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  1. Recently tried some foam modeling and came up with this cargo container, need many more
  2. Once they are tagged with glitter it’s all over. Huge target on their backs
  3. Hhhmmm a glitter spewing stone skinned werewolf that can pass through solid objects, that could be interesting
  4. I should have added glitter sir
  5. Needed some walls, I built this out of foam and I had a damaged bones werewolf laying around so now he greets all who enter.
  6. Lol yeah the two headed variety they love the darkness of the garage
  7. Got some bullet holes in now I need to add blood, I also found three mutant rats in my box
  8. Where, around the door? I like the idea
  9. Added some signage, no idea what it says.
  10. And this will be the muscle on the door
  11. @Glitterwolf I was thinking of these and but a bar sign above the door, they can be the band for the night
  12. Gotta find some miniatures in my apocalyptic box
  13. As the title says just starting not sure where it will end up
  14. Needed a warforged pretty quick for an npc so I did a quick weapon swap on the tin man. It could have used some more time but it will do for a game.
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