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  1. She is only wierdly tall, no other deformations. Cutting her in pieces doesn't seem feasible for me, but cutting off the arms and elongating them by resculpting sounds like a good idea :) Thank you for the answers!
  2. I have a question, and I didn't want to start a new topic. I exchanged some minis and got a highly deformed looking Hyrekia as a bonus. I have other bones minis, but they look ok, some slight bandig issues that could be corrected easily. Hyrekia though looks extremly tall, as if she was in some way streched (also she has some cracks on the back). I was wondering what to do with her. Maybe strech her arms too after dipping in boiling water to match her body size? Than she'll be a really tall and slim elf... :) Any ideas are welcome.
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