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  1. I bought this Nolzur's beholder on an impulse and painted it up today. BODY: Bone Colors Triad - SKU: 09720 Red Stuff (mouth, eye flesh): Bloodthirsty Reds Triad - SKU: 09745 Eyes: Jade green - SKU: 09015
  2. @Grand Slam Thank you - you're too kind! Tasha was a real mixed bag...obviously the conversion work was a hassle, but I also have a gripe or two about how her head came out, and not just my paint work. Mold lines were moderate, which was a *thing* but she's also got kind of a strange head-to-neck ratio...could be a casting / mold issue. I may go back and increase the contrast on her face to give it more definition but for right now I'm kind of like "cool - done" lol.
  3. Hoping everyone likes my interpretation of D&D's most infamous power couple - Tasha and Graz'zt! Please take my word for it; they both look much better in person. Quick snaps with my mediocre phone camera don't allow for much subtlety in color. That gleam / shine is from the sealant I put on...should probably have taken pics before, but I didn't. Nephal / Graz'zt is all reaper paints: dark skin triad, oranges, warm greens triad, steel triad. All the existing art of Graz'zt, along with a lot of descriptions, describe him as black on black all black everything blackety blackness from the black...feels like someone is afraid of a color wheel. I gave him an orange wrap and green sash, so now he has a sort of Caribbean vibe. Feel the heat of the islands as you corrupt the souls of the damned. Wicked Witch / Tasha is also all reaper paints (twilight blue, ashen blue, a fortuitously gray-blue sample) except for the leather, which is my craft paint recipe. Not a lot of Tasha art out there...a few pieces which don't do much to provide an iconic look aside from the tattoo on her cheek. Depictions of Tasha, like a lot of what I see anymore, is filtered and muted and blurred and...I don't know the terminology, but whatever it is, it's that look of monochromatic washed-out sameness that makes it hard to say what color anything actually is half the time. Color is based on Ginny Di's excellent cosplay: https://twitter.com/itsginnydi/status/1323340348924547072 The right hand is a nightmare. I was going to simply snip and reverse the hand that was on the model, but I cut it off and then promptly lost it. Had to sculpt one from scratch which is NOT something I'm very good at. TBH that hand is like 75% paint... Tasha's grimoire is from the old Mordheim sprue.
  4. Not my absolute best work, but at this stage I'm just trying to get things painted and table-worthy rather than shooting for showpieces. Since I sort of half-assed (maybe 2/3-assed) this one, I've broken up the mental constipation that was keeping me from painting and now I'm happily back at the desk and perfectly glad to announce that good enough is good enough. I'm hardly the first person to view this "demonic lasher" / demogorgon as a sort of Barlgura-plus, so I used the same colors (reaper highlight orange, twilight blue) on the face as I do for my orange monster monkeys. Torso is the cool greens triad, chest is the undead flesh triad. Base is craft paint along with scattered broken bits from the foolish heroes who tried to stand in this fiend's way.
  5. Thank you! I am coming around to the Marigold highlighting. Sometimes it looks right to me and sometimes...maybe I'm just being too picky.
  6. I have been holding on to one bottle of Pumpkin Orange for a long time and I have finally found a purpose for it...but I'm looking for a good highlight for it. I used Marigold Yellow for my test models and it's *okay* but maybe not perfect. If you were making a triad based on the beloved and extremely limited edition and discontinued Pumpkin Orange, what would your other two colors be?
  7. Finally, the journey comes to an end exempting some clean-up: All 5 chromatic dragons (white, blue, black, green, and red) painted using Reaper paints using the Pathfinder Red dragon, 89001, as the body. Sometime later I'll try and post better pics. Tired, getting late, painted all day...kinda done with this for now and don't have the energy to set up lights and blah blah blah. For now, this is more like a proof of concept - all five side-by-side!
