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  1. Toothygrin

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    Shadowrun is making a comeback of late. With 5th edition out and shadowrun returns/dragonfall and online there is a rather untapped market. To further my case I would like to say shadowrun style critters would be pretty cool. New models for hellhounds, basillisk and creepy insect shaman abominations. More characters like cain the cyber troll heck more trolls like him. O.O and cyberware conversion pieces. there are a few of the fantasy miniatures that would look pretty awesome for shadowrun with just a little cyberware.
  2. Toothygrin

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    I want stuff for shadowrun, and d20 modern. Cyberpunk minis are rather difficult to find. Most scifi stuff is Space age or post apocolypse. Caine the cyber troll is nice but he is pretty alone for the genre. I am hunting the interwebs for a mini that is wearing a trench coat and a hoody with a pair of pistols. and don't even get me started on trying to find a ork with a gun that isn't made by games workshop (cringe a little). there are plenty of minis from you guys that fit the genre sure but most of them are wearing full combat armor. I am really looking for something a little more casual. T-shirts, tank tops, cargo pants long baggy hoodies with wierd patterns on them. there now I am in the right forum.
  3. I like to watch things burn.

  4. Toothygrin

    Cyber troll

    You wouldn't know who design this mini, would you?? Winner of the Reaper Con 2011 DYOM Auction; design by Wayne Reynolds
  5. Toothygrin

    Cyber troll

    Ok just got the cyber troll mini for a shadowrun game, great mini. Just one thing. It would have been nice to get a 40 mm base with it as the miniature doesn't fit on the 30 mm that comes with it.I am a rather resorceful mini panter I can find what I need, I had a few 40mm bases kicking around but it is rather bothersome that I had to come up with my own base on a mini that cost 12$ already. I know this isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but it's the little things that pop up over and over again from reaper that give me pause. I find that the only way anyone will know anything about it is if someone says something. so here it is. I don't have issue with this so much but if I was lazy and just wanted a miniature I could glue together and toss on a table I would be a little ticked. Sadly for many people this is the case.
  6. Toothygrin

    Minis we would like to see

    I would like to see more stuff for conversions. I just got Meridiana, Darkspawn Sergeant so I could cut her tail off and put it on Trinia Sabor would have been nice if I could have just got the tail without having to spend the money on a now mostly broken miniature ( unless I use other tails or weird tentacle arms got plenty of those.) It is crazy hard to find 3.5 style Tiefling miniatures so I have to make them myself. Having more stuff to make custom minies is nice. I would also like farm animals that would be pretty awesome.(how much XP for the cow.) Prisoners! I can't count how many times I run into some tormented prisoner,slave in a pen or some farm girl held in a cave for days without clean clothes or food. Minies that look the part would be nice.Ripped clothes, emaciated some naked, chains, things like that A dwarf fighter with a shovel. come on they should have axes that look like shovels and are usable as shovels. Only found one dwarf with a shovel ever and Games workshop doesn't make it anymore. yet again another mini I had to make custom thanks for the shovel guys, it turned out great.
  7. Toothygrin

    "How Did You Come Across Reaper Miniatures" Stories

    When I was little, my brother had a few model trains and with them was a number of very simple miniatures I painted them this was in 2000 I was 11. In 2006 I had just started playing Dungeons and dragons and had a half ton of pre painted D&D miniatures that I had fiddled around with and painted to give them better detail nothing much really I still have most of them. The first reaper miniature that I got was a wolf someone had already painted it and so I was ok to let it stand. The paint started chipping on the wolf so I thought it would be a good idea to repaint it. That day I learned how to drybrush without looking up anything. I have now repainted this miniature about 4 times. In 2008 I was in Maine again and hadn't had a chance to go to a game shop in 2 years. so I spent a day driving around looking for one. I then got a box of warhammer lizardfolk and painted the whole box with testors (ugh the early days were rough.) I then remembered a Add in a Dungeon magazine I had for miniature market. I found reaper miniatures on there for a while until I realized the shipping was cheaper direct from the company. Now, for my game group I do a almost monthly reaper order, out of my own pocket. I have a table in my room that has miniatures just sitting there in process of being painted or drying, Most reaper. I hope someday to open my own game shop in my area, as the closest real thing is in Burlington(they are not very nice though,kinda rude) and there are tons of gamers in this area. There is a shop that sells magic cards, but I don't count them as they don't care about any other game, and keep almost nothing else in stock. Unless whatever game it is they are getting is sent to them free and driven down their necks and that kinda annoying really. I am a painter a dungeon master and a PC, and as all three of those things I will keep buying reaper miniatures as long as you guys keep making them. I know a company is awesome when they put a request box in the checkout and when you type in "Don't stop being awesome," they send you a invoice that says right back at cha with a :D .
  8. The base is unfinished and putting one of his arms on a rock sounds like something I would do. I thank you Reaperbrian for the offer and if this doesn't work I will consider it. The only thing stopping me from pinning the jabberwock is lack of tools. I don't do alot with pinning and finding a good hobby drill in my area is difficult as the closest game shop is 2 hours away and it is just one of those things that when I go online I forget to order. Thanks for the advice everyone I don't wanta give up just yet.
  9. Ok I really didn't want to complain or say anything but this is now kinda bothering me as I no longer have a usable miniature, I am kinda slow to complain I prolly should have said something sooner or sent it back but I didn't I also don't know if this is the place to say anything or not. I got the bones jabberwock about a year ago. So when I unboxed the thing I remember the day very well as I have just got alot of bones miniatures and I had just got my box from the kickstarter, it also was long enough it isn't in my order history or I would have a date. Anyway My first issue was that it fell over without putting a larger base on it. Now I have bought alot of miniatures from reaper and this is a common problem even with the metal miniatures, so I ignored this and glued it to a piece of balsa wood. I then found problem number 2 this miniature even when on a bigger base can't help but fall over it collapses under it's own weight after heating and bending it, this problem has lasted, I then glued his free leg too a part of the balsa base to support it's weight but after about 2 weeks it bent and came off the base.I now have a miniature of a jabberwock that looks rather dead. Now just about every time we sit down to play D&D or pathfinder I see this poor jabberwock unable to stand. I would like some ideas of what to do with it as I liked the miniature and would really like to to stand on it's own without a bunch of pins sticking out of it and that is what it is getting too.