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  1. Vytau

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Sharing the love, spreading the word - got my CAV II KS today! So. Many. Robots. Much stomp. Many gauss. Amaze.
  2. Vytau

    Bones LTPK : Core Techniques Promo

    For all of you watching this gripping narrative unfold: I was in fact able to order two LTPKs - one basic, one layering - and give them as a gift this last Saturday. They were VERY well received, and man...I wish there had been something like this when I was starting out! It's an incredible value, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I really like how the instructions walk the user through the first mini, and then set them loose with just a picture and a paint list for the other two. Very impressed - go Reaper!
  3. Vytau

    Bones LTPK : Core Techniques Promo

    A bit of follow-up, if I may: I see that Reaper has some LTPKs available on Amazon - any chance I could buy one of those and somehow get the 25th anniversary Tara the Silent mini? Or are you offering those direct-sale only?
  4. Vytau

    Bones LTPK : Core Techniques Promo

    I've gotta second "Audles" question, above - would love to order one of these for someone (plus maybe a little something for myself!) to get them started painting AND to get them a "Tara the Swift" bonus figure. I can see the layering kit is available, but I think they'd be more comfortable with the core skills to start.
  5. Vytau

    CAV: Strike Operations Updated & New Content

    This made my day - thanks, Boss!
  6. Vytau

    Cards question

    I got good results going 6 to a page printing the PDF - I'm using a Cannon MF8300C if that's any help.
  7. Well there's certainly *that* - though of course that will be remedied in May (-ish) of 2017! Still, after sleeping on it, I still think I'd like to see more freedom in the force org. Not necessarily the old "anything goes" of CAV 1, but at least the opportunity to take weird specialist armies out. My work-around is to take one expandable 52-point light infantry squad for every secondary squad I want to take. That's only necessary for larger forces - in a tight little 3000 point game, I can take a specialist squad and a secondary. I'll run with that for a while and see how it goes.
  8. THAT'S what I'm getting at, I think! Sort of redoubles my need for data cards independent of Force Manager...something to put my brain on, I suppose.
  9. It's possible I'm pitching a solution in need of a problem, though I'm kind of thinking: what if I wanted to run a squad of Tiamats, a squad of Silverbacks, and then a squad of Pumas to spot? It's characterful, and not cheesy, but also technically not legal. And I totally understand the desire to ground a force realistically - like, the navy doesn't have 2000 aircraft carriers and a bunch of zodiacs...but my counter to that is that CAV doesn't revolve around army-level tactics, but more like platoon-level. Mostly what I'm thinking about is wiggle room for unconventional force orgs - like if I want to swamp an enemy with cougars and pumas (to stick with my Ritterlich theme). I know that me and my group can pretty much do what we want in the comfort of our own basements, so again, maybe I'm just complaining about nothing. Sometimes I just get the sense that some of the rules are written in response to some very specific issues in play testing that I'm not sure I'm worried about.
  10. I was looking over my collection of fabulous CAV models yesterday, and I had a thought regarding force organization (though the trigger was in fact reading CAVBoss's update in which he specifically called the Dervish an "attack" role CAV, but that's kind of beside the point): I noticed after looking over my Ritterlich CAVs that I have a radically disproportionate number of recon and fire support CAVs, making it rather difficult to build a viable force within the force org rules. In fact, without a house rule, I have no variety in my core force - it's always rhino + cataphract + something else. If I don't WANT to take rhinos, I have to get my butt down to my FLGS or over to Reapermini.com to order more Cataphracts. Furthermore, I've noticed after quite a few test games that all my forces are sort of ossifying around a core of tried-and-true attack CAVs with maybe an experimental recon or fire support or flight section. My thought, then, is: what if forces were deployed around different role types instead of attack? That is, what if I decided I wanted to play a "Fire Support Company" versus a "Recon" company - the rule being that I have to have more squads with the role of fire support than any other role? Lest this sound like an attempt to build cheesy boomy-shooty armies, please know I am tipping my hat to CAV's overall sense of balance - if I were to field an army of Tiamat's, I have little doubt I'd wind up pounded in to paste as soon as my opponent got within range! For a loose example: I decide I want to run a recon company consisting of four squadrons - this simply means that two of those squadrons must be Type = Recon instead of the usual limitation in which two squadrons must bey Type = Attack. This even has some fluff potential, I think, with key factions preferring their own TOEs: Rach would be attack, of course, but Terrans might be flight or artillery; Malvernis might be Infantry; Adon might be Recon. Just a thought I wanted to share with the group to see what happens.
  11. I like your layout. Thanks! The big idea (and a major stumbling block for us in terms of page design) was to print front-and-back on stiff card, so on one side you'd have the picture, affiliation, SAs and so on, and on the back you'd have the game stats. Ultimately we figured out that the SA details weren't really necessary. A number of forum users have remarked that with time and practice, it's pretty easy to memorize the most common SAs, and it's a small matter to look up one or two during play.
  12. Vytau

    Terrain size?

    You're both right - CAV is in 10mm-ish scale (called "Heroic 10mm"). It corresponds to N-Scale railroad terrain, or 1:150.
  13. The color cards can certainly be printed in B&W, though in my opinion they look rather cluttered and "busy." Generally speaking I am not a fan of background images and other such watermarking. It's visual noise that doesn't actually help a player use the tool. If you play / played Warhammer 40,000, I think it was their 5th edition codices totally exemplified this graphics-for-the-sake-of-graphics approach. Additionally, for the print-at-home set, we're talking about an awful lot of ink, whether color or black-and-white. If every square inch of the card has some sort of design or color on it, that means every square inch of the card is covered in costly toner. Admittedly, not the most expensive stuff in the world, but it adds up. It's worth noting that I teach technical and professional writing, and our design principles trend towards minimalism :) I totally agree RE: a picture on the card. This is an invaluable resource for new players! More than once I've had to correct someone from my group when they went to move, say, a raptor instead of a talon, or vice-versa.
  14. I want to weigh in on this, though I'm leaning in the other direction: I'd like to see smaller black-and-white data cards, that is, playing-card-sized data cards (or maybe 3x5 cards) that are cheap to print and easy to read. My group and I were experimenting with layout (pictured below) but never got farther than this prototype. The Force Manager prints out usefully-sized B&W cards, but they're all on one sheet. no biggie for the most part, but something stand-alone would be really ideal for me.
  15. Vytau

    Help sorting out my CAV bits

    What's a guy gotta do to get a few pounds of CAV around here anyway?