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  1. I'm coming back to the forums for the first time since the holidays, and I didn't want to leave this thread hanging.... I'm sorry I wasn't able to run the CAV games as I'd planned at TotalCon. Unfortunately, I had a couple deaths in my immediate family that have dominated the last few months in a number of ways. I was able to stop by TotalCon for an afternoon, (played a couple ASL games), but there was too much on my plate to be there for the full weekend or run anything. I'm still very interested in running some regional convention games, and now with KS2 in the bag, the scenario options are even wider. Hopefully, things will start to get back to normal for me by the end of the summer, and I'll be able to arrange some new games.
  2. I'm planning to run at least one and maybe up to three CAV:SO games at TotalCon in Marlborough, MA in February. These will be team games for up to six players with the total number of squads dependent on the number of players at the table. My goal is to show off the system, stimulate regional interest in the game, and hopefully craft some interesting scenarios. Besides the typical slugfest, what kind of scenarios and forces would you like to see in a big intro game? Anybody here heading to this convention?
  3. So I've thought a lot about this, and it's shaping my ideas of what base colors I want on a battlemat for the table. I've seen a lot of earth-green layouts, but I've been painting my hills a more neutral slate-grey with brown and red overtones. What are other people doing for terrain colors besides the standard earth tones?
  4. Cool approach! By the way, the idea that an appropriate force for this may not include any CAVs (other than the Simbas) is a huge part of what I love about CAV! I agree with the combined arms approach, and this force seems set up to pound the urban structures into submission then send in the troops. I'll have to be clear in the victory conditions whether ANY structures need to be remaining in the objective zone for victory to count. :) I started working up a similar approach with the Adonese as the offense, using the Fire and Fury Warfare doctrine. So, what would the defense response to this be? Can you take the fight to the hills with a squad of heavies to run down the Simbas? How do you get rid of this artillery before it does its worst? What do people think?
  5. With the pledge manager closing out, I've been assessing the scenarios I'll be able to support, and starting to think about building forces for a variety of situations. My hope with this is to start planning some interesting games that will show off CAV's functional squad philosophy. Here's the first scenario I'm working on: City Defense: A 4,000-point force per side. City occupies several square blocks of dense buildings on one end of the board. Attacker enters from outside of the city at the opposite end of the board. The out-of- town region includes three hills of 1-3 elevation levels. Defenders must hold half the city blocks by the end of X turns. Defenders deploy anywhere in town. What forces would you build for either side? Use any combination of factions using currently available SO models.
  6. Are we still expecting to see "Flash Point One: Assault on New Memphis" uploaded to the website today? The last Kickstarter update suggested the site was getting updates today. Eager to see the scenario as well as the updated color data cards!
  7. I've also been looking at some of the 10mm Planetfall terrain, but even after some clearance bargains, it's still pricey for my terrain budget. I've resolved both the scale and cost issues by turning to papercraft terrain. There are a wealth of pdfs available, and it doesn't matter what the scale is, because you can simply shrink or enlarge the printing to get to scale. (Although to be fair, I'm still not sure how much cheaper it ends being after adding the cost an inkjet printer cartridge!) I've started working on a city road layout using a pdf package that was meant for 28mm scale. By shrinking down the scale and printing multiple tiles per page, I've been able to start generating a pretty good urban layout. Combined with some creative crap terrain (styrofoam packing, electrical junction boxes, etc.), I'm hoping the whole thing should end up looking pretty good and probably serve as a more versatile package than simply investing in a handful of 10mm resin terrain structures for the same price. We'll see if I'm right. :P
  8. As the OP of this thread, it's nice to know I'm not the only one thinking about this.... Has Jon weighed in on this in any previous thread or new item? I agree with eliminating background graphics that just clutter up the design and sink my ink cartridges dry. My primary interest in color was for faction symbols. I like your layout. My biggest interest is being able to use dry-erase markers to cross out damage tracks, so I'd like to see a format that keeps the damage tracks big enough to be legible and easily markable. That might work on a playing card with the right scaling. I agree it would be nice to be able to shrink down from the current size
  9. I was planning to print out a complete set of the official color data cards and laminate them for use with a dry erase marker. But I notice that they are no longer on the CAVHQ download page. Instead there is a MasterJOR pdf file in the format of b&w Force Manager output. Have those really nice color cards with the unit image, faction symbols, and camo backgrounds been discontinued, or stop getting updated? I personally don't mind the FM output, but I'm expecting to continue playing with new players. Having a more attractive data card with an easily recognizable image of the unit and faction really helps new players with unit identification. I downloaded all the previously available color cards, but I don't know how much the data on them has been updated or corrected since then.
  10. I can totally see this and I really like this idea. How do you reflect that action in the SO rules though? I may be missing something, but my understanding of cover in the game doesn't allow the Dervish or Mastodon to leverage this tactic better than any other unit in hard cover. Is there or could there be a SA for it? If that works, it also raises the question of similar cover and LOS for CAVs exposing only an arm weapon around the corner of a building or other vertical hard cover. This probably isn't the right thread for it, but I'd love to hear thoughts on this.
  11. You will notice if you take those 12 models away, you have 32 models, the same number we had in the first KS Core Set. There is a cost factor involved as we have to plan for every variation as to what the final KS will look like but we also want to make sure people who missed the first one will be able to take advantage of the faction concept we are really focusing on. You will note that some models from the fantasy bones core sets are repeats from the previous KS as well. Thanks for the explanation Jon!
  12. I'm in, but not sure about a core set..... If the goal is to fund the creation of new Bones molds, why are 5 of the 16 designs (Chieftain, Cataphract, Cougar, Silverback, Tiamat) stuff that was created as part of the last Kickstarter. I could see including those as add-ons for folks who may have missed the first campaign, but they make up 12 of the 44 minis in the new core. Why not other metal conversions?
  13. I'm a little late to this thread, but for what it's worth, I have no complaints about the models or the fulfillment of this KS. As for the Tsuiseki, the tail fins on mine immediately bent themselves back in shape the second they were immersed in hot water. The rest fo the models look great. My only real unfulfulled wish so far is that this KS could have been seen and promoted more effectively as the launch of a self-contained game. A New Game. A really good, new game. Rather than just the re-release in Bones of a bunch of old Reaper generic mech minis -- which I'm afraid is how a lot of people seemed to see it. That's understandable given the history of Reaper Bones Kickstarters, but this is so much more than that! I'm very hopeful that now that this initial model release is complete, Talon and Reaper will focus on promoting CAV:SO through organized play, retail demos, and con presence. As a combined arms mech game with lots of potential for big multi-player games and scenario-driven campaigns, in addition to the standard points-based army building and 2-player duels, CAV:SO could really fill a niche in the market and go a long way. I would love to see that happen and am happy to help, but haven't heard anything more from Jon about his demo team plans. In the meantime, I'll be working up my own scenarios to run at my local shops and conventions for the rest of this year, now that minis will soon be available for interested players to buy.
  14. I've also been collecting this kind of molded pulp packaging. I haven't found much that's useful at n-scale for CAV, but I have been slowly gathering enough different shaped pieces to make an interesting 28mm Tatooine outback town for a Star Wars miniatures battle. I similarly have hoarded like bits from computer packaging from my time at the computer section of our local campus Bookstore. ... Like you, I have not got around to using any of them for anything yet.
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