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  1. I wasn't sure where else to put this, but I was looking at the data card for the Knight (the iconic Templar CAV) and noticed that its LBGs are listed as L/R and its flamer is listed as R, meaning that the doubled-up weapon in the right arm is actually a combination flamer & laser, and the unique weapon in the left arm is a flamer. I always pictured the unique weapon as the flamer and the paired weapons as lasers. Of course, the way I just described it, there is a "stage left vs. my left" issue...the unique weapon would be in the CAV's right arm. Again, super minor issue - just thought I'd mention it.
  2. WOW! Those look amazing - definitely going to borrow that idea!
  3. I made one - it's not glamorous, but it's got all the SAs presented alphabetically in table format. I want to make sure it's all cool with CAVboss before I start sending out anything containing Reaper IP though.
  4. I think I can answer these more-or-less correctly. CAV:SO is a pretty radical reworking of the original CAV from 2000-2001-ish, and is a bit more similar to CAV 2, but should be approached with fresh eyes as the differences between SO and previous iterations is in some places rather substantial. CAV has been described as "Heroic 10mm" and "close to N-Scale." Proceed with caution. Look toward the bottom of each model's listing and see if it says anything like "no longer valid in CAV: SO" or "is being re-scaled" or something to that effect. You can also find the comprehensive model list over at the Talon Games website: http://www.talon-games.com/ There was some scuttlebutt about this earlier, and I think the answer was "sometime this summer." The second wave from China just arrived in Texas, so I think the plan is to fulfill back-orders and then put together a starter kit.
  5. I've probably filled and emptied my reapermini.com shopping cart ten times trying to decide how much infantry I ought to buy to make my forces a bit more well-rounded, and I wanted to try to get notes from anyone who has either done the math or played infantry-focused forces themselves. My questions would essentially shake out along the lines of: How many stands do you have / do you want / are you fielding? What combinations are working for you? What's your opinion on transports? Not that anybody asked, but: I have about 50-ish stands of infantry ranging from the basic light infantry up to the power armored Panzerfaust and Mortar units, and I'm planning on picking up another full round of blisters (that is to say one of each type of infantry, for another 24 stands). In theory that could mean something like 2 squads of six stands for each of my six armies...and I have no idea if that's a good number or not!
  6. Ah, that I'm not so sure about! My guess would be "only if units ALSO use their targeting computers to get a Target Lock," which pretty much makes the TAG redundant. My reasoning here is that Advanced TC requires an action to activate, so whether the WSO is telling the computer "hit that target there" or "home in on that laser marker there," there's still the additional labor step of directing the computer. Now some sort of coordinating computer (chain fire pods, FCS) might come into play, but as described I think my interpretation is in the spirit of the rule. Your mileage may vary, and I am only posting this to kill time and take up space until CAVBOSS or someone with more expertise and / or authority chimes in!
  7. That's how we play it - once TAGged, the model is "painted" with a targeting laser, which can be "seen" by any model friendly to the TAGging unit. I think there was an FAQ around here somewhere that clarified this in part because it was asking what happens if a TAGging unit gets killed after it TAGs a model, and the response stated that other models lost the benefits of TAG. In other words, the consensus seems to be: 1) Assume units A and B and C are friends, fighting unit D. Unit A has TAG, units B and C have guided missiles. 2) Unit A goes first, moves into position and TAGs unit D. 3) Unit B goes second, moves into position, gains a WSO bonus, fires a salvo of guided missiles, gains a salvo bonus, and just generally pounds Unit D. 4) Unit D goes third, and kills unit A. 5) Unit C goes fourth, moves into position, but cannot fire guided missiles because it doesn't have TAG and does not have enough actions to get a Target Lock AND fire a GM.
