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  1. With a lenticular effect so either the eyes follow you or it switches between Vigo and the group painting from the end?
  2. Lovely, just lovely. In addition to all the striking stripes, the eyes came out really well, nice and fierce looking.
  3. I went blueberry picking at a you pick farm and while I didn’t quite fill the pail they gave me I did pick just under 6 pounds of them. So apparently six pounds of blueberries is rather a lot... This is the Blueberry Buckle (Blueberry Buckle is the tasty child of blueberry muffins and coffee cake) I made after making 2 big pies using my deepest and biggest pie pans and a little 2 person pie, plus I gave some blueberries away and I still have at least a pint worth of berries.
  4. Sorry I’ve been mia, had a crazy week last week, but selections have been made, group paint painted, there’s a chance it’ll get mailed Wednesday, but most likely Thursday
  5. I got mine this past week, packed really well and look amazing, just out of the box and the arms fit without sticky tack, couple of spots to smooth out on the arms and I can barely see any mold lines.
  6. Steaks on the grill, salad, and chocolate cake for after.
  7. Me. They’ve just started shipping and the second figure’s box had an issue so people who got the mirror or both aren’t shipping until next week.
  8. On the subject of lightning bolts https://nerdist.com/article/africa-toto-played-by-tesla-coils/ and now I’m wondering about spells required to replicate something like that and magic users who work doing lighting and stage effects for bards.
  9. African or European Sparrows? Made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies and set up the ac on the ground floor now to enjoy not being sticky and cookies.
  10. So how’s this for a nest in your window box https://returntonow.net/2020/06/02/giant-owl-chicks-hatch-in-mans-window-planter-and-now-they-watch-tv-with-him/
  11. Jr probationary WOOF member resting from ball practice.
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