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  1. Thanks. Regardless of its necessity, please explain this "Betty Davis" treatment of which you speak?
  2. It was my impression, just looking at the primed mini, that the dwarf was startled by something behind him. The bulging eyes seemed appropriate. It's a good thing, because deer-in-the-headlight is easier to do.
  3. OK. I Went back over it, but I think I'm going to have to try again on another mini later on. The paint builds up, and it just won't get any better than this. Still better, I think, than it was before. Thanks to all for your tutorials, links, encouragement, and advice. I'll definitely use it on future minis.
  4. Thanks ub3r_n3rd! This eye tutorial is good, but slightly different in philosophy from Darin Hlavaz's tutorial pointed to by knarthex above. I'll have to try both to see. I'll post my decision either here or elsewhere depending on the mini that turns out the best. :)
  5. Thanks for the link. Man this was helpful. All I can say is duh! Why did I not think of it this way. My gut always tells me to paint things backwards from how things need to be painted. I should have learned by now, no?
  6. Would black be too dark for the outline color, or should I use a dark skin/earth tone?
  7. Can you suggest a color scheme? The beard was hard to figure out. I would love to go with a bright ginger effect, about the color of mango. I just didn't know how to do it, and the tutorials I found were a little vague. With the three-step approach you mentioned, I want to make sure I use the right colors to get the effect I want.
  8. Yet another attempt at painting a mini. I like the direction I gave the eyes on this one, but I bled the irises such that I might have to go back over it with a magnifying glass so I can fix the problem. I'm also still a newbie at blending, though I like to think I'm getting better with every try.
  9. Yes. Please. Any tutorials or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Nice Job! As for basing, this is a great tutorial. Gives good info and some geat techniques. Sometimes, as Ub3r said, you don't need much. A tuft or 2 of grass, some static grass / flock, all helps to 'frame' your mini and it's story. 8) George Thanks. This gave me some ideas. I got in touch with ub3r_n3rd via PM, and he's going to be sending me some links and ideas as well.
  10. Yes. Please. Any tutorials or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Yeah. I have to agree with you there. All I did was brush on adhesive and dip the base in Woodland Scenics ballast. Then I coated the thing in sealer to keep the ballast together. I think, next time, that I'm going to get one of those bases you can fill with a disc of sculpted (or impressed) greenstuff and just paint it.
  12. I have to admit that it passes that test. Thanks.
  13. Tell me about it. Two superimposed bows with a single arrow. I took a layering approach, which his why it looks all caked up. It was the only way I could get the lines that thin with the brushes I had.
  14. What colors or mixes would your recommend, and where would you put them? Feel free to copy and edit the photo to point them out if you would like.
  15. Here's a paint job I did for someone today. Suggestions? Comments? Improvement Ideas. The freehanding on the shield is a little rough. It could have benefited from better planning. The guy who asked for it picked the black/burgundy color scheme which challenged me when it came to creating good contrast. Overall, not bad, but I'm kind of fishing for any advice on anything that could help with future work. Many thanks.
  16. I could DM, but I would prefer to play. Here are my characters: Female Wood-Elf Bow Ranger Male Half-Elf Multiclass Rogue/Wizard Male Human Wizard (Evocation-With a leaning toward fire spells) Female Wood-Elf Monk Who wants me?
  17. Hello, I'm way late to this thread, but I was wondering if there was anyone still needing (or able to accommodate) another player.
  18. The scheme was my son's idea. He wanted a white wizard with black tiger stripes on his robe. I actually shaved off the lower face because my son wanted his wizard to have a mask over his mouth and nose. Yeah. These two are actually minis I painted for two characters in a game I'm hosting at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy in Austin, TX.
  19. I got bit by the painting bug at the P&T at PAX South, so naturally I went straight home and knocked out two more. Here they are. I don't have back shots yet, and the lighting's a little low, but you get the idea. I'll follow up with some better angles and lighting.
  20. MarkA: I love the use of the undertaker's lantern for a mace head! I finally got around to flocking my skeleton base from the custom base class:
  21. I'll start this off with mine. Here's my Innkeeper from Bobby Jackson's "Townsfolk Conversions" class: Here's my gravestone base from Bob Ridolfie's "Crafting Custom Bases" class: First question: Is Photoshop the only option for making these photo's smaller, or is there a way to do this in the editor?
  22. I'm starting this thread for all of those who attended this year's Reaper Artist Conference so that you can post pictures of the work you did in the hands-on classes. We're all curious to see what everyone else was able to make, and what can be done to improve/complete our own creations. Post it here for fun and feedback!
  23. Is there a thread where people are posting pictures of the stuff they did during the hands-on classes? I've got a couple I want to throw out there for suggestions on how to do better, and I'm not sure the "Show Off" thread would be the place (or is it?).
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