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  1. Thanks m8! Its been hell waiting around on a third party. I'm just happy its finally and consistently churning out now. I would do resin again, but it would need to be a very special circumstance with a lot of guarantees on the table. I'd prefer to launch a KS every 6 months rather than every 1.5 years. Its a lot of time inbetween paychecks if you get my meaning. An ender3 will put you back $200 shipped. There is a learning curve, but when it comes to the cost of terrain, its very much worth taking the plunge. The Hextiles are just the beginning into my adventures in STL making! Caves & Grottos will get reimagined into STL's and other future sets too. I still have plans for a Cliffs & Crags set too. I think there is a void in open terrain like this. Seems everyone always produces buildings and dungeons when more often than not the party is adventuring between those places.
  2. You did an amazing job on my TerraScapes tiles! What paints and layers did you use? Very well executed m8. Seeing these painted up fills me up with smiles!
  3. Thanks Darsc! My apologies.
  4. I appreciate it Talae! If it helps, the Pre-Order Store will go live this coming weekend until the 31st of Dec. However when we go to retail, you'll be able to buy each piece individually, so atleast there's that! I'd like to see people pickup this terrain, kind of like how we purchase minis! At least that's the goal. I'll be sure to post a link here to the Pre-Order Store for anyone who may be interested!
  5. They will be available until the molds are spent or they turn up in another KS down the line! I'll squeeze every last good piece of resin out of them though.
  6. lol. What if I ask real nice like ? LOL
  7. Can we get a funded banner for this post since that happened on Day One! I just wanted to share some more sweet images with you folks. This is TerraScapes with another modular 2D Terrain System, Terratiles. Checkout this layout! Less than 5 days to get a pledge in!!! Stop by and check it out! TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos - Redux - Tabletop Terrain https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816594163/terrascapes-caves-and-grottos-redux-tabletop-terra
  8. I guess I should have pointed that out! Thanks! I've been getting a lot of people saying it's too expensive. I'm like, "well yeah, they are big resin pieces lol." I'd like to do a comparison, displacement test at some point to see just how much more or less expensive these are than other Terrain on the market. After fulfillment, these pieces will loose the KS discount, but I will be selling them individually on my online store and conventions. That way a person can pick up one or two pieces at a time. None of this, "I have to throw a paycheck at this!?" nonsense lol. I'd like these to bought like we do minis. A piece here, a piece there... Thanks for your support m8! Hopefully we can meet again next year when I release Cliffs & Crags!!! Do you feel the pics do this terrain justice? To me, there ain't nothing like seeing it in person...
  9. Campaign continued.... 3 Core Pack:B tiles and the second Exclusive KS Tile:2 Core Pack:B, KS Tile:2, Stalac-Pack:A and Rocks & Wells Pack:A Rock & Wells Pack:B contains four Size 1 Risers Stalac-Packs A & B with Core Pack:B Stalac-Pack:B contains two Size 3 Risers Core Pack:C Random Layout with KS Tile:3 3 Core Pack:C tiles and the third Exclusive KS Tile:3 Cave Wall Pack:A, KS Tile:3 and Core Pack:C Cave Wall Pack:A contains two Size 2 Risers One Flowstone & Pitfall Centerpiece:1 Flowstone & Pits:1, Cave Walls Pack:A and B, and KS Tiles:1, 2 and 3 Cave Wall Pack:B contains two Size 2 Risers Flowstone & Pits:1 and 2, Cave Walls Pack:A and B, Rocks & Wells Pack:A and Core Pack:C One Flowstone & Pitfall Centerpiece:2 Cave Walls Packs A, B and C with supports Cave Walls Pack:C contains two size 3 wall risers One Flowstone & Pitfall Centerpiece:3 Flowstone & Pits:1,2 and 3, Cave Walls Pack:A and B, Rocks & Wells Pack:B and KS Tiles:1, 2 and 3 Cave Walls Pack:D contains two size 3 wall risers. Caves & Grottos - Complete Set - Unlocked! It's important to note that there was a couple typos that were corrected in the following graphics! Also, I added this video which shows the strength of our Resin We have crushed all my planned terrain Stretch Goals! Dreams do come true! I cannot thank you all enough! I feel very happy with the level of content in Caves & Grottos. For the remaining Stretch Goals I'd like to focus on decorating and modifying your Caves, rather than building them up. -Little Mushrooms - Unlocked at $21,000 - Add-On for $5 - Get 1 pack free with each complete set for up to 5 sets. These pewter cast pieces will be great for not only modifying your TerraScapes, but adding to your bases, displays and dioramas! We have already unlocked a tutorial video showing how to make and paint these little shrooms. If you wish to skip the sculpting process, these will be exactly what you'll need for the job! Pewter Sprue w/ 7 mushrooms, concept art -Little crystals - Unlocked at $22,000 - Add-On for $5 - Get 1 pack free with each complete set for up to 5 sets. These pewter cast pieces will be great for not only modifying your TerraScapes, but adding to your bases, displays and dioramas! We have already unlocked a tutorial video showing how to make and paint these little crystals. If you wish to skip the sculpting process, these will be exactly what you'll need for the job! Pewter Sprue w/ 7 crystal shards, concept art -Little Monster Eggs - Unlocked at $23,000 - Add-On for $5 - Get 1 pack free with each complete set for up to 5 sets These pewter cast pieces will be great for not