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  1. Thanks lars, much appriciated
  2. Nice colors there mate looking forward to watching this
  3. I like it a lot. Great green tone you used here
  4. @Glitterwolf I do believe Mr Putin is attempting duck face in that meme.
  5. Thanks Crowley I am really enjoying it sir
  6. Got some more designs on the leg plates done.
  7. You did a great job on those I really like em, I had also never heard of sketch style and was curious so I found an article, https://www.loswarmachine.com/losgeneral/2017/11/18/hobby-time-sketch-style-what-is-it
  8. Started getting the gold worked up on the wingless side and I like the way it's coming along.
  9. That is incredible, the skin and wings are perfection
  10. Awesome stuff you nailed the jackets
  11. Ok so I upped some highlights to almost white then white, still need to smooth them out some hope this goes the right way for me when smoothing ;)
  12. This is some really amazing work can't wait to see more
  13. More highlighting on the gold/brass down the flank. The pics a little dark and I need maybe one higher highlight.
  14. Absolutely amazing work on every aspect of the Medellin.
  15. Thank you so much Rex I look forward to seeing what you do with your gold, I have been thinking of replacing the sepia wash with maybe an auburn shadow next go around to see if I can get a warmer look.
  16. Wasn't sure where this was going when I started the design on the leg plate but a n axe was not on the list, needs a little clean up. Not sure if I like it yet I may start over.
  17. So the full process with maybe a stage skipped in parts was base palomino gold washed with sepia wash. The highlight color was NMM gold highlight. After the wash re apply palomino gold everywhere except shadows then in thin layers. PG. NMM GH 2. 1 1. 1 1. 2 0. 2 After this you can start mixing white in, I am a big fan of reaper paints but for white I like Vallejo air as the pigment is very fine. wash with a very watery palomino gold ( you may need several and then apply final white highlights). hipe that helps kangaroo and thanks for the kind words ;) the final white is not yet applied
  18. Thank you for the awesome comment master cook ;).
  19. Had to fix one of the wings in place as this one will be angled and I need to see where the highest highlights will go, this is gonna make painting a little dicey as I don't want to knock it off but things are coming together nicely.
  20. Limey72

    Invisible Hobbit

    Oh I like that so much and I just watched return of the king a few days ago
  21. So so good I just paint mine soon you inspired me
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