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  1. Looks really good. You chose a perfect red for the skin, the face is excellent. Only c&c is that I see some mold lines but I'm a sucker for that, it's always the first thing I notice. Even on my last mini, I forgot to remove quite a bit of the molding.
  2. Spikeshell Warriors sku: 77270 Did a bit of customization for a friend for his dnd game. Unfortunately, the character died before I could finish painting him. Apparently zelva means turtle in...another language, so his name was turtle turtle, the paladin. The story goes that he found a cape made of leaves. As the character progressed in a downward spiral, corruption overcame him. It manifested in the cape and as his madness became worse, the leaves started dying. Major events are shown in the form of the flowers. The deep purple flower is the characters first murder. My first time seriously trying NMM, not sure I did too well, had a lot of restarts.I tried to have the edge of the sword gold but...Im not sure I like the final result. sku: 77270
  3. Looking really good so far. Wish I knew about this earlier, I just started my Cthulhu and it'll be the first mini I painted in over a year I think. Finished up the trimming and filled/sanded the seams and plan on a "sorta" alternate painting scheme.
  4. I started building a paint list, got maybe ten paints in and gave up. There was so much to look through and pick out, my eyes started to cross. Anyways, I'm totaly gonna piggy back off your list and if you can, post a picture of the caddy when you get it? I have a caddy from vallejo and it comes with a dense piece of foam that has circles cut out, the bottles fit snug. I wonder what the quality of reapers caddy is.
  5. You could take some cork board, rip it into three or four parts, glue it to a base and paint it like cracked ground. Paint the cracks a light yellow and shade outwards to a darker red. Or you could just paint that right on the base, maybe use a knife to make the cracks. Or, what I would do if I didn't want to base, just paint the base like dark sand. Really like the fire though, I'm glad you didn't add any black tips, it never looks right and I wouldn't think it would smoke anyways.
  6. Yeah, I prime everything, even bones. I modelled WWII plastic for years so I have a huge collection of vallejo model color. I'm seriously considering buying a 54 paint caddy from reaper. I have a few sample colors and I like what I see so far. That's mostly correct. Game Color uses a different base than the Model Color line. Model Color is really designed for the plastic model crowd, so yes primarily display and competition rather than gaming. The Game Color line was developed as a direct competitor to the GW paints. I didn't know about the difference until recently, I read it when searching about scale 75. I assumed the game color difference was...the colors. No need for goblin green when you're painting a plane from 1939, right? lol. But I'm a bit of a loyalist, I used testors for a long time before switching to Tamiya, then humbrol and now to vallejo and potentially reaper.
  7. If I may add on to the question, what's the durability like for reaper paints? I primarily use vallejo model color, as I was heavly into wwii plastic models before discovering minis, and the paints are extremely delicate. Finished paint jobs scratch just by being looked at, even with a gloss coat, then a matte coat to finish it. I paint minis for a group that does D&D and I need to touch up paint jobs almost every week. Looking for something more durable and close to the quality vallejo offers.
  8. For the majority of my minis I super glue them to a glass bottle. It keeps the mini at eye level when I'm sitting, it helps from being hunched over. For others I use a glob of modelling clay. The kind that needs to be baked, so I can use it over again. It's so easy to reposition the mini.
  9. Well I added some purple and deeper browns but I was getting bad coverage, I think it's because the paint from yesterday dried a little glossy, I kept getting streaks and blotches. Not sure I see a difference though, I feel it's too subtle, which is usually the case for me. I'm not really a bold person though, funny how it could transition into painting.
  10. I searched but only half heartdly. I always have trouble painting yellows, I can't find suitable colors for mids and shadows. I've been using browns, oranges and yellows mixed together to get a color but it still doesn't look like a shadow to me. Here's what Im working on at the moment.
  11. True, It's fun learning about all this. I remade the mold with some air channels. I think I managed to get tighter seams, still not that great but it's better than before. The recast part came out better, however the torso never filled in. Not sure what happened. The resin pours through the legs into the body and I think the legs clogged up, blocking everything from setteling properly. I'll go slower pouring the resin next time but the stuff I'm using sets in five minutes. From mixing to casting, I have five minutes.
  12. I originally used apoxie sculpt. I love the stuff but my second attempt is with green stuff. I've only messed around with this stuff, never used it for any work until now. I used more yellow than blue to make the putty, it's supposed to be more flexible when it dries and holds better detail. The cast piece came out horrible. I know I made a few mistakes making the mold so I tossed it. Firstly, I had no mold release so I used liquid soap. My ease release 200 came in the mail today though. I also forgot to make key marks, although it settled kind of bumpy so it made it's own keys in a way. I'm gonna try once more, third times a charm, right? If it fails, oh well. At least I tried.
  13. Looking good. Are you gonna try to make the plates look mettalic too? You're making me want to try to paint something that looks like spilled oil.
  14. Thanks guys. Every thing is primed and looks decent enough. I glue most of my stuff to beer bottles so when I'm sitting, it's all at eye level. Well, the pony ended up falling and all the hair busted. I resculpted the mane and tail and figured it will eventually break from all the handling it will get, so I'm now trying to make a mold and cast a resin peice. Not making much progress, might scrap it all and just deal with any breakages down the road.
  15. We needed a pony and a baby owl bear for our game and since I couldn't really find one, I tried my hand at making my own. First time actually sculpting anything really, even though it's minor. The badger from: 77216: Companion Animals and 03671: Pack Donkey
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