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  1. It's pretty much intense!
  2. Just got the wings glued on this monster. I have to say im feeling a little intimidated.
  3. Fantastic! Makes me wish I had 4 hands. So I could give it 4 thumbs up.
  4. Thank you guys for all your positive comments!
  5. Just got the pm sent off!! Can't wait for this one just got a new box of minis in the mail!!
  6. I received this mini in the exchange and I must say it's pretty awesome. The tattoo looks great and the detail is superb. Great job kangaroorex!
  7. Alright get to pick out a mini for the exchange at reapercon. On my way now
  8. Awesome color choice on those capes. Looks superb!!
  9. Think he stands a chance?
  10. Pretty much done with him! Now it's on to the base! Sorry about the stupid sideways pics
  11. The picture taking is what's really killing me. But I'm just using my phone so I'm going to try my wife's camera to see if I get better results. I'll post more pics of him later on tonight.
  12. Thanks!! This is just my first wizard he's the 5th or 6th mini I've painted. The symbols aren't freehand though there actually sculpted on the mini!
  13. The first wizard I've ever painted and very excited about it. Definitely more to come!!
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