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  1. More camera pics?  Ha - more camera *video*!  

    My gaming group's current party have dubbed themselves "The Unicorn Chasers"* and so my girlfriend went ahead and bought me two unicorns (and an Alicorn) for my birthday. 



    Starmane, Unicorn SKU: 02151

    Silverhorn, Unicorn SKU: 02064

    Alicorn SKU: 02951



    A lot.  Almost all Reaper.  I work fast and loose and tend not to write stuff down.  Dominant color for the rearing unicorn is dragon black with a misty grey mane.  White unicorn is mostly khaki highlight and bleached linen.  Alicorn is buckskin pale and faded khaki IIRC. 

    I put them in this diorama.  First ever resin pour for water!  I think it came out okay.  Cliffs / rocks are pink foam.  Vines (and leaves in the water) are birch seed pods painted in different colors.  Bought those on Amazon. 


    Video shows a few rough spots which I'll patch up, but this is 99% done and I am 99.9% happy with it. 


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kw_h5tVFatQ" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>








    Unicorn Diorama.jpg

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  2. On 12/31/2022 at 12:17 AM, Grand Slam said:

    This is great. I always tell myself I'm going to do something like this, then never get around to it. You've for a lot of wonderful texture and points of visual interest on this thing and it's a great way to show off the group. All the minis look great, but the ones that really stand out for me are the black/yellow halfling wizard and the orange/purple swashbuckler...such original color schemes!


    Thank you so much!  Encouragement means a lot.  

    As a side note, I just finished up another diorama.  I'll be posting pics of that one soon!

  3. 4 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:

    Yuo have done a great job on these. 

    I like your use of highlighting especially. 

    I also paint up minis for the whole group, and give them away  (If I can) when the game ends.
    Since I'm doing an in-person game it wprks pretty well. 
    I lovely idea I heard last week for an online game is too do 2 copies, and send one the players.  





    When I DM in person I also give away player minis!  

    And thanks for the compliments.  I remember the internet humorist / writer / part-time artist Seanbaby wrote something back in like the late 1990s about "brighter colors are more fun to look at" and of all the bits of lore and wisdom I have accumulated, that one stuck.  I try to go big, bold, a little cartoony, even.  

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  4. Thanks, all!   

    I spent a bit of time finishing up this diorama of my adventuring group.  I'm going to post to the show-off forum later, once I learn how to take a decent picture!  

    (I kid, I'm not that self-deprecating...this is a phone camera pic so of course the contrast is too high and the granularity too low and yada yada yada.  I have a better camera on the way). 


    Decent Enough.jpg

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  5. I never met Ed and only ever had one single correspondence with him (a customer support exchange back in...yeesh...2003?  2004?) but Reaper has been such a big part of my life for the last 20+ years that I felt compelled to say something about Ed's passing.  As much as anything my heart goes out to everyone who knew him and to everyone at reaper generally.  I've always had the sense that it's a pretty tight-knit bunch over there, and  I offer my heartfelt condolences.  


    To everyone at Reaper, I give to you the thanks I never expressed to Ed while he was here.  This company has had such a positive effect on my life, and I know on the lives of countless others - I'm a better painter, a better gamer, and a happier person because Reaper Mini exists.  

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  6. @Grand Slam Thank you - you're too kind!  Tasha was a real mixed bag...obviously the conversion work was a hassle, but I also have a gripe or two about how her head came out, and not just my paint work.  Mold lines were moderate, which was a *thing* but she's also got kind of a strange head-to-neck ratio...could be a casting / mold issue.  I may go back and increase the contrast on her face to give it more definition but for right now I'm kind of like "cool - done" lol. 

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  7. Hoping everyone likes my interpretation of D&D's most infamous power couple - Tasha and Graz'zt! 


    Please take my word for it; they both look much better in person.  Quick snaps with my mediocre phone camera don't allow for much subtlety in color.  That gleam / shine is from the sealant I put on...should probably have taken pics before, but I didn't. 


    Nephal / Graz'zt is all reaper paints: dark skin triad, oranges, warm greens triad, steel triad.  


    • All the existing art of Graz'zt, along with a lot of descriptions, describe him as black on black all black everything blackety blackness from the black...feels like someone is afraid of a color wheel. I gave him an orange wrap and green sash, so now he has a sort of Caribbean vibe. 
    • Feel the heat of the islands as you corrupt the souls of the damned. 


    Wicked Witch / Tasha is also all reaper paints (twilight blue, ashen blue, a fortuitously gray-blue sample) except for the leather, which is my craft paint recipe. 


