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  1. Wait... her hood up and I can see her. Something's not right here. Anyway, great job on a fine mini.
  2. Picks jaw off of the floor. Words are too shallow for this. Awe struck silence will have to suffice.
  3. I've been slowly setting up a Gamma World game. Reaper has so many monsters/creatures/critters that work for mutants for both players, NPCs and encounters. And the Bones line is my first choice because of price, ease of conversion, and for mass enemies.
  4. Ooooh! I like this. Excellent job on everthing. A new must for my wish list.
  5. Looks very good. I may have to get her for myself. Yet another on my wish list.
  6. They're both wonderful. My only critique would be to blacken the grass near the elemental to show that she is scorching it. I say this humbly because you did a better job on them than I would have.
  7. Thank you, gentlemen. Your help is appreciated,if only by me. My players really will hate these beasties. I'll make sure of that. Muhahaha.
  8. I love it! Where can I get it? I need like six or more. My players will hate them.
  9. Beautiful work! I may have to put her on my long wish list of wants.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one with worlds leaking out their ears. I like the fact that you've brought them to life in minis. I've been trying this myself.
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