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  1. It looks like mine are en route - UPS says I should get them Friday!
  2. Vytau

    First Game!

    Absolutely, and thanks for making such a great game!
  3. Vytau

    First Game!

    Happy to announce I just played my first game of CAV:SO - tl;dr verdict: very fun, very playable, and a radical improvement over CAV 1! The play was a lot smoother than CAV 1, and the special abilities helped give every unit a unique flavor that was really missing before. Some things were a little unclear (had to go online and look up the TAG rules, for example), but the system as a whole was easy to understand. Once my friend and I played through the Dictator vs. Dictator training scenario, everything fell into place. For the curious, we played two games: the training scenario and then a squad-on squad. His squad: Rach. Two Dictators, a Khan, and a Tyrant. My squad: Malvernis. Two Assassins, a Razor, and a Specter. He had a 200 point advantage, so I took an extra activation card to make up for it. Spoiler alert: it wasn't quite enough. We played on a 4x4 table, 1' deployment zones, very simple "go kill the other guy" scenario. I took out his Tyrant early on. The Assassins softened him up and then I got a lucky overcharged laser shot to his back from my Razor. Some lucky artillery strikes scratched up one of his dictators and his Khan. I caught his Kahn with a solid MAC hit, but couldn't bring it down. He walked the second Dictator out into the open and I managed to get six points of damage on him, but that's as lucky as I got. I didn't play the Assassin'\s right, by which I mean I didn't take advantage of their "Assault" SA. Ultimately my Assassins went toe-to-toe with his Dictators, and that's a fight they weren't going to win. My Specter barrages were way off target, and I couldn't get it into the fray soon enough to be any help. Final tally: Rach losses: 1 Tyrant. Heavy damage to 1 Khan and 1 Dictator. Malvernis losses: 1 Assassin, 1 Razor. Moderate damage to 1 Assassin. Malvernis concession after 5 rounds. Had a great time, and will definitely keep playing! Criticisms; Two SA lists made looking up rules a bit frustrating at times. The sheer quantity of special rules could be overwhelming. I'll probably have more input once I go through the rules threads and write up my own cheat sheets.
  4. I've been away for a bit (thanks, grad school) but felt the need to sign on just long enough to say F*** YES!!!!!! Can't wait to get my CAVs. Super excited!
  5. I'm sure suggestions are TOTALLY WELCOME at this late stage in the game, but since updates and changes are too likely to put the stats on the back, what about a QR code that would take players directly to the downloadable data card? Or maybe just the data cards page on Talon Games?
  6. I couldn't decide personally, so I'm building forces for all six factions. Warning: I am obviously a mini addict. Anything I say should be treated as a cautionary tale! One of the things I always wanted for CAV was distinct unit performance based on faction, so for me CAV: SO is definitely heading in the right direction, though my lack of experience with the game (outside of CAV 1) means I'm having a hard time "seeing" how everything will play out in terms of strength and weakness, e.g., how strong would an infantry-heavy force be? Will Adon still be viable with an almost entirely short-ranged army? Hopefully I will find out today - if I can get people together, I should be having my first run through of CAV: SO. I'll try to write up an after action report if everything comes together!
  7. These are great - thank you so much for doing this! I'm having a few gamers over next week to try out the demo rules, and we will definitely be using these.
  8. I grabbed the counters & low-res version no problem, high-rez not so much - I'm getting about 33 MB of it before the download stops. Corrupt / broken file...I'll probably just try again later when the tubes aren't so full.
  9. In the words of Tina Fey / Liz Lemon: I want to go to there. In the words of Philip J. Fry: Shut up and take my money!
  10. Too bad we'd already done that in CAV 2... See? I knew it!
  11. Also, as I recall, some of that stuff is getting retconned out, like the co-ownership of Avalorr.
