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  1. Made an image to give an idea of the sizes: Preview Update! lots of more addons, more value for the pledges (more miniatures for the same pledge amount), and stretch goals added! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/1901149342?ref=333848&token=f1c5104b Well people, for now the KS campaign date is set September 4, i share with you the preview link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/1901149342?ref=333848&token=f1c5104b IN the link you will find the backstory of each of t
  2. The second pose for the Toadlets is done!: And here the "father" with both poses of the toadlets: Bio Engineer with modifications (based on feedback), with a bit more dinamic pose and extra details. Also!, his "sons" are done! The "Spinal Stingers" are fast moving, letal attack but vulnerable creatures. They basically run towards you, jump , catches your head with their big lips holding it by sucking while he repeatingly stabs you with it stinger. :o
  3. Hey, they are 3D models, so maybe we will see a smaller size for the Eager Toad, .. not sure about the Hen since it plays the rol of a dragon-sized creature.
  4. Seen in miniatures? maybe the desings reminds to some Berserk (anime) creatures. IN theother hand, the Eager Toad now has it Toadlets (1 pose of 2 is done, the next will be done in the next days) There will be 2 poses with 2 weapon option for each pose: Ribs xbow or spear! :o !!!
  5. CAMPAIGN preview link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/1901149342?ref=333848&token=f1c5104b Hello people, i wanted to share with you 3D renders of a set composed by big and horrorific creatures that will be produced via kickstarter soon. They will be casted with polyurethane resin, while the "breed" will be casted in white metal. The Full Set consist of: 1) The Renegade Channeller - The Engineer 2)The Falling Hen 2b)Fallen Hen chicks 3)The Eager Toad 3b)Eager Toad toadl
  6. 1K stretch goal reached, 24 hours to end! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/the-reinforced-concrete-bunker?token=52285209
  7. How could we sculpt a roof for a modular set like the bunker walls when the number of posible shapes and sizes is infinite? It would be expensive for you to print, since it is a planar piece that could be a simple hard paper, or cardboard cut to the exact shape of the bunker you built.......
  8. The preview link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/840414902?token=52285209 Some picutres with size comparison: I wanted to notify that the Kickstarter campaign is officially starting this Monday 10th. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/840414902?token=52285209 :D The campaign is live!! :) Funded & "inside the turret bunker" information. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/the-reinforced-concrete-bunker/posts/1
  9. Hello people! i would like to show the modular set of 3D printable terrain (WIP) that allows to build generic concrete defensive positions. Core sets: Set 1 *Modular walls to make enclosed bunkers (roof should be made of cut hard paper/foamboard) + enclosed concrete nest Set 2 *Modular perimeter walls + dragon teeth/anti vehicle + small concrete nest Set 3 *Turret Bunkers: 1 body with 3 different weapons (180mm artillery, single and double 60mm AA turret, and 152mm AT/anti building turret) Set 4 *Auxilliaries: radars, diesel tanks, diesel generator, secret doors/t
  10. Hello guys :) i have added a new add on, to build squads of the same unit type, instead of pledging for the premade sets: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898422540/exotic-warbands-28mm-fantasy-warriors/posts/1736801
  11. Hello folks! a short introduction from the campaign outline, it may be KickStarter or Indiegogo, it will be confirmed in the next 2 weeks. Already i can tell you that the campaign will be launched between first and second week of november. "Exotic Warbands: Warriors from around the world" is a project that seek funds to bring to the wargaming market 28mm metal miniatures featuring fantasy races whose designs are inspired by real world historical cultures from “exotic†regions of the world, in addition to the classical ones. At the same time, these factions and their mythological-inspi
  12. Pictures of a painted "Rössian humans warband" :) (plus an Akkirian Elves hyena rider)
  13. Hello! after some time, following the 3D sculpting of 1/72 models for fantasy gaming, we sent to 3d print the first faction - the Rösian humans (vikings)-, and yesterday we received the masters/samples, to assemble them and show them off! The starter packs of all factions will contain a mix of monopuse models (always with separated shield) and other poses with the option to select different heads or weapons. So to make a "refresh", these are some of the renders : This is not a human viking but we , to see how would it come out, sent to print an elf hyena rider After 3D printing,
  14. It is!, and almost 60% in the first date :) Hello! In the first day of the campaign we reached 65%! :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nickryan/fantasy-champions-from-around-the-ancient-world-se-0?ref=users As you know in this campaign we recommended two rulesets to use with the miniatures. One of them is Bladestorm, from MetalExpress, their ruleset is for combats between small parties composed by characters, soldiers and creatures, which suits perfect (as Rack & Ruin does) with the Champions from Around the world, where you can find peculiar characters, and mythologycal inspired
  15. Another champion model to unlock in the campaign is finished: Yes! it is a Faun (not satir) with a greek-macedonian style armour, a Kopis sword and a detailed Hoplon (shield); the chain mail helps to modernize the armour and bring it to medieval era, same as the Akkiri Elves who have Assirian style armours, with chainmail, which did not existed in ancient mesopotamia. Salutes!! Hi! here is the prelaunch link,you cancheck the campaign outline :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nickryan/fantasy-champions-from-around-the-ancient-world-se-0 WEll! peo
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