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  1. So I got my box yesterday (22.4 pounds) and I had an assistant for sorting the lost valley expansion... Opinion, nice snugg fit but I need to get the poke-y stuff out of the big box.
  2. Wyvernfire

    Blacksting (Bones 4)

    Blacksting’s looking very lava-y and great.
  3. I like her listening to the skull pose “Why Mr. Skully we can’t do that to our captives, giggles, oh you’re right. Guard fetch the comfy Chair” More on topic, come on last container bring us your lovely Doomed items.
  4. @Mckenna35 sure, I wouldn’t mind some bigger stuff to try out.
  5. Hellish Extreme piercing ? Can’t look at the back for you cause mine are still at Reaper.
  6. Wyvernfire

    01432 · Reaper Easter Mousling

    What a cutie! The lace looks fantastic, like you glued on some real lace on the egg.
  7. What an Oddball thing to say... While I wait for my doomed items to make it to reaper I’m really liking all the nice photos everyone is sharing. The zombie and skeletal dragons are looking especially good.
  8. Wyvernfire

    Monster Fight Club

    Ooo I really like that forced perspective looking down the well.
  9. Wyvernfire

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    So that’s what happens when your animal summons roll hits an aquatic beastie and you’re on dry land. Coat hanger frame covered in quilt batting + tube of sharks?
  10. Wyvernfire

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I’ve always liked A Storytelling of Crows, for naming a group of them. Sounds like they were just trying to catch you up on the latest news.
  11. Anouther good either way.
  12. Got mine yesterday and they are lovely.
  13. Now there's been to much complaining we should offer them this song of tribute : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4RHVoFpncgA but seriously congrats for winning the boxes are here game, Canada
  14. I'm in again Western Massachusetts Probably Not able to do international this time(if you're coming up one short I might be able to swing it) no to starting
  15. And any town can have a direction in front of it making one name become five. Back on topic I'm wave two with a first lock in on 9-10-17 and ordered 2 of the trio of doom( giants and Baba Yaga's) and right at this moment most likely to be painted is one of the Rocky's.