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  1. That dragon.. Wow! And the satin yellow of his pants.. I tip my hat off to you Dear Cyradis!
  2. Another awesome figure from you! Her face and the freehand on the guitar are off the charts. Very well done!
  3. Great shading on the blacks, which seems to elude me no matter what. Very well done and great news on your recovery too.
  4. Very good over all composition. You nailed it!
  5. Very good brush control and historically accurate colors.. However please do not use flash on photos, the result will never be good, I can assure you. Try to shoot in front of a window without direct sunlight, you will see the difference right away. Another note might be on the blood color. The blood tends to go dark once outside the veins.. In the case of a zombie the effect would even be more drastic. So try adding some black here and there.. Tamiya clear red or citadel's blood for the blood god are great paints to paint blood.
  6. I like him very much.. And your photography does him justice. What camera are you using?
  7. Truly fascinating! NMM is perfect and the satin look of the cape is uncanny. Well done!
  8. Very nice! The light leather tone of the gloves is splendid!
  9. Love the eyes! Awesome brush control! A tad too darjk for my taste but it is totally personal preference.
  10. Hello and congratulations for finding your way to the friendliest forum ever! Great job on the mini too by the way, and that mushroom on the base IS adorable! Welcome on board, enjoy the ride! PS: Pathfinder? Really? Come over to 5e, we have cookies (and inspiration)!
  11. I'd say you totally nailed that OSL. Great painting overall too. Kudos!
  12. Great minis! And very nicely painted too.. I have the retial version of Vast and I wish very jealously that I had these minis too :(
  13. "The weary adventurers had been in this forest for more than a week now.. Their quest had proved to be rather fruitless and full of searching needles in a lot of hay stacks.. They were about to call it quits and abondon all hope of finding the fabled Faeire Land when all of a sudden the forest grew eerily quiet around them.. They instinctively reached for their weapons and ventured deeper into the darkness before them.. The fealing of unease had almost reached a saturation point when suddenly they heard a raspy voice say "'Who is it this time, Capless?" Then another more slimy voice replied "Food.. Food I thinksss.. Yess it iss food.. And dont you ever call me caplesssss or I'll tear your sssporesss and have them for lunchess.." "Oh yeah, what you gonna do about it Capless!" Then they saw the spores flying between two man sized giant mushrooms that were right before them under a huge gnarled tree. The mushrooms seemed to heed no mind to the adventuring party and kept exchanging poisonous spores that seemd to do little harm to any of them.. "SILENCE!!.." Boomed a deep and rumbling voice that unmistakingly came from the huge tree ahead. Then a huge eye opened on the tree lazily and after a brief moment of focusing it settled on the party inquisitively. "WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?!"... .. Oh Al, this is once again such a wonderous piece of art that just pokes me to write a story around. In fact I will be using this very story in my upcoming game day while my fellow players travel through a seemingly harmless patch of forest.
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