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  1. You know... if we send them pizza parties every KS they're going to keep having them then we will all be poor and burried in minis
  2. I'm in just tell me how to chip in... my computer gets mad when I try and feed it money
  3. Jaxila

    Bones used for D&D/Roleplaying

    Sell them on ebay to all the people who game but don't have the time to paint. You can at the very least fund your hobby that way!
  4. I keep telling my kid to find himself a nice geek/hobbist/fangirl he'll always be broke but he'll have somebody to share your interests with
  5. Jaxila

    Bones used for D&D/Roleplaying

    My hubby and I build dungeons for the D&D game he DMs and we use minis (bones and otherwise) to represent characters/creatures in our game as we play with our group... is that what you mean?
  6. If she's a new girlfriend she can't possibly be upset with a pledge you made over a year ago, now can she? Or are you afraid she's going to want an army of itty bitty creatures for herself too?
  7. Texas is really big and is home to diverse climates. It's not just desert. There is NO desert anywhere close to me. It is very green here; we average around 61 inches of rain per year. Last year we had ZERO days above 100 and 2 days below freezing (it was only 31 degrees those days). I'll never live in the northeast again. Pacific Northwest?
  8. When the Kickstarter was live my hubby said that he'd be shocked if a shipment of that size took less than 18 months (His job is to purchase things from a manufacturer in China) so I remind myself of this everytime I even start to get frustrated over time tables. I can't imagine how much room everything is taking up in your warehouse! I'm sure you're far more eager to start clearing it out than even we are to get our shipments!
  9. Jaxila

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    If the airline you work for started giving Bones to first class passengers, I would ask what airline you worked for. One of the great things about Bones is they are affordable... a first class upgrade to get a Bones would be counterproductive. Think of how many Bones you could buy if you just stayed home!
  10. I'm so bummed that after all this your Thanksgiving plans are a no go. Well here's hoping you all have a wonderful holiday anyway!
  11. Jaxila

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    On the bright side the Reaper folks can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without worrying about starting shipment! Bryan you can go back East to see your family without delay! I've been fretting over you guys working the holiday, so this kind of IS good news. That being said, on a selfish note... bummer.
  12. Jaxila

    Updated Previews

    Lana the healer is wonderful! I told the hubby she should be in my Christmas stocking... if I can hold out that long! Cheerful is just the right word for her
  13. Jaxila

    Updated Previews

    I love Hestrig! All of the previews are very nice and I may also pick up Blink and Willow but Hestrig is on my must have list.
  14. Jaxila

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    Oh so excited for the beautiful minis you'll be sending!
  15. Oddly enough, I saw that Guardian Games has a "BYO Brushes Paint Night" nearly every Friday from 6-10 p.m. If I wasn't a family man with schedule obligations, I might go sometime. I think I'm going to start going on the Fridays we don't have D&D the hubby told me he'd gladly hold down the fort.