only modifying your TerraScapes, but adding to your bases, displays and dioramas! We have already unlocked a tutorial video showing how to make and paint these little Monster Eggs. If you wish to skip the sculpting process, these will be exactly what you'll need for the job! Pewter Sprue w/ 5 monster eggs, concept art Introducing the Fungal Forest! an array of varying species of mushrooms, cast in pewter, for all your cave decor needs! I am open to more suggestions too! I am looking forward to working with the community in developing more content for this campaign! It's up to you to help us along the way. By sharing this campaign page, we will unlock other possible paint schemes for the enthusiasts to choose from along with some video tutorials for the hobbyists out there! -Rocky Caves Paint Scheme - The Default Paint Scheme on ALL TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos. -Realistic Cave Pool Elite Add-on options for Painted, Complete Sets only - Unlocked at 30 Shares -How to create Realistic Cave Pools, video tutorial - Unlocked at 30 shares -Earthy Caves Paint Scheme option - Unlocked at 50 shares -How to paint the Rocky Caves scheme, video tutorial - Unlocked at 60 shares -Ice Caves Paint Scheme option - Unlocked at 100 shares -Magnetized & Accessorized, video tutorial - Unlocked at 125 shares -How to paint the Earthy Caves scheme, video tutorial - Unlocked at 150 shares -Simple Sculpts, Adding Glowing Shrooms, video tutorial - Unlocked at 175 shares -Simple Sculpts, Crystals, video tutorial at 200 shares -Simple Sculpts, Creepy Eggs, video tutorial at 225 shares -PDF Tutorials will be released with each Video Tutorial! Unlocked! This reward is unlocked at 250 shares -Quick Setup: These tiles are not like their linear cousins. Placing down just 1 tile covers the same area as 4 to 8 terrain pieces from other 3d terrain makers. You can create an awesome, natural looking layout in under a minute! You can literally throw them down and get right back to the game. There is a near infinite amount of possibilities. -Modular Variety: Any part of any side of any tile can be placed next to or on top of any other tile. Be creative! They are also double sided! I guess that gives them twice the infinite variety then! HA! -Realism: No other 3D terrain can match TerraScapes ability to create the most realistic looking Caves & Grottos. If you have ever ventured outside, you know that the natural world is not linear. This is the beauty inherent in a nonlinear terrain system! It's non uniform but structured design simulates a natural cave effortlessly. I can honestly say, even I didn't think they were going to work as well as they do. I'm floored every time I design another completely different layout than the one before. -Scale Compatibility: The tile designs have been optimized for 15mm, 25mm, 28mm and even 32mm miniatures! -Terrain Compatibility: Already own a fine cavern set or terrain set? Great! These tiles will enhance ANY other terrain set whether 2D or 3D that you may have already invested in! There is no guarantee that TerraScapes will be compatible with any 4D or higher dimensional terrain. -Game Compatibility: Whether fantasy, sci-fi, western or modern, you may find yourself spelunking and adventuring your way through the deep! -For Enthusiasts AND Hobbyists: We are offering 2 finished options for your set of TerraScapes only during the Kickstarter! The unpainted set is fresh from the mould to your hobby desk. They are ready for prep, primer and paint and of course any other accoutrements. The painted set comes prepped, primed, professionally painted and sealed by TerraScape's own design studio, MGStudio! i.e. My monkeys and Me! -Durability: Made with 100% Dorkenite (a.k.a very sturdy and hard resin). I have thoroughly tested the material by throwing my first prototype into my hardwood table in a fit of nerd rage! Not a stalagmite was injured during this test! -100% American Made! This wonderful product is being produced by gamers just like you. It gives us great pleasure to contribute to your games and enhance the stories being told around your tabletop! I am both proud and honored to announce that Effin Cool Minis will be producing TerraScapes. I am also happy to announce that their studio is less than a 2 hour drive from mine! Moving from production to fulfillment won't involve any overseas partners, boats, shipping containers, or customs. -Scale Modelling made easy! The caverns that you'll discover with Caves & Grottos practically build themselves. Some of the most interesting caverns I've seen made with TerraScapes were constructed by my 10 year old son. -DayOne on KickTraq, check us out!!! All Domestic and International shipping rates apply! I will be using a 3rd party Pledge Manager to account for all shipping charges! Here is a rough estimate for what to expect when shipping up to 3-5 Packs/Add-ons. I will do my best to find better international rates, but to really make a dent in them, I will need an outpour of international support to warrant shipping by boat to select countries. At this time I can not guarantee any better rates until I can gauge the international support! Furthermore, I will require that all International Shipping be insured. USA $8-$17, Australia $68, Brazil $61, Canada $53, China $69, Japan $64, Mexico $55, Russia $68, UK $69, EU $58 In accordance4 with the State of Ohio, I will be collecting 7.25% from any Ohio resident Backer via the Third Pledge Manager. Just wanted to thank you SamuraiJack for attempting too post my KS Project. Its a big project, I nearly gave up finishing it off myself lol. Did we meet at ReaperCon? Hoping I had the pleasure of shaking your hand m8!
  10. minigrinder

    TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos

    I know this was going to be a big issue, if not the only real issue. I'm a huge fan of grids myself. I can honestly say though that it is easy to see the grid where there is none. I've done plenty of playtesting on these and the only time I needed a grid was for spellcasting. I opted to use a string that I made into a ruler to remedy the situation. Let me ask you this though. What if I were to add some notions of a grid with some rocks and cracks. The nonlinear nature of the tiles would make the grid appear a little convoluted, with each having its own grid space. These tiles don't fit together in a rigid linear manner. They are placed on top of and next to in any angle or manner. You would have the grid of 1 tile overlapping or at a different orientation to another. Would this still be a happy median? Would you be more likely to back this project with any hint of a grid? In other news, I made a video of the above photo shoot. check it out!
  11. minigrinder

    TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos

    Mashaaf on TerraScapes. Need I say more? p.s we still aren't funded :( TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816594163/terrascapes-caves-and-grottos
  12. minigrinder

    TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos

    As a way to encourage shares I started a contest on my studio's Facebook page. I'll be giving away 3 sets of Terra Tiles Misty Moorlands and Coasts and Rivers! Here's the link to the post for the details. I hope this is OK to share here :) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1384279624952927&id=653104084737155 Here's some pics of TerraScapes and Terra Tiles hanging out with one another!
  13. minigrinder

    TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos

    I appreciate the support! I know it was risky to launch sandwiched between DF and Bones 4. If I get squashed by a house with chicken legs in the Doomish Dungeon, I will relaunch. Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna work my butt off every day to see this project funded this campaign . However you may yet have a chance to pledge your support. Until then, Share share share! There are other ways to support the project!!!
  14. minigrinder

    TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos

    This video shows how to build an endless array caverns with TerraScapes for your tabletop. https://youtu.be/PqrTnQ8eIxU