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  1. The Minotaur is unlocked. There are six huge monsters to pick from. Next to be unlocked is the Hook Beast.
  2. We are only £100 shy of the mighty Minotaur being unlocked!!! If you have not seen the KS yet come and have a look... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1629942774/minion-miniatures-the-monsters-of-underdeep-2
  3. There was a certain inspiration from those creatures... I always thought they were really cool.
  4. Just over £500 left to make the Minotaur happen...
  5. We are only a few pledges away from unlocking the mighty Minotaur!!
  6. The Kickstarter is now funded and we are on our way to stretch goal number 2!
  7. We had to raise the prices somewhat because production costs doubled. We have used a much better 3d printer and the resin is the best we can get. It all means the little fellas are of the highest quality!!!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/minionminiatures/videos/464474563743501/
  9. And we have launched!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1629942774/minion-miniatures-the-monsters-of-underdeep-2
  10. Due to a serious internet issue at Minion HQ we have had to reschedule the start of the KS to the 8th of April. For the last few days we have been operating on 0.25 of a meg that has been fairly restrictive plus the limited capacity of my mobile. We have contacted the services provider and they have guaranteed it will be fixed within 48 hours. We have given ourselves a buffer just to be sure. We could launch it before hand but I would not have the ability to respond as I would like to questions and comments and my ability to upload would be non existent in regard to stretch goals etc. I understand its a pain but as the internet Gods have decided to punish me once I am not going to tempt fate and launch whilst unprepared. So... to conclude, only the launch date has changed. It is now APRIL 8th @ 9pm. Please spread the word!!
  11. As promised... a scale shot of the Troll Patriarch. The base he is on here is 120mm by 80mm.
  12. The Bugbear is a big boy. There will be other bugbears called Bugbear brutes who will be slightly smaller. The Troll Patriarch is also an Alpha so he will have some smaller warriors to go with him. The Troll really is huge. I'll post a comparison pic alongside a LOTR mini from GW.
  13. The good news is that the next Kickstarter planned for August is for the entire faction of Goblins. The previous edition of the Goblin Skulk was a limited edition offering for our first Kickstarter but the Skulk will make a return during the Goblin Kickstarter too, a new pose and completely redesigned! Our original concept for the little fella is shown below:
  14. April 4th sees the launch of the new Minion Miniatures Kickstarter: The Monsters of Underdeep 2. Since the success of our last KS we have been finalising the design of our Zombie Hulk miniature that will form the basis of the new Kickstarter. The Zombie Hulk is one of the larger denizens of the Underdeep and will be double if not three times the size of our earlier offerings. He stands an impressive 85mm to eye line, however with his shoulder spikes and vestigial wings he will stand approximately 130mm tall! As well as the Zombie Hulk all of the previous Monsters will be available this time round including the formidable Bugbear Ironshield, the primordial Lizardkin Deathscale and the grotesque Flesh Golem. These miniatures average at roughly 60mm to eye line and all come on 60mm round bases. The last of the miniatures available from the start will be the Troll Patriarch. This miniature is also huge, twice the size of our Bugbear Ironshield miniature he stands at a whopping 70mm to eye line and comes with a 90mm round base. As last time there will lots of unlockable stretch goals including new monsters such as the Minotaur Guardian, the Hook Beast and the Underhulk as well as a multitude of parts for the new monsters and course the Zombie Hulk. Finally, as last time, some of the stretch goal parts will be free to backers of a certain level. We have truly gained valuable experience from our first KS and we will make sure all of this knowledge is put to good use to make this KS even more successful than the first.
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