  12. Just weighing in to say I very much like the hard distinction between weapon capabilities. In CAV 1, it didn't seem to matter much what any weapon was since with the exception of IFMs they didn't do anything special. An LBG with range 24 that starts at 4/2 was identical to it's PBG equivalent in all but name. As for the radical paradigm shift of the Adonese, I agree it's pretty shocking, but it also seems really characterful to turn the space elves into high-powered bushwhackers - a real "they're coming out of the walls!" sort of army that slinks around in heavy cover and then pops out with devastating firepower. Hopefully, their faction doctrines will enhance that prospect - especially since I've got all these dang Challengers sitting here ready for paint! I'm trying to think now if each army has some sort of preferred weaponry, though the more I think on it, it seems like only Adon is PBG-heavy while everyone else is a little more balanced. Terrans kind of seem like missile enthusiasts, but on the other hand I'm hard pressed to think of who would be the "laser army" or something like that. Of course, I'm also kind of hung over right now and wouldn't describe my thinking as top-notch...
  13. Looks like all PBGs are range 6 in the rulebook.
  14. That Assassin with Halberd guns looks amazing! Kind of regretting putting mine together in a straightforward fashion, but I suppose I can go chop one up...or buy new ones soon.
  15. For the curious: I had a lot of bendy arms in my shipment: All of the Assassins, and all but one of the Dictators. I followed SOP to straighten (bowl of boiling water, bowl of ice water) and I am pleased to report that not only did the fix work, but it took even easier than it has on previous BONES models I have worked with. That is to say that nearly all of the arms basically straightened themselves out in boiling water. I didn't have to hold them straight in the ice water, just boil, dunk - voila: straight arms. Your mileage may vary.
  16. Oh, and second choice: Everyone's favorite infantry-snuffing Ritterlich scout - the PUMA!
  17. Thanks, Vil! I keep trying to visualize force organizations and I don't think I've quite got my head wrapped around it. Even an all-infantry force would probably only be something like 18 bases (three sections of six units), and I don't plan on doing that. Not often, anyway. Still I guess an infantry-heavy force would probably have 2 sections of six-ish? Sorry, just thinking out loud here.
  18. Show me infantry! Also, can anyone confirm 100% that the new price of 5.99 is correct for blisters of infantry? Not too bad, but not sure if I can afford to field the massive footslogging hordes I was hoping for. Might have to pick 3 armies out of six to be infantry-heavy (Per CAV 2 fluff, Terrans and Malvernis seem like the right choice, and maybe Adon). It seems obvious since Ebay sellers & such are still charging about 10 bucks for the all metal blisters, but I honestly don't remember what the infantry were priced at 2 weeks ago since I haven't looked in months.
  19. send that email today (before I leave for the day) and it could get shipped tomorrow. wait until tomorrow and it waits until Monday to be processed and filled on Tuesday... ....just saying.... Thanks! I'm obviously too late because I was in a meeting, and now I'm kind of brain farting on whether it was the right arm or left arm because I'm like "stage right? Which one was that?" No worries, I can wait a few days. :)
  20. OH SNAP - it's here!!! Aaaaand I've got a Specter with two right arms...I'll hit up support tomorrow. Still really excited!
  21. Status: "Out for Delivery" - it's happening today!!!111one
  22. Just checked my package status - the box is practically walking distance from my house! I'll probably get it tomorrow, but I will start doing the happy dance today.
  23. Bask in it: "Hi there! Your Ace Level CAV Core Set is in the mail. Here's a handy link you can use to track your package: XXXXXX Thank you for your support with this Kickstarter! Reaper Miniatures"
  24. For the demo stuff? The RTT minis - one of each Zentreadi sprue, so 3 tactical pods, one officer's pod, one scout, one recovery.
  25. I feel your pain - I picked up my backer kit well over 1 month ago, and to date I have assembled all of 10 miniatures. I'm actually kind of dreading doing the rest because it takes so long. When I talked to Kevin, I name-dropped Reaper as a company that's doing it right in terms of miniature production and design, and I hope he takes the hint although the scuttlebutt I'm hearing through the tubes is that the tedious multi-part design is really more a Harmony Gold issue, but I can't say for sure. Sufficed to say, I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward to my BonesBots! Fun fact: I painted some of the demo models they (Palladium) used at GenCon. They do not appear in any of the press release pictures, but I can tell you that they were the house favorite of one guy on the demo team who is still using them today.
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