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  1. Hi pingu, the miniatures are reaper from the pathfinder line, depora (crossbow) and shalelu version 2. Yup your right on the camera and I posted a zoomed version which did not help I need to do research on photographing minis. I figured elves are elves, even drow like to look good but they will kill you for your cloak ;)
  2. Thank you rabble, I have had some success on smaller areas base linen white wash with a light grey and highlight with a thinned pure white. I find white from any manufacturer can look chalky without further thinning.
  3. The white hair is reaper linen white, next drow I think I will apply a very thin wash of a very very light blue and see how it works out.
  4. Thank you very much, I was worried they would look too busy but it worked out nicely. Our GM figured green represents the forest and growth for surface elves and poison and decay for Drow;)
  5. Ooh just realized how low the quality of the pics are;(
  6. Just painted these, bases are temporary and any feedback would be appreciated ;). Also I am new here but it seems to be a mature and constructive forum so I figured I would join ;)
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