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    Swamp Dragon

    @Warlady to fix pics that are not displaying in the right rotation if you crop it slightly before posting is should fix the problem, I used to have that issue before reaper redid the website
  2. Limey72

    Swamp Dragon

    Very nice indeed ;)
  3. The wing is slowly coming together, liking the look I am getting
  4. Thanks gasket, my friend has a very friendly pit bull named gadget
  5. Slowly moving along
  6. Still very rough but getting the placement of the wing designs in, if Citrine pops into the thread I have a question, you use nightmare black on your wyrmgear(superb btw) and I am also going to use it. The finish it gives looks fantastic but when I apply it it has poor coverage is this normal for that color?
  7. Forgot the base pic, just added some rusted metal "rubble"
  8. This needs cleaning up but you get the idea more base too
  9. Insanely well done, everything is superb what did you use for the icicles is it strong gel
  10. The wings will not remain vertical sir, I will be tilting the enough to see both sides clearly Yes gadget broccoli bones will be removed
  11. A little more base work, waiting for some primer for wyrmgear
  12. Limey72


    Excellent do you have a tutorial you can post
  13. I have seen some fantastic wyrmgear son here recently so I decided to finally take a shot at mine, first off I wanted a nice industrial type base so I grabbed a couple of blank CDs, some MDF sprue and plasticard and had at it. Hopefully this works out.
  14. Wow that really pops and it looks very natural and organic, you definitely captured the look of nature here
  15. Beautifully done I must paint mine you have inspired me
  16. Evil it was so simiplw, bone white with a sepia wash
  17. Limey72

    Magical henge

    Our campaign was in need of a magical henge (to be constructed around planet rifts to shut them off, did this real quick not sure how the blue stones work in this mini but it fits game wise so we will go with it
  18. Superb work it really in sprit 2.0
  19. I needed some corpse/casualty markers for TNT and a portal for our regular fantasy dog game so I did a quick basecoat wash and flock on these and they look pretty good considering how basic they were ;).
  20. Warlady, yes they are it's just really hard to get a good pic once assembled check the WIP out for clear wing pics
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