    • Not a lot of Tasha art out there...a few pieces which don't do much to provide an iconic look aside from the tattoo on her cheek.  Depictions of Tasha, like a lot of what I see anymore, is filtered and muted and blurred and...I don't know the terminology, but whatever it is, it's that look of monochromatic washed-out sameness that makes it hard to say what color anything actually is half the time.  
    • Color is based on Ginny Di's excellent cosplay: https://twitter.com/itsginnydi/status/1323340348924547072
    • The right hand is a nightmare.  I was going to simply snip and reverse the hand that was on the model, but I cut it off and then promptly lost it.  Had to sculpt one from scratch which is NOT something I'm very good at.  TBH that hand is like 75% paint...
    • Tasha's grimoire is from the old Mordheim sprue.  






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  8. I have been holding on to one bottle of Pumpkin Orange for a long time and I have finally found a purpose for it...but I'm looking for a good highlight for it.  I used Marigold Yellow for my test models and it's *okay* but maybe not perfect. 

    If you were making a triad based on the beloved and extremely limited edition and discontinued Pumpkin Orange, what would your other two colors be? 

  9. The fifth and final of my chromatic dragons based on 89001, the Pathfinder Red Dragon.  All reaper paints, predominantly leather brown (wings) and Pure Black.

    Needs some clean-up, but I'm doing that tomorrow, and it's not like these are for a competition or anything...just funsies.  Probably won't even get to use them in a game until sometime in 2022, so no rush, right?  

    I just posted the blue version of this dragon.  Next, I will post crappy pics of ALL FIVE CHROMATIC DRAGONS BASED ON 8900!!!!

    Enjoy :) 


    Black 1.jpg

    Black 2.jpg

    Black 3.jpg

    Black 4.jpg

    Black 6.jpg

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  10. Whew, okay - it's been a long road but here is the FOURTH of my chromatic dragons based on 89001, the Pathfinder Red Dragon.  All reaper paints, predominantly leather brown (wings) and Dragon blue (duh).  

    Needs some clean-up, but I'm doing that tomorrow, and it's not like these are for a competition or anything...just funsies.  Probably won't even get to use them in a game until sometime in 2022, so no rush, right?  

    In just a few moments, I am posting the black version of this dragon, and then a few moments later, I will post crappy pics of ALL FIVE CHROMATIC DRAGONS BASED ON 8900!!!!

    Enjoy :) 


    Blue 1.jpg

    Blue 3.jpg

    Blue 4.jpg

    Blue 5.jpg

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  11. 10 hours ago, Jmerril said:

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the size comparison would be between this and the Gargantuan Red that's out from Wizkids? Working towards the models for the end of a campaign and need their draconic overlord, assuming he doesn't end up going the full Ma'al Drakar route...


    I mounted him on a 3x3 if that helps.  

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  12. A few weeks ago I posted my Paladin (Essach Stonebreaker) converted from a bones Duke Gerard miniature.  This is that same character, but advanced to more heroic levels (we'll see if he actually lives that long in this campaign lol).  


    Presenting Duke Gerard in metal, converted to hold a mace / morningstar / scepter from the "Good" weapons pack from Bones III. 


    Like:  First attempt doing anything like the landscape on the shield.  Generally good depth of color.  Got the face much, much better than on the plastic version (part of that is thanks to the sculpt though...better detail). Better management of blonde hair on a pale face, which is tough since that risks being very low-contrast (and by proxy, low-interest).  Better at abutting color - I'm still too reliant on black lining for my line work, which leads to deep shadowing...not always a great look. 

    Needs work:  Smooth lines, patience...I'm not painting at tabletop speed or anything, but I'm probably still working too quickly to accomplish show-worthy painting.  Looks great at arms length, but I can notice the hell out of flaws, lumps, and bumps as I get closer.   

    Still, it's a step forward for me.  Additionally, I finally got a light box so I can improve the pictures just a wee bit!  In fact, the little white flecks on the substrate are from a previous mini photo shoot ( a white dragon, which I will post later).  My next goals are 1: to get better at slowing down and smoothing out my lines and 2: to work on my mini photography. 

    Anyhoo:  here's Duke Gerard, converted into my 5e Paladin of Lathander, Essach Stonebreaker! 


    Duke Gerard 1.png

    Duke Gerard 2.png

    Duke Gerard 3.png

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  13. Same mini, 15 years apart. Old on the left, new on the right...Boy, I sure hope that's obvious!


    This is Brag Ironballs, converted into my in-game avatar, Wulfgard of Bludwyne*. Some of the differences are pretty subtle, and I don't have a ton of variety in my technique in 2020 versus 2005 or so, but I do like to think I've learned patience and a little brush control - and also to A - use better paints and B - thin those paints before painting!


    * The character is actually much, much older than the mini. A friend in high school (think like 1993 or so) invited me over to play D&D, and I figured it was a ridiculous one-off...I gave him a silly heavy-metal umlaut-ridden name. Years later, I reinvigorated the same character for 3rd edition, but he died prematurely. I've since made him sort of a multiversal figure who pops up in all my gaming worlds in one way or another. In all realities, a Wulfgard - sometimes he dies at level 1, sometimes he's an epic-level hero of yore.

    Wulfgard Before and After.jpg

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