  8. Technically, this is batch 3 - I painted 10 more Malvernian CAVs before this round, but: ADON! Since I have so few Adonese units, relatively speaking, I figured I'd dive in and knock out the whole force at once. I managed to pick up those APCs on the cheap, so I am very tempted to add some infantry, but the rumor mill says there may be some new space-elfy units coming up soon, so I'm pumping my brakes. Paint job: Speed paint. Pic quality: rushed. Still, hope this helps people get motivated to paint!
  9. Hey all - just posting here to start a conversation with my fellow fans of Big Stompy Robots - I got down last night and painted up some Malvernis CAVs. Because I have literally hundreds of models at this point, I'm speed painting, and setting aside a few models to serve as "heroes" or commanders, with which I will take more time and care. Even these, drybrushed as they are, need a little more blacklining and clean-up, but I'll probably do that Sunday. For now: the first of my Khardulis fanatics!
  10. I am a big fan of the electric junction box for buildings - there's a Hobby article about that on the Reaper main site, here: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/46 In N-Scale, these boxes are roughly 4-story buildings, meaning ample cover for CAVs. They're not free, but they are very cheap. I made the mistake(-ish) of buying the heavier, thicker ones that cost around 3-8 bucks a pop, but IMHO the flat panels make better windows. Cutting and filing the connectors, however, is a royal pain. Here are a few examples I'm working on - I've bought some Evergreen polystyrene strips to make windows out of, and I'll cut out little rectangles for door frames once I have some more time.
  11. Vytau

    So...Wave Two?

    I can be patient, promise - just really excited about the idea of rounding out my Templar & Adon forces! :) Of course, I could probably finish painting the other four to keep busy in the meantime...
  12. I know, I know, it's so premature - but is there any chatter about the possibility of seeing more Bones CAVs? I'm holding my horses, promise - I'm just excited!
  13. Thanks for posting this report - it has lit a fire under my butt to get stuff painted & playable!
  14. I feel you - fifteen years ago I bought a TON of CAVs and infantry. Now I'm buying even more!
  15. Nobody's eyes are deceiving them - the new rule book went on sale last year back in August. The newly reforged miniatures, available in grey "Bonesium" should be on retail shelves in May, though you can order the older metal minis directly from the website.
  16. Just to throw in my .02 - there are more than a couple people on Ebay who sell custom-cut MDF Bases: circle, square, or hex. They're very affordable as well. Failing that, you can always cut your own out of whatever material you like, though of course that's easier with square bases than hexes. I can't link because them's the rules, but if you search "MDF Bases" on Ebay, you'll find what you're looking for. Personally, I'm not basing my Simba's or ground vehicles...my gaming group is pretty cooperative, even when we're competing - but maybe that's just us.
  17. Use countermeasures once per turn, and only when your opponent declares he or she is applying TAG or attempting a target lock. A successful counter-measures roll means that the TAGging / Target Locking model fails, and so does not enjoy the benefits of those actions (+1 to-hit, use of guided missiles, etc). Counter-measures requires a roll of 10 or better on 2D6, and is improved by the model's Countermeasure rating. This is a FREE action that may be attempted once per turn per countermeasure equipped model. EXAMPLE: My opponent wants to TAG my Jaguar (Countermeasures 1). He announces his attempt to TAG, I declare I will attempt countermeasures. I roll 2D6 and add 1 to the roll. I roll a 9, but add 1, for 10; my Jaguar is not TAGged. ARGUABLY UNCLEAR: The rule itself does not explicitly state if you can only CM a TAG / TL attempt on the owning model, or a TAG / TL attempt for another model, that is, if someone wants to TAG my Jaguar, it seems pretty obvious that I could use Countermeasures to defeat that, but it does not specifically state that if someone were trying to TAG the Rhino next to me that I couldn't do that - the rules say "...a target lock or TAG attempt..." BEST GUESS: The introduction to the Special Abilities section suggests that SAs, "...generally improve a model's performance..." (emphasis mine), and so Countermeasures probably apply only to the owning model. Additionally, the ability to disrupt other model's TAGs or Target Locks is covered by the ECM SA. And finally, there is no range provided for countermeasures, nor does it explicitly state that it can block an attempt anywhere on the board. On our table, we assume that CM only protects the owning model.
