more busy and stressfull december than this year. But in the end I managed to finish two sets... just to late to hang in the Christmas tree.. 😊
  12. Finally finished the Friar. The mini reminded me of a Japanese painting of a monk, so I made my own interpretation of the painting. The bridge and tree I made myself. I am happy how it turned out.
  13. The top of the tree is a real branch of a tree of bush. You can get it from Noch (natural trees). I added pink flock for the blossoms.
  14. Some progress, mostly plants, and the river is clear now. The glue is still drying, so there is some white between the plants.
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