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  1. Jr probationary WOOF member resting from ball practice.
  2. Here’s a pic of my grumpy old man cat being thoroughly unimpressed by a deer in our backyard and a better shot of said deer
  3. I say getting to a reapercon would cover me there. I have a cousin that I share reversed first and middle names. I picked this cause it’s something we didn’t figure out till her wedding. We both go by nicknames but one is an atypical one in English (It’s the Polish version) which is why it took us so long to realize it . In high school I helped out at the grade school book fair by dressing up as Clifford the Big Red Dog. I had one little guy so awed he spent the night holding on to my paw as we walked all around the gym. I was so hot, but that one little kid made it all worth it. strawberry short cake, watermelon is also good, specially if I’m trying to be healthy icecream is a year round thing here but I’ll go with the ginger icecream at my favorite vacation icecream shop. It’s candied ginger in sweet cream and so good, they also have a wonder French vanilla raspberry truffle, and my sib would chime in with there apple pie. watching my dad worry about my grandma, she’s at an assistance living place that locked down early, there all good there (knocks on wood), but a couple of Skype calls a week are not the same. She has a bad habit of not charging her phone and or switching it to vibrate so she can’t hear incoming calls. Dad and my cousin used to be in charge of making sure her phone works, but since there in lockdown it’s a lot harder. Edit and this makes the first time I’ve answered a full month’s questions not just in my head but typed out.
  4. They’re usually off but there’s no set spot for taking them off or where to leave them. I tend to go barefoot. @TGP and others wondering Mr. Rogers opened every episode by coming in the front door, going down the steps, taking off his suit coat, hanging it up, taking out a sweater, putting it on and zipping it halfway up, then sitting down and taking off his dress shoes and putting on his tennis shoes. All while sing it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
  5. yup, there are side effects of taking dance class one of then is your feet will move whenever you here certain songs. Gardening harp maybe, or some form of guitar Evening into night, I try to be asleep by dawn but it is pretty on either days I have to get up early or failed to get sleep.
  6. Sounds like a fun pick, wait it’s up to me to finish it off and not mess up everyone’s awesome job...
  7. Playing with pets, covers both. Like others have said, star fleet level medical tec would be nice, Interacting with others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu6ljRUdZiE
  8. have a lost sock pile that periodically gets gone through,. Depends on how badly I broke it and how likely I am to injure myself but usually attempt to fix or have fixed, can I repurpose it?, and then replace. I leveled up my free hand quilting to do passable snowflakes on a quilt and I’m currently reviving my gardening skills cat for sleeping next to not on me this morning jr probationary WOOF member for guarding me while cat and I were sleeping. family member for making soup for lunch. Humpback whales and a basking shark, on land black bear and her cubs in the tree across the road. Probably the dragon bust, I’ve been wanting one since I saw pics from when the resin one was at reapercon. MST3K’s Tom Servo singing Creepy girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv0S2gzcEeU
  9. Hang out with animal companions or rewatch favorite old movies/shows. Planning, Panting, and basing I do more planning than everything else so I must like that best, but that focused state you can get into while painting or basing is great until you straighten up and your body gets mad at you for forgetting how long you’ve been doing this. Special mention does goes to giving someone something you’ve made. But I cooked last night it’s your turn... Tonight’s leftovers from last night’s family anniversary takeout Italian so earlier this week l grilled up steak and chicken for fajitas with grilled peppers and onions, plus the rest of the fixings and made a white wine sangria. Then made chicken and wild rice the next night with the leftover chicken. If your vegetarian chances are I’d be making potato leek soup or other veggie friendly soup I’m good at.
  10. So they just added a Kickstarter exclusive for the Dark Crystal, sounds like one for Labyrinth next week. They’re making it harder for me to figure out which ones to get..
  11. I’m in again Location western MA No to International and No to Starting a box
  12. On the first it was jeans and a t-shirt but as it was cold I did walk around with a blanket over my shoulders like a cape so that could count for Batman I mean the back of the quilt is dark blue... Only one longer than a half hour or so to go visit relatives was bringing my beta fish, Sir Splash of the House Beta Max Knight of the Order of the Crimson Fin, close to 5 hours home from college. toss up between the barbecue place that’s closed, particularly the brunch, they have so many delicious baked good besides the barbecue and they even have good vegetarian stuff; and the homemade bread french toast at the breakfast lunch place that’s to far for takeout where I get one cinnamon swirl and one oatmeal molasses cause I can never pick between the two, they also have awesome bacon. At sixteen read the book, passed the learners test, went to the driving school in town and my dad and grandpa did the rest of my practice hours (My mom only made it halfway to the mall with me once while I was learning and then I don’t think I drove her again till after college) took the test and passed a few weeks after I turned sixteen and a half.When I got my license sixteen and a half with drivers ed was as early as you could get it it was 17 without, driving school was all apologetic that they couldn’t schedule it sooner, I still was one of the first of my friends to get their license. Still haven’t learned stick, apparently one parent is bad at it so we didn’t have one and the relative who was going to show me moved out of state and had an automatic when they moved back. It’s small one but successfully making this one cookie right, seriously every time before it was still tasty but somehow the ginger sugar would turn into a gingersnap and not be the soft gingery cookie it’s supposed to be, so frustrating cause its so good.
  13. In honor of everyone who wonders how do I make that colour again, researchers have rediscovered how to make a blue from medieval manuscripts https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/folium-medieval-ink?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=atlas-page
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