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  1. Thanks guys. I'm working on a Almaran the Gold, Paladin as well and I think I may sculpt interlocking bases for these to to face off to one another.
  2. I started out by giving the necromancer a couple shades of ink washes as a way to get to know the sculpt. In doing so I've found details that I would have missed. There was a seam that fell on a skull eye socket. With some work it looks better. The real work started with the cape. A chaotic red solid. Then came some tinting of it and painting in layers of shadow folds. I used a drop of Green Tone Ink to tint my red. By using green, the complimentary of red, it helps punch down the color in a more natural way to my eye. Adding black or black ink would shift the value of the
  3. There is a trick you can do in photoshop to get a better representation of what paint would look like. You use the layers pallet and put a color on a layer. By default the layer is set to a 'Blending mode' of Normal and it will look like this fig.1 below. If you just change the transparency of the layer you will get a pale kind of tint effect like fig.2 below. To get a better effect make sure the transparency is at 100% but set the blending mode to 'Multiply'. like fig.3 Hope this helps.
  4. I had a day cruise on the USS Tautog back in 1991. Was an amazing experience. From what I remember there was a low pile, plastic type carpet throughout the ship's halls. Some rooms, like the mess hall had a linoleum type tile and the torpedo room and reactor area had a black rubberized floor with a fine grip texture. It was almost like they had fine kitty litter sprinkled down into the rubber paint and then painted another layer over that.
  5. Very cool. I've been looking at this model every time I stop into the shop but in my head I've always seen it as the 'monster green' colors. This has helped me visualize what I could do with this one. Gonna have to buy it next time. Now I'm thinking sickly blue and necro-green.
  6. I completely agree. The metallics on this one are cheap craft acrylics my wife had laying around and they ended up being darker and more muddy than I wanted. I liked the copper-ish gold but the paint just didn't have the punch of "real" mini paints. I'm thinking of trying some non metallic finishes on some of my coming models.
  7. Forgot I snapped photos of the base before it was done. Thanks for all the great comments.
  8. Still warming up after a long time away (pre-web). Reaper mini with sculpted base of sculpty.
  9. After decades away from the hobby I got pulled back in. Paints: warpaint, various liquitex acrylics. (Building my paint selection back up) Base is custom done with super sculpty.
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