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  1. Wyvernfire

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ooo gem dragon is nice, love the crystal spikes. I am also hoping for clear. (Which would most likely mean that I get more than one of them.)
  2. Wyvernfire


    So catching back up again today’s and yesterday’s are only sketched out but I want to get the rest of these up. 10-12 Dragon and Travel 10-13 Axolotl 10-14 Overgrown and Cursed Crown 10-15 Time
  3. Wyvernfire


    10-11 Snow and Window watching out the window on a snowy night.
  4. Wyvernfire


    All caught up 10-8 Selkie and Whale Shark 10-9 Swing, Twilight, and Technology 10-10 Pattern
  5. Wyvernfire


    So working on day 8 but 7’s done and well I’ve decided 6 is at an okay stopping point. So now to pick one of the different ideas I have for today and run with it.
  6. Wyvernfire


    Catching up 10-4 and 10-5 yesterday’s not finished yet but today has a rough sketch started so I should be back on track.
  7. Wow didn’t know Slim Goodbody sponsored a team.
  8. Wyvernfire


    10-3 trickster
  9. Wyvernfire


    10-2 mindless Jellyfish, this and the last one (and probably most of the rest) on 6x6 75lb 112gram sketch book paper.
  10. Wyvernfire


    Ring/eclipse and hummingbird Can’t find my pens, but I guess my black and grey marker set will work till I’ve found them.
  11. So a friend just shared this with me and I felt the need to share, if you ever wanted to play a time lord or lady in 5th edition d&d some one figured it out and how to handle regenerations too. https://dmdave.com/stat-anything-time-lord-race/
  12. *delurks* Ooo new thread.... here’s to lurking less and posting more with all you fine forum folk.
  13. Wyvernfire

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    Got one ! Plus a couple other things so the bag won’t get lonely.
  14. Wyvernfire

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    Been checking the banner, searching Reapercon, Swag, and bag; nothing yet...
  15. Wyvernfire

    Zombie Dragon (Bones 4)

    The snow is really looking good with the shadows. Dragon is awesome.