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  1. Well I have had a chance to put a little paint on raithuros and the tidal lurker but unfortunately bones arrived as we are remodeling the bathrooms and landscaping, my wife thinks it’s odd that I take a break from painting walls to paint bones as it’s relaxing
  2. Just got my missing mossbeard and replacement maggot, thank you reaper. Awesome as always.
  3. Yeah I was missing mossbeard
  4. For those that have not received their boxes yet, picture really do not do the new material justice it’s leaps and bounds ahead of bones 3 which in itself was still great, very happy with the kickstarter
  5. It came and it’s very nice but I am missing mossbeard could someone please post the email to report it
  6. Just got shipping notice, delivery Tuesday 30.7lbs locked in 9.10
  7. Limey72

    ReaperCon 2018 Sophie

    Beautiful beautiful work
  8. Limey72

    Sealer and aquarium question

    Thanks clearman you are clearly the man sir
  9. My wife bought me a 10 gallon fish tank and I have some cool underwater themed bones minis does anyone know of a sealer that would make them safe for an aquarium environment, safe for the fish and protect the paint ???? I personally have no idea if there is anything out there any replies very welcomed.
  10. Limey72


    Better pic
  11. Limey72


    Hellooooo had to take a break, got a crappy flu virus but back in stride now did a little of the highlighting on the back leg but no blending yet. Nice to be painting again
  12. Limey72


    Well this side of the wing is almost done
  13. Limey72

    77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon (diorama)

    Very well done, I really like this a lot so very well done, imaginative and well executed
  14. Limey72

    Templar Knight

    Hmmmm watching closely sir ;).
  15. Limey72


    Had to take a little break from painting for some outside projects and wife time as we had a weekend off together but back to highlighting, did some work on the wing