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  1. Gotta second that - the Enforcer looks like a big brother to the Imperator: Similar MACs, exposed struts in the "neck," chicken-walker...the rockets look fairly Adonese (similar to, say, the Sultan's), and the shoulders look a bit like those of a chancellor or challenger. I'm not sure if I mind all *that* much: now that there are more than two manufacturers per empire, and we know that UCORs have a lot of wiggle room to trade and operate extra-legally: there are RMI elements to the Enforcer, but maybe that's coincidental and this is an Iber'dro Kosmik design, and they for their part were stealing blueprints from both RMI and Taurant Wa-Sik. Or maybe Iber'dro is a subsidiary or partner of Tuarant...just my $.02, and probably not worth half that!
  2. I am DEFINITELY in - I'm actually feeling impatient now waiting for this thing to launch! The Bruin is stunningly cool, though of course I look it up and see that it's an Almirithil Principality model...Oh great, SIXTH ARMY NOW!
  3. I am green with envy! I kick myself for missing the JBR models when they came around. Someday I hope to stumble on a 1/60 dictator on ebay, or alternately I hope for a re-release. Dare to dream.
  4. I'm seconding just about everything here - I mount three to a base because I'm a broke student, and increasing the value of each blister by 33% is too good to pass up, even if the units look a little sparse as a consequence. Because of the mind-boggling array of options, I'm still working out a good way to separate and identify units. At present, I'm pretty happy just lumping everything into super-broad classes: Light, Heavy, and PA, further sorted into rifle, heavy weapons, and mortar sections. I'm not making a distinction, visually, between models armed with missile launchers versus grenade launchers, or models armed with medium mortars versus light mortars. There are simply too many options for me to get that picky. Plus I have five armies, and that's going to get *expensive*! With three to a base, I can designate one sergeant per stand and tag them with a uniquely colored helmet, then I can just note which squad has what, e.g. "blue squad is a FIST squad" or "Red squad has the heavy mortar while purple squad has the light mortar" and so on. That's the plan, anyway!
  5. Thanks, everyone - hope to have a batch of a dozen or so Ritterlich CAVs by next weekend!
  6. I had a productive night! I primed these a few days ago, and just got down to a nice solid 6 hours of painting tonight. Coffee + podcats + painting = my little slice of heaven! Alas, I can't keep my eyes open any longer, so I'm calling it a night. I still have some highlighting do to on the metallics, and I still have to base them, but I think they're close enough to showtime to show off. Also, yes, it is Junebug season here in Michigan, and my current paint setup is in the garage. Little buggers were all over the place!
  7. Awesome - and thanks! I'll see about running a table then, though I'll probably post my thoughts here on the board beforehand. I'm going to try to work out something people can just jump in and out of, e.g., sit at the table, drive a CAV, pair of tanks, or aircraft around until you get blown up, try another one if you like, keep score for fun, print out some sort of "how to get started" materials ("cheater" rules on the front, contact reaper on the back)... brain is already buzzing!
  8. Are there any rules, restrictions, limitations, or suggestions for demo-ing CAV if I'm not a COG? Honestly I don't think I have the time or travel budget to do Reaper proud as an official rep, but I do have a TON of CAV models and would like to help support the game, especially at our local (Southeast Michigan) relatively big con, U-Con. If someone is already repping CAV at U-Con, then it seems like my work here is done, but if not, how should I go about getting involved? - V
  9. Happy to contribute - and please feel free to distribute that sheet to anyone who asks.
  10. Just a quick post with a single pic - last week my friend and I had a tough time getting through 6,000 points, so we scaled it back a bit: 5,000, two squads each, no upgrades or specializations. We got a lot farther, but we still couldn't finish the battle in two hours (though it was getting to a sort of spillover point - kills were starting to pile up, CAVs had moved into their best firing positions, and so on). Anyhow, only managed to snap a single pic at the beginning of deployment, and it's not great, but: HILLS! I took some time off from working on my dissertation to build six hills out of pink insulation foam. They dried just in time to have a battle! The river, if you're curious, is from a company called "Wargamers Terrain." I have no idea why my friend put a bus in the ruins.
