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  1. So any chance we can see these faction lists ahead of time? I mean a list of which units go to which factions - we already know the factions, obvs.
  2. Yes, the way I put it was unclear - my idea is of course that my Rach force is KW and KW alone, but also NOT having KW stuff in my other forces. Now there's nothing necessarily un-fluffy about mixing and matching (e.g. "we're a Terran battlegroup who stole a bunch of dictators"), I'm just trying to go EXTRA FLUFFY. However, Cavbosses comment is making me think I should slow down until I see that rule book. Getting minis prepped for painting before knowing who they'll belong to may be a fool's errand. Still pretty fun though!
  3. I like that these CAVs are being designated by faction - I've spent a goodly chunk of the last day trying to figure out which CAVs ought to go with which army. Some of this is easy thanks to the old Mil-Net list and the CAV 2 datacards, but going through every "open market" CAV to determine which army is likely to use what...it's been a hassle as there are six major factions and 9 major UCORs. And I know that any army can use any open market CAV, but I'm trying to build up forces with their own unique flavor by only using the units an army would be likely to use, so my Rach army is a lot of KW, my Ritterlich is all KDM, Adon is Borsig Spline and RMI, etc. So thanks for making it simple, Boss!
  4. I'm a Ritterlich fan. Thanks to the KS and the presumably much discounted minis, I plan to build Ritterlich, Rach, Terran, and Adonese forces, then save up to build small Malvernian and Templar forces when the general release hits.
  5. Exactly right - especially considering that everything is deployed in squads or wings, so we're not just looking at a single 4" fighter, but a group of 2-6 if I'm remembering the old organization rules correctly.
  6. First, that fighter is gorgeous! That being said, aircraft always seem a little mucky on a tabletop just based on the relatively small battlefield size involved. Strafing runs, represented by battlefield effects, make way more sense to me though I certainly do understand that it looks cool to have aircraft on the table, especially on a really tall base or pole so that they are actually above the action. I think there's room for ultralight gunships in CAV, but once we start talking about fighters & bombers, I don't know...in-scale, we wind up seeing a lot of jet fighters cruising around at 70 mph or so and then still turning on a dime. I'm not all for absolute realism in every single case, but when I think aircraft in CAV, I think I'd rather see something like jetpack infantry or some sort of flying car vehicle than anything that requires lift and ramjets. Something like the CAV-universe equivalent of the MH-6 Littlebird might fit in well with the scope and scale of CAV. So on the one hand, a 4" fighter is perfectly apt and, again, that Kraken looks awesome! On the other hand, I'm not sure how much action it would see on my table.
  7. I always assemble and then paint. i'll bore you with the reasons below. What really wrecks a mini for me, more so than any missed spots or bad blending (though these are obviously problems), is a big ol' mould line or piece of flash. When we paint before assembly, we're usually painting on the sprue, which makes clean-up very difficult. In the case of flash and nibs, those can't even be removed until after de-sprueing. Now you could say "just take everything off the sprue, clean it, and then paint and assemble," but this to me is exceptionally tedious since at some point you have to set the mini down. Do you only paint half of the part at a time so that you always have a dry part to set on your desk? Or do you hold the part in your hand while it dries? Finally, remember the old maxim: If it's hard to paint, it's hard to see. If you can't get a brush into that tiny little gap between an arm and a torso, anyone viewing the mini probably can't get their eyes in there either! For what it's worth regarding this last piece of advice - I tend to paint in a high-contrast style, which means that if a mini has black primer armpits, it's actually a good thing. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Just picked up JoR 1 & JoR 2 for about 10 bucks on Ebay - get 'em while the gettin's good!
  9. If they're being re-envisioned as drop ships, it seems they'd need much more than a 60mm base - I think Cavboss is saying that these are no longer flying APCs, but actual CAV-dropping behemoths big enough to count as terrain features, so something like the Kharl, just basing on looks here, would have two bay doors, hold a full section of 4 CAVs, and measure something like 14" from tip to tail. Sorry to jump in and muddy the waters if I'm wrong!
  10. I'm super curious about the faction & composition rules - any chance we can get a sneak peek at which factions & UCORs get what units? The guys at Mil-Net put a list together a long time ago, but no idea if that's still valid. In any event, I'd love to start organizing my metal so that it's ready to complement my plastic.
  11. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I remain super excited about this project! I still have about 40 CAVs and assorted infantry, and I'm hoping this KS will let me double my collection - enough to build 4 dedicated and distinct armies, and then an odds-and-ends mercenary force. That reminds me - anyone know if Reaper is still doing that Rhino trade-in from 10 years ago? I'm guessing I'm out of luck, but hey, baby rhinos have novelty appeal, right?
  12. Really excited about this! I played when CAV first came out, and I've held on to a lot of metal since 2001. I'll definitely pledge!
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