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  1. Very nice work on those eyes!! They really pop, and draw the viewer in to the mini.
  2. I really like the work, and the compilation of of the two minis works so well together. One thing...you might find a dark back ground to photograph the minis with so the backdrop doesn't wash out the minis color. Hopefully that made sense. Once again, nice work.
  3. Well, I painted them for a commission...to be used for gaming. Thank you everyone! I can't express my appreciation for the kind compliments.
  4. Beautiful! Amazing use of color. Really nice work. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Nice job! I love this miniature. You've made me put it on the list. Well done.
  6. Thank you everyone! Very nice compliments, from you all.
  7. Really great work! Your gold NMM is excellent. Thank you for sharing. Well done.
  8. Here are a couple of human clerics I have just finished. They're gaming pieces. 14036: Halbarad, Crusaders Cleric & 03427: Halbarand, Cleric. Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave ANY critiques.
  9. Thank you everyone!! Like I said, this guy was a challenge. Michael Proctor gave me tons of info, advice, and direction. Its really great to receive such nice critiques.
  10. Thank you everyone!! Like I said, this guy was a challenge. Michael Proctor gave me tons of info, advice, and direction. Its really great to receive such nice critiques.
  11. So this is my first 54mm figure. The figure is from the Andrea Warlord line from Andrea Miniatures. It was quite the challenge for me. My photography isn't the greatest. I should really take a class. Anywho....I made the tree from picture frame wire. Props to Julie Guthrie on her tree making class. The base is made of layered cork, with the edges filled to hide the layers. Hope you enjoy. Thank you for looking.
  12. I've been working on this Andrea Miniatures piece for some time now. It's my first 54mm. It's taken much longer to complete than I anticipated. I was quite discouraged for some time, and kept putting it off. The base is cork, and the tree is made from wire. It's a Julie Guthrie tree. They are yet to be painted or primed. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.
  13. I bought this mini as well. I've actually just started cleaning her up to paint. Nice work Glen. Really nice!
  14. Thank you everyone. I appreciate the comments. Trying to get better. Maybe someday I can start painting at a level to make commissions.
  15. Anne, mission accomplished. I'm actually a huge Pink Floyd fan, and this seems like something from one of their videos...like one of the school children from "Brick in the wall Part 1". I really love this piece. Well done.
  16. I don't really know what to say except that you've done an awesome x infinity job here. Haha Love your work.
  17. Just finished "The Centurion" last night. I love the beautiful simplicity of this sculpt, by Jim Johnson. Had so much fun painting this one. Once again, I used cork board to make the base. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to meeting some of y'all in a couple weeks at the painter's conference. After playing around with my photo shop, I've gotten the pics more true to life. My background is the actually purple, and came from Hanger 18. Thanks Crow!!
  18. So yeah, when he showed this to me, I died a little inside. I held a ceremony for my own painting skills. Crow's skills have ascended to the heavens. To quote Tina Turner, He's "simply the best". LoL
  19. Amazing work! That last one is just stunning. I always enjoy your work. Your NMM is awesome. Do you have any tutorials on liquid filled containers?
  20. Thank you again everyone. Anne, it's not that I didn't want to post, but more that I didn't have anything TOO post. This one took me awhile due to a hectic schedule.
  21. Dude... all he did is ask... FB messgae me.. And now I'm a padawan...
  22. Yeah! This is a great piece. Really really nice work. Love that shield!!! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Thank you Master Yoda...and thank you for all the assistance.
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