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  1. 75mm Gandalf I painted while on holiday. the first time I painted with Kimera paints. I learned a lot about color mixing and skin tones. All the different grey parts have bit to green or blue mixed in for some variation.
  2. Made with blocks from hirst arts molds. My first terrain piece in a while.
  3. Made by Ignis Arts miniatures. A Polish company. It is a limited set, expensive, but worth it.
  4. Little witch and friends are done. Happy with the result and the colour choices..
  5. Started on the centrepiece, the tree stump. Not sure about the colours for the owl.
  6. Some more work on the fox and 2 more little friends.
  7. Started on 75mm dioxane from igns art studio. Really happy how the witch is coming along. And started on one of her little friends..
  8. A pair of elves on a day out on a ferret. A resin set. The elves are about the size of a 28mm miniature. The base is my own work.
  9. Had a day off work and had some time to finished this fine gentleman. Tried some new techniques for the cloth and the leather and did a bit of freehand painting. Very happy how it turned out.
  10. Finally some progress. Trying some new techniques for the leather. Really happy with the hat.. The mini is from Blacksmith Miniatures and about 54mm high..
  11. Painted this miniature in my vacation. Turned out pretty nice. Especially proud of the owl.
  12. A bit hard to say, I started in the summer. But I do not have a lot of free time to paint, so it was a few evenings per week. Building the bookcase took the longest as there were about 200 books to make and paint.
  13. Finally completed the diorama. The figures are 75mm. The floor, walls and bookcase are scratch build. Happy hou it turned out
  14. Started on Sherlock. A long time since i painted a face.. painting eyes in 75mm is a lot easier
  15. Some progress on the fireplace, painted some candles and pokers.. starting to look like I had in my mind.
  16. The books are done.. All 240 of them Still need to add some extra clutter, but for now this side is complete. Started on the other wall.
  17. Painted the chair and the side table. And the rug has arrived from china
  18. Added wallpaper. Found an image of Victorian wallpaper, scaled to the right size and printed.
  19. Thanks for the tip. I never heard of those. Not planning on making it a murder scene, but interesting idea..
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