  18. I can take a stab at these: AEGIS: Only applies when in close combat. If this model is attacked in close combat, it adds 1 to its opposed combat roll. This model is well-protected from close combat assaults. Blitz (1): Only applies when in close combat with infantry models. If a model has a weapon with the Blitz 1 special ability, then that model adds +1 to all opposed combat rolls. This model is good at fighting infantry in close combat. Blitz (2): Only applies when in close combat with ANY models. If a model has a weapon with the Blitz 2 special ability, then that model adds +1 to all opposed combat rolls. This model is good against all opponent types in close combat. Double-Time: IF this model moves twice AND it moves at least 11 inches during its most recent activation, it gains a +2 cover bonus (basically armor goes up by 2) until its next activation. This model is fast and hard to hit when it moves flat-out. Pop-Up: If a model is behind cover up to 1 elevation level higher than itself, it may ignore that otherwise LOS-blocking terrain to make an attack. The target of the attack may NOT fire back with overwatch or defensive fire. This model has a way to very quickly stick a gun out from behind cover, snipe, and then resume hiding. Relentless: This model cannot be slowed or stopped by critical damage - practically, this means that it ignores critical results 4 and 5 if suffering critical damage (table found on page 62 of the main rule book). The rugged drive train or chassis of this model allows it to shrug off damage that would slow or stop a less hardy model. TAG: This SA only works with Guided Missile weapons. TAG allows one model to target lock for another, so if a scout CAV performs a TAG special action, another model on its side may fire a guided missile at the same target. This model can "paint" a target allowing its squad mates to fire powerful guided missiles either directly or indirectly without having to a acquire a target lock themselves. Turret: Any weapons mounted in a turret can fire in a 360 degree arc (as opposed to the normal 180 arcs of other units). ADDITIONALLY, because the turret is slightly higher than the chassis / main body of the model, it may fire over Elevation Level 1 terrain so long as it is directly adjacent to that terrain (so a tank, normally blocked by elevation 1 terrain, can fire over an EV 1 hill if it is right next to it). The tank would enjoy a +2 hard cover bonus. This model is topped by a rotating turret that allows it to fire in all directions, and to hide "hull down" while still fighting from the relative safety of cover. Hope this helps!
  19. Ha ha ha -- ah, you're funny!
  20. In case anyone's wondering: My Rach, Ritterlich, and Malvernis forces are gonzo big. My Terrans are pretty large, but arguably reasonable. Templar & Adon are smaller - what might have passed for a sensible 2-3 squad force back in the CAV 1 days. There's still a lot of stuff I need to balance out these forces and make them really dynamic, not that there's anything wrong with giant armies consisting of nothing but big stompy robots! Everyone needs more infantry; only Rach & Terrans have air support; everyone needs APCs except for the Terrans (the SImba is perhaps my new favorite model). It's been a surprisingly tiring night :)
  21. Here's the entire collection laid out on my basement bar. I got all the new stuff built, arranged it by faction, lined it up, and snapped a pic so that everyone can see what obsession looks like! I have not counted yet!
  22. Thanks so much, Boss - I'll check it out!
  23. Is there any way to do a mass export to PDF of all the official designs? My friends and I want to make data cards. The ones on the Talon Games site are nice, but a bit ink-intensive. The CP data cards are B&W / Grey scale and much easier on the toner budget, but only printing one per page is a bit wasteful. Otherwise, we're committed to making our own relatively spartan cards: data on the front, unit picture, name, affiliation, and points value on the back, but I'll start a new thread to discuss that.
  24. I JUST GOT MINE! They look absolutely amazing - I could not be happier with the quality of what I've unwrapped so far. I'm having my group over for a big huge brawl on Sunday, and it looks like I've got some gluing to do before then!
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