  8. The fifth and final of my chromatic dragons based on 89001, the Pathfinder Red Dragon. All reaper paints, predominantly leather brown (wings) and Pure Black. Needs some clean-up, but I'm doing that tomorrow, and it's not like these are for a competition or anything...just funsies. Probably won't even get to use them in a game until sometime in 2022, so no rush, right? I just posted the blue version of this dragon. Next, I will post crappy pics of ALL FIVE CHROMATIC DRAGONS BASED ON 8900!!!! Enjoy :)
  9. Whew, okay - it's been a long road but here is the FOURTH of my chromatic dragons based on 89001, the Pathfinder Red Dragon. All reaper paints, predominantly leather brown (wings) and Dragon blue (duh). Needs some clean-up, but I'm doing that tomorrow, and it's not like these are for a competition or anything...just funsies. Probably won't even get to use them in a game until sometime in 2022, so no rush, right? In just a few moments, I am posting the black version of this dragon, and then a few moments later, I will post crappy pics of ALL FIVE CHROMATIC DRAGONS BASED ON 8900!!!! Enjoy :)
  10. So here is one of two converted Kang, Half-Orcs (02514) I've done. Pretty sure I posted the other one around here somewhere...maybe I'll try to dig it up later for a side-by-side. Anyway, here goes: Kang Half-Orc converted to carry a Reaper Bow in his left hand and a battleaxe in his right (the plastic Bones 3 weapon sprues). Also has a shield (a GW bit from a really old Brettonian knight) and a GW quiver (Mordheim / Empire free company). Shield painted purple and yellow because I like color and I get bored painting "realistic" neutrals & darks & such. As always, my mini photography skills are complete butt thanks in part to using a really cheap light box and a really cheap camera phone. 99% reaper paints: Olive triad mixed with scholar flesh, pure black and white, woodland brown, ashen brown, white metal triad, various washes. This mini actually has kind of a weird story. This mini represents my character Zarkosh Bowyer in a short Wildemount campaign. This campaign is being played 100% online thanks to COVID-19, so he is 100% unnecessary. Same goes for another mini I painted (Duke Gerard in Bones and Metal) which was for a DIFFERENT 100% online campaign. But that's only part of the backstory. I actually BOUGHT this miniature back in like 2004. I bought two of him - my friend & roommate and I decided to play Barbarian brothers from the same tribe. I converted and painted mine to carry a war hammer and a shield. My roommate never got around to doing anything with his, and so it went back in my "Someday" box. For sixteen years. Anyway, I finally got around to doing something with the mini - hopefully, Zarkosh does better in this campaign than the previous character incarnating the mini did in his! May come back and tidy up some edges & half-tones, may not. Don't know how much more time I want to give this one. Probably won't get TONS better than it is now, so here we go.
  11. Still not tired of re-skinning this thing. This is my third: the Pathfinder Red dragon painted up as a Green dragon. I did one in typical / classic red a long time ago, I just did one in white last month, and now I present...green! This cast was a little wobbly / uneven. Pronounced mold line down the middle and the eyes were pretty lumpy. No biggie - for the price it is an amazing mini, and it is easily one of my favorite Reaper Bones productions. Dominant color is green, obviously, and more specifically it's the "Warm Green" triad. It's otherwise all reaper paints except for the drudgework on the base, which is craft paint and reaper washes (black and brown). Still hoping to do a blue and a black at some point in the relatively near future!.
  12. In terms of raw bang for one's buck, the Pathfinder red dragon is IMHO one of the most versatile minis Reaper makes. Yes, it looks like a red dragon in Pathfinder (it is after all the cover of the old rulebook come to life), BUT - it doesn't quite so neatly conform to the prescribed D&D dragon models, and so it's super easy and super cheap to get a huge (3" x 3" base) dragon of any chromatic variety on the table simply by painting it a different color. Up next for me: Black, Green, and Blue versions...all in good time. For now I present my Pathfinder Red White Dragon!
  13. A few weeks ago I posted my Paladin (Essach Stonebreaker) converted from a bones Duke Gerard miniature. This is that same character, but advanced to more heroic levels (we'll see if he actually lives that long in this campaign lol). Presenting Duke Gerard in metal, converted to hold a mace / morningstar / scepter from the "Good" weapons pack from Bones III. Like: First attempt doing anything like the landscape on the shield. Generally good depth of color. Got the face much, much better than on the plastic version (part of that is thanks to the sculpt though...better detail). Better management of blonde hair on a pale face, which is tough since that risks being very low-contrast (and by proxy, low-interest). Better at abutting color - I'm still too reliant on black lining for my line work, which leads to deep shadowing...not always a great look. Needs work: Smooth lines, patience...I'm not painting at tabletop speed or anything, but I'm probably still working too quickly to accomplish show-worthy painting. Looks great at arms length, but I can notice the hell out of flaws, lumps, and bumps as I get closer. Still, it's a step forward for me. Additionally, I finally got a light box so I can improve the pictures just a wee bit! In fact, the little white flecks on the substrate are from a previous mini photo shoot ( a white dragon, which I will post later). My next goals are 1: to get better at slowing down and smoothing out my lines and 2: to work on my mini photography. Anyhoo: here's Duke Gerard, converted into my 5e Paladin of Lathander, Essach Stonebreaker!