  11. Thanks! Commercial railroad N-scale terrain is not only super expensive, it's also almost all made to look like it's from the turn of the last century. There are companies that make some great, inexpensive sci-fi or modern structures out of matte board or plaster, but if you get the right kind of electrical box, these are basically 1-2 bucks a piece. And that "distinct architectural look" is just what I was going for - I was inspired by some pretty uninspiring architecture: I live in Detroit and I'm watching it be rebuilt from a lot of Gothic and romantic revival into boring pre-fab stuff...the same color brick, big bland walls, wide glass windows. I was in Houston this year and I think the medical center perfectly exemplifies the look. I figured it's probably what the future is going to look like: nondescript and neutrally colored.
  12. Indeed they are! Electrical boxes cut, filed (hastily LOL), and spray painted. Windows painted in with blue paint. A few rooftop air conditioners & vents & such. Road is styrene painted with stone texture paint. The rest is pretty much just plain ol' normal terrain stuff: sand, spackle, flock, paint, plastic trees.
  13. Alright, tonight is my first proper large game of CAV - Two buddies and I are playing tournament-style, "pick-your-force," that is to say I've built three, 6000 point forces (Adon, Templar, Malvernis) all with distinct playing styles. BUT ALSO we are fighting it out on a 6x4 sci-fi city! I haven't made any major changes since the last time I posted pics of about 1/3 of this thing, so the roads are still unmarked, but honestly I just want to get playing. Battle report to follow (probably), but pictures NOW!!!
  14. If anyone's still following this: I just put up early / WIP / preview pics of my CAV city in the "Work In Progress" board: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69207-cav-city/
  15. So definitely a work-in-progress, but getting very near the point of "I cannot look at this anymore without screaming," I present: CAV CITY! Details follow the pictures for any interested parties. DETAILS: This is a 4x2 section of game board. Full-size, my board is 6x4. I have enough road and buildings to cover the whole thing in a decently dense city section, especially if I throw in a tree-filled park, hill, or river. Buildings are blue electrical boxes spraypainted with "windows' painted on. Road is Styrene sheet painted with stone textured spray paint. Cars and buses: Ordered off Amazon - basically off-brand micro machines. Fun detail: only the buses are articulated enough to notice this, but these are UK-style "Drive on the left" vehicles! No idea how long this actually took to build as I work on it in my spare time, but I'll say that I started buying blue boxes in, I think, January. STILL TO DO: Road lines, a few more building details, and tidy up the edgework on the game board (you can still see wood in a few pics). STILL WANT: A bridge or two...that's about it. Otherwise, IMHO, it fits the bill for a futuristic / alien pre-fab city. An FTL ship jumps into system, dispatches a handful of dropships loaded up with snap-together plasteel and ferrocrete shelters, industrial rollers lay down pavement, and eager colonists are ready to begin their exciting new lives right up until they're declared collateral damage as a bunch of big, stompy robots smash them to pieces! Happy gaming!
  16. A quick question posted here because I'm not sure it would get a response in modelling / converting (etc.): Does anyone know the exact diameter of the hole in the bottom of the flying Bones CAV fighters? It looks like 3/16" or about 2mm, but I wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. I'm using steel washers and brass rod to mount my fliers much higher than the stands provided - I want them to look like they're well above ground (probably about 6-8 inches up). Thanks in advance!
  17. Sure thing, Mastergunz & CAVBOSS - PM me emails or however else you'd like to receive the file and I will bounce it right over. - V
  18. I'll be very, very happy if Adon & the Templars get the same attention even as Malvernis & Ritterlich got this last time around. I'd really love to see the Knight, Sovereign, Gladiator, Bishop, Challenger, and Sultan redone in Bonesium. More APCs and Aircraft seem like a must to me,and I'd also love, love LOVE to see Bones infantry - there were 3D sculpts on the CAV:SO Facebook page that looked absolutely gorgeous. It's been suggested that plastic infantry in 10mm would lose detail, but still, gotta say I'd love to see more variety, and if the price were to come down, even better. Again, I'm as excited for July as my wallet is angry!
  19. I am very happy - my wallet, however, is glaring at me from across the room!
  20. So true! I had such high hopes...I also did some contract paint work for some of their demo models. Ah well - it's like going through a break-up and finding someone even better. Goodbye, RRT, hello CAV!
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