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  1. Got my box yesterday, had time to open it this evening! Shiny shiny Bones, everything complete and in order. First miniature painted will probably be the big Rat Ogre from Oh, Rats, as he'll fit beautifully into a ratmen (ahem, Skaven...) Bloodbowl team I'm going to be using soon. Cool figures all around, nicely done Reaper.
  2. After sitting very still in Bensonville/Chicago since Feb 20th, we have movement! Canada 03/02/2015 4:02 P.M. Package cleared by foreign customs office 03/02/2015 3:57 P.M. Package arrived at foreign customs office 03/02/2015 3:57 P.M. Package processed by international carrier CHICAGO, IL, United States 02/20/2015 2:45 P.M. Shipment Acceptance at international carrier 02/20/2015 12:00 P.M. Electronic Shipment Information Received for Package by international carrier Bensenville, IL, United States 02/20/2015 5:07 A.M. Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility Bensenville, IL, United States 02/19/2015 7:38 A.M. Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations My Bones might in fact now be in the right country, or at least on a plane heading to the right country? Customs probably opened the box and had a quick game or three with my collection, then forgot about them for a while before stuffing them back in a box and kind of taping it back up... Oh, and my total order weight is apparently... 1.2lbs. Do I win some sort of prize for smallest order mentioned so far?
  3. That's entirely fair & reasonable. Hopefully UPS figures out which way the border of Soviet Canuckistan is from Texas and gets things to me in good time so I can check for the presence or absence of rats in the box! Also, thank Dog I'm on the far side of the continent from that snowy hell enveloping the East Coast. Must be making deliveries in that part of the world much chancier than usual, as one of a host of more serious problems...
  4. Was wondering about this - my email from earlier today is short one pack (Oh Rats!) compared to my KS Manager account listing. I've just sent an email back to [email protected], so I'm sure things will get squared away in due course! Go luck with the fulfillment process, it must be a massive amount of work!
  5. Yellows and oranges always seem to have coverage issues - anyone know why that is? I'm considering Pumpkin Orange as goblin skin, myself, on my Bones-conversion Gobbo Blood Bowl team that's in progress. That kobold is a convincing argument for Pumpkin Orange as a skin tone! Thanks for the shadow & highlight recipes too, very helpful.
  6. Goblins looking awkward is their stock-in-trade, as is dying in droves! The Pathfinder gobbos have great "come get me if ya think yer hard enuf!" defiant body language already, and when you trim off the weapons so they're just waving their little fists at the world that lunatic defiance gets turned right up to eleven. That said, knuckledusters are very, very BB and those (as well as a few well-placed spikes on the armour) might well feature on the trolls and a select few gobbos! Thanks for the interest, I'll get some more pics up later this week as the figures progress.
  7. I've started converting Bones figures into players for various Blood Bowl teams. If you're not familiar with Blood Bowl, it's a long-out-of-print game from Games Workshop (GW) best described as "fantasy football with added mayhem" - think goblins getting flattened by minotaurs while attempting to score touchdowns, that sort of thing. Actual fantasy football, as opposed to that thing that apparently uses stats from real players or something. I took advantage of the October promo from Reaper to pick up a big order of Pathfinder goblins, a couple of trolls, and a random mix of other stuff that was mostly there to take my order over $40USD so I got me one of those swag bags. Most of the conversions so far have been light and fast - snip the weapons off, clean up the hands a bit to get rid of most of the hilts of weapons and such, and trim the bases way, way down, usually to just a pad under each foot, then glue to slottabases and putty around the vestigal base. Current state of play: On the far right are ten Pathfinder goblins, a mix of the fighter & pyro packs, converted and based as goblin linemen. Weapon snips, bases cut down, and in a few cases I cut an arm at elbow, shoulder or mid-bicep to re-pose the figure a bit. The Cave Troll comes empty-handed so the only work was carving down the base. I'm now adding a couple of football pads to his shoulders and elbows, just for the heck of it. Simple greenstuff putty work there. The big Marsh Troll is the most extensive conversion so far. I cut the club away from his arms, then cut the left arm at the bicep and turned it to hang by his side. The right arm got the big tab on the back of it cut away, then I did fairly extensive shoulder surgery on the right side of his body to move the back of his shoulder back. Didn't bother cutting the right arm at the elbow, but I might still do that as it looks slightly odd straight. More greenstuff football pads are covering up the wreckage of my conversion work, especially on the right shoulder. I've partially filled in the big slot across his chest and stomach but at least one more pass of greenstuff will be needed to finish that, and I want to do some straps and belts to make it look like all the armour bits could actually stay attached. The Minotaur isn't for the goblin team, but is currently an extra project just for fun. Incidentially, his skin is straight Nightmare Black, the newly released paint in the Halloween promo packs. It's lovely stuff, a really neat colour. Still to come are the extra players that make goblins so much fun in Blood Bowl. The gobbos can have a bunch of nominally-illegal weapons and devices on the playing field - a pogo stick, a chainsaw, bombs (!) and a fanatic wielding a giant spiked ball-and-chain. Goblins are, generally, terrible Blood Bowl players, but the extra toys give them a fighting chance against tougher and more competent teams... except when the bomber blows his own teammates up, or himself, or the ball-and-chain lunatic plows his own teammates over, that sort of thing. I might also pick up and convert a second Cave Troll, and reserve the huge Marsh Troll for one of the celebrity Star Players the gobbos can hire. More photos and such as the project progresses. It's been a lot of fun so far and the Bones material makes for cheap, super-easy conversions!