  14. Putting aside for a moment the title of this post, which sounds like some sort of Norwegian black metal prog-rock crossover, I am presenting a mini I did quite some time ago - probably about 10 years or so, but I thought longer. Maybe my memory is deceiving me, but I thought I painted this when I lived in Detroit, and that was up until 2006. Maybe I'm getting old and not remembering things as good? Old man yells at cloud. Anyway...Judas Bloodspire, the metal Warlord sculpt, #14016. Is it my best mini ever? No. However, I'm just happy with what I got right: high-contrast hair that manages to actually look like glossy black hair versus gray. The face pops but isn't too cartoony. The red and purple work well together. He is wearing a lacy cravat and I am a fan of lacy cravats on vampires*. Paints are a combination of reaper, GW, and craft paints. Also: that cape! The new plastic pose has his cape down, and I remember when this mini came out that there was a lot of discussion on what to do with the cape -but to me he always looked like he should be flourishing his cape, either revealing himself as the true prince of the night (mwa ha ha ha ha) or concealing himself as he shifts into bat form (Your choice - he can either laugh [mwa ha ha ha ha] or he can yell "BAT!" a la "What we Do in the Shadows"). And yes, before you ask, it was a pain in the tuchus to get it to stay that way. Anyway, without further ado: Judas! *So once upon a time I was...intoxicated...and had a vivid vision of a "vampire club" in downtown Detroit (not to be confused with City Club, which is a goth bar in downtown Detroit, but I digress) - anyway, the vampire club was old and authentic and a little stuffy and everyone dressed like "Interview with a Vampire" but then this new vampire club opened up and they were super douchey - they were the shaved chest bro crowd, college kids doing keggers, and they had a vampire club that was really plastic and fake and loud and derivative, but it was also really popular. Anyone who was part of the rave scene in the 90s and who saw big-marquee clubs start calling themselves "raves" will know what I'm talking about. Anyway, some of the vampires from the older vampire club went over to the new vampire club so the old vampire club had to find a way to increase business, so they put a sign out front, a little chalkboard standee, and on it they wrote "Now with 10% more lacy cravats." I don't know if it worked because I was laughing too hard at that point to keep the thread of my own thought coherent, but I like to think the vampire club is still around, still wearing their lacy cravats. Competitors come and go, but the vampires probably took out a 1,000 year lease on their building at a fixed rate, so they're probably fine.
  15. Duke Gerard converted into my current D&D 5e character (a paladin of Lathander). Generally happy, except for the face AND ALSO the highlighting on the shield came out too sharp on the black portion. Will probably go back over it. The head sculpt is...well...shallow detail and an offset cast. I did what I could with it. Also put a little too much trust in the "fair skin" triad...low-contrast compared to other triads. Had to go back with a flesh wash, repaint...got a little lumpy. The rose-hewed cloak is for Lathander. The red-black-gold shield is his family crest. Clipped off his sword and replaced with a mace from the weapons pack. 100% reaper paints including the steel triad, fair skin triad, gold triad, dragon red & flesh blood. Black wash on the armor, sepia wash on the gold accents. Hair is buckskin pale over leather brown. Rose color is a combination of dragon red and khaki highlight. This represents the character at level 5 or so. Hoping he survives to 10, because I'm painting Duke Gerard in metal to represent a more advanced version of this character.