  8. Just wanted to say that if you got the bonus paints, try the Nightmare Black as soon as you possibly can find an excuse. It's instantly become a favourite after I just tried it out as skin tone on a Bones Minotaur I've converted and am painting up for Blood Bowl. A fantastic blue-black colour. I'm going to have to force myself not to use it as a main colour on every project now...
  9. Finally had a chance to open my package today. I got a witch instead of a rock, no extra bottle of unnamed paint, and (my actual order) a vast horde of Bones Pathfinder goblins and related beasties, most of which will be lightly converted to serve as Blood Bowl players.
  10. Looks like my recent order to the Wet Coast took eight days. Not bad considering the USPS apparently routed it via Chicago and New York while enroute from Texas to British Columbia. Although the USPS tracking page claims it arrived in both NYC and Chicago simultaneously which is a really neat trick...
  11. I've ordered Reaper stuff through my FLGS several times before, Bones and metal, and their markup is all over the map. I paid slightly more than double Reaper's USD price for the Bones Ogre Chieftain I bought a while ago, but only about a dollar more for a Bones Minotaur just last week - and this over a period when the Canadian peso has lost value fairly sharply against the US dollar, so it isn't just exchange rates! Not sure who our FLGS gets their Reaper stuff from, but their distributor is flaky as heck about actually having Reaper stuff in stock. I actually ordered both the Ogre and the Minotaur at the same time, the Ogre came in a week and the Mino took six. I want to support our FLGS, they're great people and it's nice to have some Reaper and other non-GW/non-Warmahorde stuff on the shelves, but they're being badly let down by their distributors in this age of simple internet ordering. Imperial Hobbies over in Richmond is my F-not-quite-LGS and they're awesome, a huge wall of Reaper stuff. Haven't been over there in about a year but I'm sure they're shoehorning Bones into that crowded wall of blisters somehow!
  12. Are any of these sessions/talks ever recorded and put on YouTube, turned into online material, anything like that, for the benefit of those of us for whom Texas is a bit of a distance? Even just a report and some photos here on the forum afterward would be awesome! I'm especially interested in the "create your own sculpting/converting tools" and the Mythos monsters conversion sessions, although honestly every single session sounds cool as heck...
  13. I'd like to see all the Bloodstone Gnomes done in Bones, actually, having just discovered them via the "forgotten stuff in the Reaper catalog" thread elsewhere here. Their golems are especially awesome!
  14. Having just discovered the Bloodstone Gnomes via this thread and a trawl through the Reaper site, they're awesome and I'd love to see them in Bones someday. I'll probably order a few of the metal ones anyway, enough for a small warband. Neat mix of scrap-metal and Meso-American influence from the pics on the Reaper site. The Aztec/Mayan/Meso-American thing comes through strongly on the Bloodstone Matron: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome/sku-down/14499 I could see using them as alternate goblin figures, they've got that chaotic look to them!
  15. Do you terrify all the new arrivals like this, or was it the mention of the stockpile of old paint that started this off?
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