  16. [EDIT: Math is not my strong suit...there are 34 wizards, not 40. May god have mercy on my soul.] Found this older pic on my computer - did you know Reaper makes a lot of wizard models? Like, a LOT? And also when you kickstart Bones a couple of times that they'll send you a bunch of those? And sometimes you might win some on Ebay or just buy some on your own for funsies? And also if you have enough you might start to wonder what you're going to do with them all? And then you might realize that the number of wizards you have is roughly divisible by six*? A BUNCH of wizards painted up in six schools. Mostly reaper minis...overwhelmingly so. I think I have 2 GW wizards in there, and 1 or 2 WOTC boardgame wizards (and an old wizard model from the 3rd edition days). I'm also presenting the four "High Wizards" - masters of multiple domains of magic, they are free to eschew the color conventions of the lesser colleges. They practice a more primal magic that defies categorization...so for them, every day is casual Friday. * (yes yes, I know, why not an INDIGO school of wizardry? Don't I know it's ROYGB*I*V? Well, I guess my boring and lame trichromat eyes can't make a big enough fuss regarding the difference between blue and indigo and / or violet and indigo to bother)
  17. Same mini, 15 years apart. Old on the left, new on the right...Boy, I sure hope that's obvious! This is Brag Ironballs, converted into my in-game avatar, Wulfgard of Bludwyne*. Some of the differences are pretty subtle, and I don't have a ton of variety in my technique in 2020 versus 2005 or so, but I do like to think I've learned patience and a little brush control - and also to A - use better paints and B - thin those paints before painting! * The character is actually much, much older than the mini. A friend in high school (think like 1993 or so) invited me over to play D&D, and I figured it was a ridiculous one-off...I gave him a silly heavy-metal umlaut-ridden name. Years later, I reinvigorated the same character for 3rd edition, but he died prematurely. I've since made him sort of a multiversal figure who pops up in all my gaming worlds in one way or another. In all realities, a Wulfgard - sometimes he dies at level 1, sometimes he's an epic-level hero of yore.
  18. This weekend's big project: Baphomet (aka Minotaur Demon Lord). I want him to look a bit off or unappealing. I went with 90% cool / cold colors, primarily blue-grey and white metal. The warm bronze hopefully emphasizes that pallor. Olive drab - the color of his little apron-thing, is of course drab and generally not a super great looking color, so it was a natural choice. Noteworthy: ALL Reaper paints except for the stone of the base, which is my usual Americana craft paint stone recipe). Almost everything is at least six layers deep. The flesh is painted up from black to white using cool greys (Stone grey, misty grey, up to dragon white). Armor starts with blackened steel, then tarnished, and highlighted with Blade. Bronze is Dragon Bronze washed with brown wash and re-highlighted with Dragon Bronze / Ancient Gold. This is also one of my only works in which I painted parts separately and then put the mini together. Cringeworthy: One of these days I will set up a proper miniature painting rig because I generally do not take good pics. Just using my camera phone, bracing my hands against the table, and hoping for the best. This time I went through the extra trouble of using an old black T-shirt to make an impromptu background. Wow - exertion! I also missed the collar of his armor harness. When I put everything together, I just sort of overlooked that there should be visible brown leather between his mane and his head. I'll come back and get it later.
  19. Seconding some much older comments: would love to see more options and / or poses for the IMEF Bulldog. Just got my first one and I'm painting it now...getting all kinds of ideas for a space RPG, but want to be able to mix up the loadouts. Thinking I'd really like to see: Right-arm power-fist (to match the available left arm) Right-arm flamer (to match the available left arm) Left-arm canon (to match the available right arm) Left-arm shield (a big hefty robo-pavise) Missile launchers -arms or back-mounted Gun variety - current gun looks auto-canon ish...maybe a mini-gun, a laser, etc. etc. etc. Back-mounted jump pack Enamored with the possibilities for this model. Looking to cannibalize my ridiculously overhuge CAV collection for modifications. Already ordering a few more to go with my collection of NOVA & IMEF figures. "What will I use these for even?" I can hear my girlfriend ask...I don't know, I just feel like I should have a few squads!
  20. Sharing the love, spreading the word - got my CAV II KS today! So. Many. Robots. Much stomp. Many gauss. Amaze.
  21. For all of you watching this gripping narrative unfold: I was in fact able to order two LTPKs - one basic, one layering - and give them as a gift this last Saturday. They were VERY well received, and man...I wish there had been something like this when I was starting out! It's an incredible value, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I really like how the instructions walk the user through the first mini, and then set them loose with just a picture and a paint list for the other two. Very impressed - go Reaper!
  22. A bit of follow-up, if I may: I see that Reaper has some LTPKs available on Amazon - any chance I could buy one of those and somehow get the 25th anniversary Tara the Silent mini? Or are you offering those direct-sale only?
  23. I've gotta second "Audles" question, above - would love to order one of these for someone (plus maybe a little something for myself!) to get them started painting AND to get them a "Tara the Swift" bonus figure. I can see the layering kit is available, but I think they'd be more comfortable with the core skills to start.
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